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Hello lovelies,

My post today is really more of an inquiry into your subbie brains. Yes, I know…be afraid…be very afraid. 

As you know the beautiful Breanna Hayse and I have been in a D/s relationship for a very long time. Keeping in the spirit of such and because I love to spank, she gets spankings daily usually at least 3 and if she has been very good a subspace session at night. 

All together now…SJ is awesome!!  

Thank you but I digress. The other day we were doing a pain/pleasure session. It’s similar to subspace but usually the sub does not go that deep and can actually talk and function. Bree wanted me to start with hand and work her up to taking full punishment spanks. We did this and I suggested, since her tolerance was high and the endorphin gods were smiling down on her we should try doing the same build with a strap. She was all for it and actually got to a point she took 4 real punishment strokes after about 35 or so leading up to it. 

Now getting to my inquiry, I am very careful when applying a stroke with a heavy implement such as the strap, thick cane, rug beater, school paddle, etc. To aid me in delivering the stroke to the perfect spot I usually tap or touch her bb with the implement lightly first, then deliver the stroke. Bree and I discussed this after the session and she said she would rather not have any idea when the stroke is coming and would prefer not to feel the implement beforehand.  

In this scenario, as it’s not punishment, she has permission to pick implements, speed and how hard. If it was punishment she would have no say. 

Here are my questions:

1) During a pleasure/pain session do you agree with Bree or do you enjoy knowing the stroke is coming? 

2) During a punishment do you find its more of a deterrent to be punished with fast strokes or slow spaced out ones and again feeling the implement on your bb lightly first or not?

I truly hope you all experience number one soon and number two if deserved. I’m looking forward to your input. 

Be good, or else…



21 thoughts on “Fast or Slow?

  1. When it comes to punishment spanking, my boyfriend doesn’t know the meaning of slow swats, from the very first whack to the very last one, its fast and furious. And there is no such thing as a short punishment spanking either, it goes on and on for serveral mintues until he feels like stopping. A punishment is always an unlimited swat spanking, there is no specified number of swats. He doesn’t believe in warm ups or safe words either for punishment spanking. And always starts on the bare skin. He ussally uses the flat part of the handle of a bamboo backscratcher. I dont get too many of them but when I do, he doesn’t mess around. Got one last week for lying. Am I the only one who gets punishment spankings this?

  2. I’m sorry but if its a punishment it should be opposite of what you prefer or it wouldn’t be discpline. I prefer the slow type swats for erotic, maintenance or just because spanking. But when my boyfriend decsides I have earned a discipline spanking and I usually do, I don’t get to choose. I too have a very high pain tollernce. Yes I panic and I get into a flight or flight mode, yes, I too kick and squirm all over but that does not deter his resolve. He spanks me past my fight and flight mode. We all choose this lifestyle and as a part of we choose is accept discipline spanking also. That being said, I have relinquish compete control of the spanking over to him for punishment spanking. We have a long talk before and he makes sure I understand why I’m going to be punished. Yes, I hate it at the but its comes with the territory. He doesn’t play when it comes to real discipline. There is no specified limit. Yes, its hard to push everything down and bare my bottom not knowing how many I’m going to get or how long its going to last. His implement of choice is the flat part of handle of a bamboo backscratcher and believe me it stings and you don’t get numb to either. I’m over his leg bent in half. There no warm up, its starts on the bare, it start with that dam backscratcher. For discipline paddlings, he only has one gear. Hard, fast and lengthy, it does end quickly. He doesn’t stop until he sees that I’m a sobbing mess of cathartic hiccup type bawling. Its rapid fire swats from beginning to end. I remember everyone and I don’t repeat the something again for quite a while. Last time was a few weeks ago when I lied to him. Oh, I too wish it were slow at the beginning but if he gave me what I prefer than it wouldn’t be a discipline spanking would it. For maintaince spanking he uses a hand or office belt and it starts off slow and builds up to short flurry and he like me to do a post spanking hop (pushing my hips forwards, throwing my hand over my ass frantically rubbing and hoping up and down) performance. I’m sure I’m the only one that does this hop. But this spanking is only right up to my pain tollernce levels but never goes over, but he likes and wants me to do that spanking dance. What is it about guys that like that. Anyways, that was the trade off for maintaince, I get spanked the way I like and the way I want and I do the post spanking dance for him. But discipline spanking are completely out of my control and its always hard and fast rapid style swats from beginning to end.

  3. 1) I would disagree with Miss Bree, I’d probably like to know when it’s coming, haha!

    2) … Why would I let anyone know what is more of a punishment to me? Is this a trick question? 😉

  4. I believe I would like to know when and where although, I probably tense up if I knew. During a pain/pleasure, (besides tapping which is pleasurable), I would say slow to absorb the spank and not to know so I would not tense up. During a punishment fast is overwhelming and painful but at least its over with faster, but I would say slow is not so overwhelming, maybe, shoot it just hurts. lol

  5. We’ve just begun this journey and we are a bit older. I prefer slow and be able to feel each one whether hand or paddle. However, we have not had a punishment session yet although I have deserved them. When he does spank fast though I feel the need to get away rather than embrace. And I definitely do not like to know where it will land.

    • congrats on joining our little family , i would tend to think at this stage a fast spanking for you may panic you too much, especially a hard one so go slow ..i am sure your other half will enjoy discovering just how hard you can take it ..and of course discover how hard a punishment spanking needs to be enjoy

      • I don’t bruise easily and I’m not content unless I see them. However he gets concerned that when my rear is blue and purple that he went to far. I don’t see it this way.

  6. I wanna know who what when where why and how. That way I can attempt to take evasive maneuvers if possible.

    During punishment fast sucks slow sucks it’s just all sucks…….lol.

        • I do summersaults off the back of the couch. Nope, not joking! Head first, move forward until I can flip away. I am ALWAYS looking for the tiniest weak spot in his grip to move into and dislodge myself. Oh, and btw- pinching and biting are NOT a means of getting release- neither is playing My Singing Monsters and putting the volume of Plant Island Enbrats on HIGH to distract him by laughing so you can make your escape.
          I AM the queen of evasive maneuvers, FYI 🙂

  7. I’m going to have to agree with Bree. Ignorance is bliss. Plus my vote is for slow. At a certain point with fast I forget why I’m there and my fight v. flight response is very much fight. People and things need protected lol.

    • Yaya! Lillers! We get realllllly squirrelly when we fight too, and even restrained, can not only hurt ourselves (in a bad way) but the furnishings, the room, the Dom…. I SUCK at staying in position- its constant ‘get your bottom up there’ from him along with being pushed back into place like a Jack in the Box (or a Bree in a Box?).

      • Bree brings up a good point , the more you struggle the better chance of getting tweaked , especially your arm or shoulder, believe it or not i am very concerned with this when administering punishment, i want your bb in pain and discomfort not your muscles or joints

  8. I had a little experience with this over the weekend when I got in trouble. Slow is great for play time but fast seems to be better for punishment. No time to really absorb it ha know?

    • exactly Ramona , both methods are good , in punishment its supposed to be a deter ant so, as unpleasant as possible , the opposite of what you enjoy in a different kind of session

  9. Agree with Bree! Agree with Bree! And slooooooooooow- why? Fast makes me more concerned about escape rather than why I’m there. NOT that I Ever get into any trouble anyway…..
    Mmmm, love the strap, though! We are going antiquing today to find more goodies for our torture room! Yay!

    • lol i rest my case, if i know bree likes the spanking slow , why would i give her that option if it was punishment? and she’s right she hardly ever gets in serious punishment trouble , but is still red bb 2 or three times a day so win win for me as usual lol

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