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I don’t often write posts about ‘things’ going on, but this is too unreal (and hysterical) to keep to myself.

I’m going to take it right off my FB post and let you all know that the greatest inspiration for a book often comes from real life—and, too often, real life tragedy. This is a story of a woman scorned, who’s in love with another scorned woman, both who are also in love with John. During this time, they also stalked several of my close friends and attempted to stir up trouble (and failed).

Both women are over 60. The first one’s husband is a cop and discovered his wife’s fatal attraction and was livid (until she took over his email account and started writing using his name), the second admitted to playing together naked in her bedroom after she caught the first masturbating to John’s picture in an office at the college where they worked. The emails/act that got the first one fired from her job and may very well get her husband put into jail. The sad thing is- we don’t think he even knows about it because she’s answering as him in all his emails! Don’t you think a cop would know about keeping his account secure?

Ordinarily, I would have sympathy for the poor dears- but as the plot thickens (and the emails become more obtuse because John won’t respond), my interest is piqued. They were trying to draw John into a secret affair and he refused.Now- I’m not one to talk about appearances, but let’s do some comparisons. These women are WELL over 60, uneducated, twice my size, missing teeth, and…. okay, have you seen the movie Deliverance? Plus, I’m a total kinky bitch in bed. I mean- seriously- I’m a Dom’s dream (unless he pisses me off).

I haven’t been this bullied (or amused) since… well, all of you know that sage… but this is too unbelievable to keep silent. Now that you have the idea- ready?

I am naming this FB post-
(be sure to read updates and watch for the book because it’s going to be a doozy! ALL the emails will be included)

9/21/19- OMG- my day just reached an all time high in laughter!!
Okay- so recently, we discovered that this ex-sub chick was IN LOVE with John– I’m talking, admissions to masturbating to his picture IN HER OFFICE AT A COLLEGE, sexual dreams, etc. All in writing. She (with her buddy’s help) also went into a launch to try to hurt my marriage, stalk me on the internet, lie about my friends, etc.

All because John put a break on online doming to focus on me (I’m getting shoulder surgery).

Well- they were exposed, her husband (who’s a cop) was advised- including her sending emails to me and John through his account. Can we talk fatal attraction crazy? He soon discovered all the truth- including his wife having access to his emails and writing in his name. He was livid- reasonably so- but there started to be a little too much defense of the second woman (who has no boundaries and kept pushing and pushing until she was told no more.) We also busted her lying about one of my best friends (we had the screen shots) and then discovered through a background check that she was married.

Ready for this email? As for the ‘November’ threat, lol, nothing is happening that I know of (unless she/they are planning to come and blow up our house). Man, this is making for a great book!

(I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY- The ‘blocking’ didn’t last long!)

Yes- we did contact the authorities and they launched an investigation. We contacted the husband who ‘denied’ everything even though YESTERDAY knew she was acting under secret accounts with her friend/phone/office, etc.

Of course, the pathetic jealous thing is a total coward and knows that the only person being laughed at is herself. Now, we’ve already had federal charges places on the people who wrote the Author Amy letter- does she think we’ll do any less now?

Ready? Drum roll… and get ready to crack up! These children seriously need a life- and major therapy.

**BTW- Feel free to visit the FB page (it’s public) and read the comments from my beloved friends aka peanut gallery. The Florida police commissioner and district office and the HR/College administrator have been contacted and advised of the situation.**

P.S. I’m calling a copyright on this material because frankly, it’s too good to keep out of a story! LOL!


9/22/19 UPDATE!
After a ‘mysterious’ email from the psycho’s husband yesterday denying knowing ‘sweet cheeks’ and the sudden deletion of his account; we received another with a new address and assurance the psycho didn’t have access and had suddenly ‘retired,’ and he was ‘retiring’ as well and decided to work on his marriage. John requested the husband call him to discuss things because he couldn’t trust the authenticity of the e-mail after ‘sweet cheeks’ threat. The return email stated he ‘knew nothing’ about sweet cheeks.


What a coinkydink. So am I.

I believe him- don’t you?

Of course not! WHY? The Psycho answered for him and then deleted it so he couldn’t see what she did. John insisted on speaking via the phone for obvious reasons and will get HIS number because he can’t trust the psycho not to harass us here. I also think it’s the psycho trying to keep SOME sort of contact with John.
Hell, I was an Intel Specialist- this is like Espionage for Dummies 101!!
Damn- this book is getting better and better!

9/23/19 LMAO! The latest update (today) attacked John (obviously written- AGAIN- by the woman scorned which was so obviously not the husband and contradicted EVERYTHING said previously.) OMG, it is the most hysterical load of childishness I’ve seen EVER. That poor man- it was also obvious that the ‘writer’ has a MAJOR thing for the other chick. We couldn’t stop laughing and didn’t even waste the time in responding- which will piss her off more because– what did she say? Oh yes- (and I quote) she isn’t worth the shit that comes out of her ass. I think I just wet myself laughing.


Probably not because Psycho and Buddy will keep making up emails to harass- but all of the correspondence is going straight to the college and police station. The most frightening thing was one of these individuals was IN MY HOME. She also knows I’m licensed, packing, and not afraid to use it. The saddest thing is that when John asked her to back off, she refused. I told her I was uncomfortable with the activity- yet she was okay if I left MY home so she could get what she wanted. Boundaries, people. Simple boundaries.

The ‘November’ threat? We’re guessing Pyscho is going to either f**k a turkey or try to break in to where John’s playing at a gig. No fears there- his old friend owns the joint- has the emails and photographs- and security will be itching to get them to jail.

As for the ‘husband’- Did you know that Florida has two laws, Unnatural and lascivious act (section 800.02), and Lewd and lascivious behavior (section 798.02), that together ban consensual sodomy and BDSM.

John’s got EVERY email (154) from this alleged cop admitting to beating his wife. Emails asking how- when- how hard- how often. John never even met the woman- just saw the pictures she sent him of her face (shudder), ass, puss and tits- and deleted them while telling her to stop. Her buddy was the one who snitched on her out to her husband and told John about her masturbating to his picture (sounds like a jealous lover’s quarrel). Why would this ‘cop’ threaten John KNOWING this can put him in jail? Because it was his nutso coo-coo wife that wrote it.

♪ Nutsy koo koo ♪

Let me tell you something, people—Domming, on-line or in person, is just as dangerous as being a sub. We’ve met more insane females in the last seven years than either of us have in our entire lives. I’ve begged John to stop years ago, but he’s too nice and wanted to help these poor women- and the same thing happened every time. This time- the intent of destroying my marriage was openly admitted by Psycho so SHE could be John’s ‘comforter’. Yup- all in writing.

I’m also sorry that these two ruined it for others who wanted to have the Dom experience- but no more. It just ain’t worth the trouble.

So bring it on, bitches- one of these days people are going to learn that while I will do anything I can to help a friend, when someone crosses the line and messes with my marriage, all gloves are off.

So- will this make a great book, or what????





  1. Bree, I LOVE your books! Every time I read or re-read one I feel like I’m visiting with old friends. To mention Mik Tohler in Northern Lights or Caine Marshall taking a turn as MD in the summer in Alaska thrills me to no end! And the magic name…Dorian Gray! Oohhh, every time it makes my heart beat faster cuz Dorian is so powerful and yet loving! When you mentioned Douglas Bichat daddy domming Mik’s mom…GENIUS!! I also LOVE that you make me Google Cecchetti 3rd arabesque, and Lux Aeterna music! You are SO damn good at what you do, I wait for each book with baited breath! I hope your surgery goes well! Luvs, Lindy

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