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In honor or the end of summer and the start of the new school year I have a memorable incident from my past to share.

After arriving at my high school one day…

No, not by wagon train, really? Again with the old jokes? Actually I had a kicking Dodge Dart candy apple red convertible, not so bad now huh?

Anyway, my girlfriend at the time was being a real brat. We were both seniors and I kept warning her that a spanking would be coming if she persisted in acting so immaturely. We were working on a class project together, which clearly meant homework. We had gone to my house as my parents were out for the evening and I wanted to get to work, she wanted to brat.

What a surprise, a subbie wanting to brat!!

After a while I had it. I told her we either get to work or she was going to be very sore. She kind of laughed, even though I had spanked her many many times before. That day I decided to bring it up a level. I took her into my room but not before stopping in the bathroom for a quick minute to pick up a good hard brush. When she saw this she changed her attitude very quickly.

You know you all do this…Sorry! I was just kidding! I’ll be good!…the usual.

Although I enjoyed her begging I was determined to impart a strong lesson. Once she was over my lap, I lifted her skirt and set to work. Now my girlfriend at the time loved to wear sheer panty hose. I still really like spanking over those actually. Of course she was struggling to no avail. I started spanking over the panty hose and because they were sheer I could see her bottom getting pink. My Dom M.O. at the time was to take this as a sign to lower her panty hose to get to the bare bottom, which I did.

You all certainly get religion quickly when getting your bare bottoms spanked.

A wood hair brush makes a great sound on a bare bottom and will get the subbie fire red, as was the case here. If I remember correctly I heard “oh god” more than a month of Sunday Schools, lol. Needless to say we worked very professionally after that. For about 3 days my girlfriend winced every time I saw her sit, lol. I loved that! Of course being the young but thoughtful evolving Dom I was I had to check how sore she was, frequently, usually with a nice smack or pinch…ok so I am not that evolved as I still do that to Bree all the time.

I hated school except for art classes, music classes and you guessed it a little extra curricular spanking. What was your favorite school subject or extra curricular activity?


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30 thoughts on “Celebrate the End of Summer with #SummerSpanks and a Giveaway

  1. Gosh I really did not like school. If I have to pick I would say cooking was my favorite but I was usually in trouble so I often missed that class. So glad I’m done with high school. Enjoyed your story. A Dodge Dart… Seems they came out a long time ago. Sooo how long have you been a Dom?
    Thanks. rameyer.nmb@gmail.com

  2. Physics. I don’t actually like physics but we did tons of fun projects and I had a few cute lab partners
    bluemascara22 at gmail dot com

  3. Poor Bree….. Ummm, Sir You Know Who, that Hairbrush requires a ‘license to use.carry’. So unless you recently received your Cosmetology license I suggest you leave the brush in the drawer and back away slowly!

  4. I am in full agreement with subbies who act up until the actual brush is produced. We keep ours in the nightstand drawer but sometimes I think I should leave it in plain sight. I struggled with philosophy but loved phycology, In high school I was a bad girl who skipped a lot. I pretty much didn’t care for any of it with my art metals class being the only exception.

  5. High School, oh my, let me see… Well, I liked Biology because a cute guy was my lab partner. Can’t get better then that.

    I loved my senior year of English because the teacher let us read wonderful books. The Illustrated Man was one of them, all those wonderful exotic tattoos coming to life, what fun.

    Hated Geometry, if it looked like a straight line then it was a straight line not a plane. My boyfriend at the time sat across from me in class and had to get me through it. He would come over every afternoon and tutor me. I’m sure he wished he could spank me on several occasions when I threw a fit and said I hated geometry and didn’t understand and lets do something else. Lol.

    Oh what fun, I wouldn’t go back for a million bucks!

  6. My favorite extra-curricular activity my senior year was perusing the Shadow Lane catalogs that I secretly ordered in the mail racing to the mailbox to get it before my parents got home. Hehe. My Mom did discover it in the mail one day. Luckily she just thought one of my male friends had been pranking me. English and Law Education were my two favorite classes. My least favorite was math of any kind!

  7. I loved Chemistry sooo much! I got 4 university subjects now and love 3 out of 4. This one subject really sucks and should be illegal! 🙁

  8. I wish my car in high school was that cool. I had an early 80’s Ford Station wagon yuck. My favorite class was PE of course since I was involved with soccer, cheerleading and softball. I was also in ski club. I hated biology so I never took chemistry and am really regretting that now that I have a degree in chemistry and am a chem tech.

  9. I was the classic geek in HS- Hated it because of the social environment, loved the high end science, language, music, art and math classes (except geometry- never quite got that). Gym for us was cool- we did it over the summer and it was ice skating, bowling, roller skating, horseback riding and swimming.
    I also was not the spankee, but the spanker at that time– Betcha those damn cheerleaders and jocks didn’t imagine seeing me dressed in leathers once the sun went down!
    Of course, leathers back then were purchased in stores. I didn’t have to hunt down a woolly mammoth with primitive spears and fashion its hide using a bone needle and sharp rocks like someone else we all know and love. Just sayin….
    Luvs, Bree
    Oh, and please tell you know who that the hairbrush is evil and should be outlawed as a weapon of mass destruction (you should see the condition of my bottom- ow). Hell, you need a license to own a gun– you should need one to own a hairbrush (and a marriage license does Not count.)

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