A First Encounter.


Ok lovelies, here’s the dealio. In keeping with the spirit of last post, I am continuing with an original Two act play. Thank you, thank you, kneeling was a nice touch and for those of you who did so.. BB kudos…..

The part of SJ will be played by me. The part of all you subbies, will be played by me. Yes I know, thank you. It is amazing. Oh my, a standing ovation? You are too kind.

Now I said a two act play so act two will be posted next week. Hey, stop pouting. I can hear you all chanting like the end of Freaks– Tell Us Now! Tell Us Now! Tell Us Now! For those of you who have not seen Freaks, one of the most disturbing movies of all time, this chant will mean nothing. For those of you that have , it’s to the rhythm of- One Of Us! One Of Us! Yes it was clever. But I digress…

Act One

I have told you I would be calling you on the day we had decided to meet, and do a real discipline session. I said I would call at 5:00 PM. You  were to be in posistion, BB and answer the phone, “Yes Sir” OK, everybody on board? Curtain up.

You: (in your head) (Ok, you can do this. So he is going to call, and then we meet, and he will spank me. So big deal right? What?! Am I insane? Did Dom aliens kidnap me and implant a crazy thingy in me so I say “yes sir” like a pavlovian sub? No! When he calls, he is going to hear a strong woman. Confident. And I will be making some rules of my own.)

Phone rings off stage… 

You: Screaming ahhh! Hello? I mean, uh uh

SJ: Really?

You: Uh, Hi! I am well. Nice to talk to me. I mean you. I mean. (Oh nice, one I am woman, hear me crumble) OK, wait, I think I am forgetting something.

SJ: What did I tell you about today?

You: (Uh, what did he say? It’s nice out, a good day for the beach? Oh man!)

Dom, Dom, Dom..(played on a double bass off stage)

SJ:I am waiting…

You: Trying to strip, and hold the phone, which you drop in your coffe. Uh, bad connection. Hi Sir.

SJ: And your resoponse should have been?

You: Uh, in position-Hello Sir. (I am toast!!!!!!!)

SJ: Yes, that should have been the response. You will be punished for disobedience, understood?

You: Yes sir (said with a shaky voice)

The audience is moved by my portrayal osf a subbie falling apart, and applause rings out.

SJ: Do you have your clothing for this evening?

You: (Huh? Oh yeah. But do I have everything? Wait a minute, who does he think he is telling me how to dress? I can wear whatever I want. OK, I feel better.) Uh, almost Sir.

You: To audience ….OK OK, cut me some slack!

Back to the play. 

SJ: Well?

You: Uh Sir, I do except for the sheer black panties.

SJ: Explain young lady.

You: (oh man not the young lady thing already …ok don’t panic, you are smart. Probably smarter than meanie giant head so think.. hmmm ok got it) into You know Sir, its really strange, but there is a, a pantie thief in my neighborhood. Yeah, and he only likes black sheer panties, and they were on the line drying, and well… It’s kind of sad Sir, he just kind of stole them .Bummer, huh Sir?

SJ: (Trying not to drop the phone as I am laughing so hard)

You: (What the? Where did that come from? what is wrong with me? I am smart, hes like a demonDom. Ican’t even put a sentence together.)

SJ: Well thats quite a story, would you like to stick with it?

You: (Ok look, your bottom is going to get blistered anyway, just be honest with the guy) Sir I uh, procrastinated and did not plan enough time for the panties to be bought. Sorry Sir. (Ok that was not like horrible. Well it was, but not like Saw or Hostel horrible More like uh 70’s synthizier pop horrible)

SJ: I see. Well I told you if I was denied the sight of you in anything but the proper clothing you would be paddled soundly. Do you remember?

You: Oh god. Yes Sir. I am soooorry.

The audience feels a bit for the subbie character..good job…back to the play

SJ: Now young lady,

You: (Young lady again!!!!!!!!!)

SJ: Where did I say the paddle will be applied, teaching you the lesson you need to learn?

You: (OK don’t panic, you got this, you can do it. Think think) bing light bulb At the Four Seasons Sir .

SJ: Dropping the phone and crying I am laughing so hard.

Another ovation for my portrayal thank you …curtain down ….


Act two next week. And yes, this has kind of happened to me more than once. New subbies are so cute ..

Behave or else!


13 thoughts on “A First Encounter.

  1. Well, that was great to read, and it made me blush (I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I tend to get nervous myself…).

    Honestly though, if you make an APPOINTMENT to meet, how is buying the sheer black panties something you don’t do in time? I mean, you want to impress the guy… I don’t see why you wouldn’t just do it? It’s not that hard?! But I guess that’s just me thinking that…

    Great writing, Sir John. You sound like a fun Dom, hehe…

  2. Oh Sir John, I do love your posts! So looking forward to act two. Yes sometimes we subs even have a hard time remembering our own names. Let alone black panties!

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