Dom Hunting

Hello lovelies,

No, no, the heading is not about when you’re mad at your Dom and want to try out that new bow and arrow set you just bought.

Some of you I know, some very well in fact, as I have been responsible for you not sitting, squirming and/or crying like schoolgirls under my hand and paddle.

By the way you’re welcome, lol.

I am talking to those of you without Doms, who want Doms. I have told you how to go about this online but I am sure some of you like to go to clubs or bars etc. So how can you find a Dom, in person, with no online connection?

Well today is your lucky day as I am going to give you a fool proof way of knowing right away if you are talking to a Dom or not. Sound good?

Here’s the magic key…When you see a guy you’re attracted to and you sit down to talk, you think he may be a Dom but you’re not sure. You could say “hey, are you a Dom?” but I think we can be more subtle. Start the conversation with “I work at ____. I love my job but, I’m always late and I can’t seem to break the habit.

Ding, ding, ding!! A Dom will jump on that like Dracula on a white neck, trust me.

Or you could try “I got pulled over again. I can’t help speeding though I can usually talk my way out of a ticket.”


Trust me, you will know right away. In fact if you don’t get some kind of Dom reaction like, “I have a remedy for that,” or “I am sure I can help you break that habit,” or at least a “that’s very irresponsible young lady,” I’d say move on you’re wasting your time. See what a thoughtful Dom I am? I just saved you hours of tedious conversation. Give it a try and let me know if it works. Happy Hunting!

Be good, or else…


11 thoughts on “Dom Hunting

  1. I am never late, to be honest. A bad habit of mine is prefering to stay in, but it’s really embarrassing to just say to a random stranger “Oh, and I rarely go outside!” :/

  2. Now all I have to do is go out. NOT in the cards right now.. but I like your questions to ask.

    I do hope you don’t get arrow shot in the butt, sir. Lol

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