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Skylar’s Guardians is Bree’s most recent release. While it was released in back in January it still remains ranked in the Top 100 on two Amazon lists. This is the longest run for one of her books and I’m ridiculously proud of her! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and make sure you stop by the Saturday Spankings Blog to see what everyone else has going on this weekend.

Skylar’s Guardians

As she lies alone and injured in the wilderness, twenty year old Skylar believes her life is coming to an end, but in reality a whole new life for her is about to begin. She awakens in a strange place, having been nursed back to health by two strangers whose enormous size, exotic technology, and odd habits indicate that they are not of this world.

After a thorough, embarrassing examination, Skylar is informed that her rescuers have found extensive manuals on caring for human females—manuals that sound suspiciously similar to her favorite erotic fiction. She is told that from now on she will to refer to them as “Daddy” and “Papa” and that she will be expected to behave well and follow their instructions.

Skylar soon discovers that disobedience will result in a bright-red bare bottom and that a sound spanking is not the only way to punish a naughty girl. When she is good, though, her handsome guardians can pleasure her in ways which never before entered her wildest fantasies. Will she remain defiant and continue plotting her escape or can she learn to embrace a life far happier than anything she has known before?


This quote begins with Troy and Tralec working with Skylar on mastering the use of the synthesizer to create clothing for herself. She finds herself in hot water after not following their directions exactly.

When I tell you something, I will not be repeating myself, nor will I explain myself if I chose not to.” He  spanked her again. “It is very clear that you need firm and consistent guidance, and I intend to provide that.”

“Owwwie! Pleeeeease stop. You are hurting me!”

“Further,” Tralec continued, his hard hand not pausing for a moment as it turned her tiny bottom several shades of scarlet, “you will be spanked anytime you forget to address us properly. Understood?”

“Yessssss, sir, Daddy!”

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  1. “Several shades of scarlet” – I think she’ll get the message. But why would she want to even think about escaping?

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