A First Encounter…Act 2

Hello lovelies , The last act in our play was a phone conversation, and my last words were ..I will meet you at 5:00 PM sharp, in front of the restaurant. Do not be late, I have a brush in my car. So we pick up from there…


Act 2

You:  Yes Sir ( ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! what am I doing? I am insane right?  Hmmmm maybe the brain tumour thing is really a possibility. Argh! OK enough, got to get ready,I have 3 hours no problem).

You shower and before you get dressed, you look in the mirror. Immediately you google Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, for fastest weight loss.

You: (Come on one hour- come on just 10 lbs in a hour. Ugh, no luck!).

You look fine, but you feel your bottom needs its own zip code . You put on your makeup and do that smoky thing to your eyes and get dressed.

You: A garter belt? Who wears this now a days? Geez, I am not wearing this. No way. Five minutes later you have the garter belt on, stockings, panties,  wrong color but still.. Simple top and jacket because as Mr. Dom Man says ..”I could care less about how you look from the waist up”. Hmm.. OK, now panic attack in your mind. Oh god  I can’t do this. Not only meet a stranger, well kind of, but bare my bottom and get a real painful spanking on top of everything else? No no!!

You stumble around the apartment running into walls, pounding your fists, and then suddenly all motion on stage stops. From back stage, a distant sound like angels singing is getting louder. The stage is bathed in golden light and out of the corner of your eye you see it, the holy grail. Nirvana. The promised land. Yes! Now you can go on, now you can be strong, because you have, angelic choir sings Hallelujah Chorus, candy!! You pop a small butterfinger into your mouth. Slight foodgasm. Throw four more small assorted bars in your purse and you are off. GPS is working, you have plenty of time. You even have gas in the car! Alright you are feeling good. You can do this, in fact, you will probably be early.

You: No!!! Detour!!! Why lord why? Gridlock today, of all days. You pound the steering wheel and yell out loud, come on you idiots move it! I have to get spanked!

Seems you were yelling really loud and your window was kind of open. The car next to you has a family with their mouths hanging open. The women holding her sons ears.

You: Great. Just perfect. The traffic starts to move. And then there it is, and you are five minutes early. I made it!! The valet comes up and opens the door and you jump out like you are on fire take the ticket and throw him your keys. Ow! He says loudly.

You: Sorry, uh, I will tip you big later. Ok you are outside and its three minutes to five, but no Mr.Dom. (If he stands me up,I will find him, and hurt him, and then kill him). Suddenly a figure is approaching. Not really tall, but not short. Not really walking, more like gliding like an animal. Dressed all in black. (God, don’t let that be him. Don’t let that be him. Don’t let that be him)

SJ:  Hello

You: (Oh god its him) Uh, hello Sir.

SJ: On time, impressive, shall we?

SJ opens the door and we walk in in.

You: (Shall we? Said the spider to the fly). (The eyes, oh boy. Kind of like, really blue and really nice, but scary. and my head is exploding oh god maybe it is a tumor)

The waitress comes over to take a drink order

You: Yes uh, lets see, is there such a thing as a double long lsland ice tea? No? Of course not, sorry. (Why am I babbling) Uh just the regular Long Island ice tea.

The stage goes dark. Only two intense blues eyes are seen.

You: (oh that look is not good, not at all. Uh, what did I do?  I ..ok drink. OK I got this).

You:  I meant a regular iced tea. I was confused. You see, I was thinking about Long Island and tea and well you know, just kind of put them together. But no, alcohol  is really bad. (ok could I appear like any more of a lunatic? And its not helping that Mr. Dom has this crooked smile which is quite unnerving).

The waitress leaves in total confusion.

SJ: OK, relax. It’s alright. I know you are  a little freaked out.

You: (Yeah like the crew of the nostromo were freaked out when the alien popped out of that guys chest ewe! but Mr. Dom’s eyes are really kind, and hes nice. Why does he have to be so nice?)

You talk, relax over dinner, even laugh.

SJ: OK I want5 you to do something for me .

You: Yes sir

SJ: Go to bathroom and remove your panties. Come back and sit on your bare bottom touching the seat while I order coffee.

You: (Oh sure Mr. Dom, perv much? Know what? I am out of here. Thats it buddy, no way no how) Yes sir.

In the bathroom…(Am I really doing this? I am, but why? Whats going on? Maybe he slipped something in my drink. Yeah, oh man maybe some weird hypo drug which makes zombie subbioes out of strong women) 

Back at the table

SJ: Do you know why I had you do this?

You: Uh, no Sir

SJ:  I’ts a test of your willingness to obey. And also to show you, you have no control when you are with me, clear?

You:  Yes Sir, I think so (yeah clear you are a big dom head meanie)

The check comes, SJ pays and we leave.

SJ: I am going across to the hotel. Meet me in the lobby

You: Yes Sir (How does he move like that? Maybe hes a vampire).

You give your ticket to valet. The guy brings you your car and has a band aid over his eye where you hit him with your keys.

You: Oh sorry! So sorry.

You tip him $10.00 and debate on whether to tell Mr. Dom what you did. Walking into the lobby you see he has the key and you both get in the elevator. Room 2012 may as well be in the tower of London.

You: Uh, Sir,

SJ: Yes?

You: Sir, whats in the suitcase?

SJ: I told you implements would be used. Some of your book requires more than just my hand young lady.

You: (ok don’t faint. Young lady. Those eyes and a case of torture items. Sure, just a usual Saturday night).

SJ: Ok, when you enter, go to the corner and stand with your hands on your head. Do not speak unless given permission. Am I quite clear?

You: Yes Sir.

I open the door you walk to your position. You hear me lock it, and you can only think of one thing.

You: (come on, brain tumor !!!!!!! )

Act 3 next week.

Be good or else.


23 thoughts on “A First Encounter…Act 2

  1. I understand that one mine are 16 and 12. I do not look foward to the day they are gone. My life revolves around them.

    • Ok let me clarify. Bree and SJ are so in love and they are really cute and sweet together as a couple. But as Dom can be a big ole meanie sometimes! And unfair…….Just sayin……..

  2. I don’t think I’d act like this at all… I’d be thinking (because I’d be nervous) “Don’t throw up, don’t throw up” and I wouldn’t even have a drink because I’d be way too nervous to swallow, and I wouldn’t be able to relax… But that’s just me, nerves control my life I guess! Nicely written 🙂

    (“Act 3 next week.”?! Nooo, I have finals next week! 🙁 )

    • Shelly you should see them in person. All mushy gushy lovey dovey. They are definitely each other’s soul mates. It’s very cute and sweet 😉

      Reminds me of me and my honey even after 25 years 😉

  3. OMG, I am wetting my pants. And SO true! All those things went through my mind the first time I met with Mr. meanie. How come he’s not that funny with me now? So NOT fair!!!

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