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Hello lovelies,

So todays query is this…Does your Dom give you permission to act out (within reason of course)? Like sassing or semi bratty behavior which would result in a good spanking but not serious punishment? And if so, do you take advantage of the situation?

Personally I have given Bree this option but, she never takes me up on it. I think she does not trust me to not spank her too hard, which for Bree means anything over 5 spanks lol. I am talking a play type situation but she won’t do it.

Do any of you have this same problem? Doms don’t mind a little bratting now and then but, there are always consequences. Bree always whines, “how come there have to be consequences?” Hello! You acted out, and you did it so you could get a nice red bottom. So, why whine when that happens? I’m telling you all its not all paddles and canes being a dom.

That’s my frustrated (Yes, Doms do get frustrated) question of the week.

Be good, or else…


3 thoughts on “Dommer May I

  1. Would this be only for couples living in a D/s 24/7? If not, no I haven’t experienced permission to act out in a sassy/semi bratty behavior by my Dom. Probably if I could stay out of trouble long enough I may be given this permission. But my bottom is often recovering from offenses made without permission. Yes I would absolutely take advantage of it if given that permission for no other reason to just see that lighter side of my Dom, a play type situation,( even though I’d get spanked) instead of a very serious disappointed Dom. I may have to have my Dom pinky swear I’d only get a light spanking but it would be fun to let out some of the sassy/semi bratty behavior I try to keep silent otherwise and not get that dun dun duuuun feeling.

  2. Two reasons for me personally… The first I don’t, in my opinion, really act out. Sure I like to pull practical jokes but nothing mean. More along the lines of water balloon fights or nurf gun war. I also try to keep that type of thing to times when it’s not going to bother someone (not during work or when the person is clearly focused on something that shouldn’t be interrupted). So acting out beyond that would feel strange. I’d most likely also feel the need to be punished even if I had been told that I could act out. The second reason is that I like rules and having a clear idea of what’s expected and what will happen when those rules aren’t followed. Let’s just say the first and last time I tried acting out after being told I could left me confused and hurt emotionally.

    Now as for the whining it’s because it hurts Sir. And I’ll try to get out of it even if I know I deserve or need a spanking.

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