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Hello lovelies,

This question came up recently, when is it appropriate to tell on another sub?

Now I know you all stick together like a big subbie sorority.

That would be a great video, especially initiation night you…sorry, went away for a few seconds, I’m back now.

Back to my query, when would you tell on another sub? I know you all like getting others in trouble, no eye rolling, you know I’m right. But what if your subbie sister was being self-destructive? Abusing drugs? Alcohol? Speeding? Would you tell her Dom or leave it to him to find out?

Chime in and let me know.

Be good, or else…


5 thoughts on “Do Tell

  1. If another sub was doing something that could bring harm to her and/or someone else yes I would tell my Dom so he could tell hers. I have been on the receiving end of being told on for something like this and even though it ticked me off at first, I was going to tell my Dom, he just found out sooner than I had planned. He appears to have eyes everywhere. For lesser offenses, I don’t tell on another sub unless I’m asked by my Dom. Now stretching or avoiding the truth is different than lying right? For the most part I would have another sub’s back unless they give me reason not too.

  2. Not sure it’s a good idea. Speaking from experience I tried to let my Don know a sub was causing harm and I wasn’t spoken to for months. I’ll never make that mistake again and will always know my place to keep my thoughts to myself. If the sub wants to tell her Don she’s causing harm to herself she has to take that responsibility.

  3. There are many factors to consider in this question… like for one (depending on circumstance)…if she asked or TOLD you not to tell, then it would have to be REALLY extreme circumstances to “tell”. Because if you did, that would then be a major break of promise and huge betrayal. So this should never be done as a ‘rash’ decision. However if it seems like a ‘communication’ error (and we all have those sometimes) then it might be OK to tell… not tattle! But above all, no matter how big or small, I would first advise my subbie sister to talk to her Dom… if she can’t say it out loud, or doesn’t think she is “heard”, then maybe write a note/letter. If that didn’t work, I would tell her first, and then contact him.

  4. If it was something detrimental to their health, definitely. Something like speeding or being on Facebook when you aren’t supposed to be? No.

    • interesting you feel speeding is not detrimental to ones health, considering she could die in a accident or even kill others. I would disagree strongly on this point Lisa, facebook, or the like, much less so

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