A First Encounter…Act 3


Well my lovelies, we are finally at the end. The big pay off. The show stopper. The climax.The main event… Well, you get the idea. Curtain up. The scene in the hotel room. Yes a nice one, did you think I would take you to a motel 6? Come on, its me!  Anyway, you are in the corner and i am sitting on a straight backed chair reading out loud.

Lights, camera and soon action…lots of it..

SJ:..OK young lady, I am quite displeased with your book. Your first offense…

You: Uh Sir,I can explain that one. You see I …

SJ: Did I not say no talking? Take three steps back and bend over.

You:  (Oh great nice one.Subbie brain, couldn’t keep your big mouth…) Owwwwww, Owwwwwwww!

Two hard spanks delivered over your dress.

SJ: Now back to the corner, and I want silence, understood?

You: Yes Sir.  (Oh God, I am still stinging, this really hurts! Like bad and it was only two over my dress with his hand? His hand feels like a paddle! I am so toast.

SJ:  First offence in your book: not refering to me as Sir on 4 occasions.Do you remember this young lady?

You: Yes Sir. (Really? He is going to spank me for that? Geeeez, what a gigantic meanie-head dom-brain giant…)

SJ:  Come here.

You:  (OK I can move pretty quick, but he looks like he can too.Lets see, if I bounce off the bed just right, flip, hit the door, unlock… I can be down the hall before he can catch me. Yeah sure, and then I can join Cirque de Soleis as the worlds fastest subbie. There really is no way out. OK I can do this)

SJ: Alright young lady, over my lap. Quickly!

You: (OK this is it. Am I moving? I think I am somehow).

You are now in position.

You: (Wait, what the… whats he doing? Oh god he’s raising my dress and my panties are in my purse so now I’m bare bottomed!!!!) Oh god, Security!!! (Oh did I say that out loud? Please say I did not say security out loud)

SJ: Security won’t help you now young lady.

You: (I did say it out loud. Oh boy, I am losing it! OK, this won’t be so bad.So he’s a strange man. Well, kind of strange, seeing my bare bottom That is not the most humiliating thing that could ever happen, or has ever happened in my life .Ugh! Right!)

SJ turns the tv volume up loud.

You: (Huh? He’s going to watch TV while he spanks me? Typical man. Must be something on thats really important. Hey Mr. Dom, I am right here you know. The woman with her head almost touching the floor, and her BB up high… Remember me? Oh wait, I know why he turned that show up so loud, so my screams and his spanks will be muffled. Oh now that’s just wrong. Thats)…. Owwwww!

SJ delivers a sound spanking of 50 spanks on each cheek, the spotlight is showing your cherry red bottom. Standing ovation from the men and a few women- most of them are trying to crawl under the seats.

SJ: Now young lady, back to the corner, and keep that dress up so I can see your red bottom.

You: (Ouch, ouch I wonder if you can die from a spanking? I mean the heat could travel to my brain and… This hurts so bad! I want to rub this, but even more, I want to try that new karate kick thing I have been practicing. Right in his big giant blue eye. But I think that would be bad.)  Ohhhh! Ouch!

SJ: Now young lady, we are getting into more serious infractions, which means much harder punishment.

You: (Huh? I think I might have blacked out, or the heat really is frying my brain, did he say harder? How could it be any harder?Help!!!!!!!)

SJ: Your next infraction is speeding. This is very bad and for this you will get the brush and the paddle.

You: (OK, when I was little I held my breath once and passed out. I bet I can do that again and then he will feel sorry for me ,and just do after care. Yeah, I like..OK here I go….) Gasp! (Ugh! That is really scary. How did I do that when I was a kid?)

SJ: Over my lap, now!

As if in a trance, you walk forward and lay over his lap, red BB up.

SJ: Speeding is very serious as it endangers not only you, but others. You will count 50 strokes, clear?

You:  Yes Sir. Owww! (Oh man, that thing hurts.)  OK I am done. Really good spanking Sir. Lots of fun. See ya, like, never…

SJ: Sorry little subbie, you will get what you deserve. Now we start again since you did not count.

You: oww! One!…

This continues until your bottom has those nice white circles surrounded by red, which denotes a hard and well done hairbrushing.

You: (What? I am crying? Well I must be, my face is wet and I am hyperventilating. I should use this. Yes I am so brilliant. Ha! Win for me. Just wait Mr. Mean Dom)…

At this point I stand you up and tell you to sit on my lap. .You do and you bury your head into my shoulder.The audience does a awwe in unison, and does that head thing like in the scene from airplane.

SJ: I know it hurts, it has to, to deter you. Do you understand if I did not care, I would not punish you?

You: (Wow, he’s really kind of nice. How weird, a nice sadist… Isn’t that like, an oxymoron? Like jumbo shrimp? He’s even stroking my hair. I kind of like this.If my bottom did not feel like I just sat in on a fire ant hill…)

SJ:  So you understand why the punishment must be very harsh for this offense?

You: Yes Sir.

SJ: Good now stand up go to the desk and bend over.

You: (Wait, what? What happed to the hair stroking and holding and all that stuff? It isn’t over yet? Oh come on, hes not really going to use that horrible paddle? He wouldn’t; not after me crying. OK I was crying a little, I might have embellished. I did play a pretty convincing tree in my 5th grade production of Peter Rabbit, if i do say so myself, but that should have worked.Tears always work for me: cops, mail men, even someone at the DMV once. And those guys are a hard audience, so why is it not working when i need it most?)

SJ: Now, you remember you are getting 25 with the school paddle? You will probably mark, as your bottom is starting to, but I told you you probably would, so do not be surprised tomorrow.

You: (Great, not only my great crying scene did not work, but i am going to be black and blue. Good job subbie.)

SJ: Get your bottom up, if you move out of position, we start over.

You:  (OK meanie brain, I got news for you, I am going to take this and you will never see me again. No way am I going to move. I am a statue. I am…) Owwwww!!!

You jump up like you were on a string and start rubbing your bottom, jumping up and down.

You: (God that hurt! Oh owww!! Man! Ugh! Why am I jumping around like a frog on a hot plate?)

SJ: OK  young lady, back in position, I have all night .

You: (Yeah you do, thats great cause I am going to be dead soon so i hope you are happy and I hope its on the news how you killed me with a paddling Mr. Mean Sadistic Dom Person…)

You get back in position every female in the audience winces with each stroke somehow you take them all ..this time tears and alot of them

I take your hand, and put you on my lap

SJ:  You are forgiven for your transgressions, you can cry and stay here as long as you need to.

You: (I am really crying and I really can’t stop. This hurts so bad, but I kind of feel good, like I payed for my behavior and have a clean slate. Maybe there is something to this D/s stuff…I am staying right here.. I like being held and comforted.)

You: I am sorry.

SJ: Yes, I know.Lets hope your book is better next week.

You: Yes. Huh? Wait, book?

SJ: Do you not remember our agreement? You wanted to atone weekly, and I agreed.

You: (I am insane, I did say that.)

SJ: Are you changing your mind? Nobody is forcing you, you know.

You: No Sir, I will just make sure I have nothing in my book next time, especially no speeding. (Did I just say that ? Can a hard spanking make you delirious? Maybe thats it, but i know I need this, and I know he’s the one to teach me to behave. This is really weird.)

The stage begins to dim as you snuggle into my shoulder, weeping very lightly…

Curtain…The audience goes crazy. Three curtain calls… .

Well my lovelies, so ends Act Three. Granted, I kept the offenses in the book at a minimum, and also the the speeding punishment would be quite a bit more harsh in person. It was no where near severe. So do I have to say it?

Be good or else!


18 thoughts on “A First Encounter…Act 3

  1. Wait, I could cuddle with you for as long as I want to? That only really makes me want to get into trouble… (that’s normal, right?)

    • Its perfectly normal, sweety. I just learned how to get the extra cuddles without the extra paddlings!. He is a really good cuddler, And he will sing, too (this man has a voice that totally rocks, ladies)..He is one of a kind, for sure. I am one lucky gal! Hallmark moment now…

        • Ha! Then again, I’ve never had anything like a proper spanking. My parents are yellers (ugh, I hate yelling!). Maybe I magically become an angel after one? (I hope not, haha).

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