D/s…the D Does Not Stand for Democracy

Hello Lovelies,

Well here’s the deal, I feel I need to reiterate something: you ladies do NOT have a say in how you are spanked except for a subspace session.

Bree is a very well behaved sub, but even she seems to have forgotten this lately.

Just yesterday I decided that her bottom was much too white. So, I began changing that and Bree started telling me how she wanted to be spanked!!! You know like: owww not so hard, slower, rub… that kind of thing.

Lovelies, I will tell you like I did her, the sub does not decide how she is spanked, or when, or with what for that matter.

So remember once you enter into a D/s relationship, your rights to decide about a spanking go out the window. The D in D/s does NOT stand for democracy, it stands for dictatorship…lol.

Be good or else,


3 thoughts on “D/s…the D Does Not Stand for Democracy

  1. Being the subs that we are we have to try. Also her spanking didn’t sound like a punishment spanking instead it was for your pleasure so shouldn’t she be able to have a say in how hard the spanking is at least. Yes I think so too. Glad we agree SJ. Oh I hit a key and my whole comment disappeared so if it does show up twice just delete one. 🙂

  2. It could also stand for ‘Daft, Dopey, or my favourites Defiant and Disobedient. See I’m very helpful with D’ words lol, however my husband’s favourites seem to be Drawers Down as he goes in search of a wooden spoon!!!!:0

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