I am off today and doing something very special…visiting an old friend, mentor, guardian and my first Daddy Dom… Gen G. Rai Karr was sitting next to me when I discovered that he had only been thirty minutes away from me for over ten years and I never knew it. When he passed away, I thought I lost the chance to say goodbye and thank him for everything he did for me, including saving my life.

Today, I am going to introduce him to John and write the final words of our book while ‘sitting on his lap’ at his gravesight. Needless to say, it’s going to be a very emotional moment, but also a wonderful one. This book, renamed The General’s Little Angel, rewakened something inside of me. Not only did I get to relive the wonderful moments with him, but I also had to face the other things that had happened… things I never had the chance to tell him.

Today, I will tell him everything..both of the past and the present.. and soon all of you will know as well. It leaves me open and vulnerable, but better that than to live in the shadow of falsehoods. He always encouraged the telling of the truth, no matter the cost, and I have decided to face the possible consequences and reveal it all.. past and present.
This autobiography will be part of the Breaking Chains series and deal with healing from betrayal, domestic violence, and physical and mental rape and what we do to survive.. and what can be done to thrive.

Love to all of you and many thanks,


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