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So lovelies, I was thinking about a subject to write about, besides subbies being crazy, I love you all but geeeez. Anyway, I want to discuss punishment positions.

Hey!! Get back here, I did not say assume one…well not yet.

As a Dom I like two different methods of delivering discipline. I like the struggle and squirming, and most subs feel more secure if they can be held down for a spanking. You sure whine a lot when you are though. The other more strict method I call Dom positions. This involves you keeping still and remaining in position throughout the spanking.

Now why would I enjoy such a thing?

Besides the obvious, when I am training a sub she needs to understand obedience is a constant, not just once in a while. So, imagine you are bb and OTK about to get a spanking with something you hate, dana, bath brush, wood paddle etc.

Normally you would all be squirming around like little subbie eels but this time you must stay in position. Palms must be flat on the floor and remain flat on the floor. If they move? All together now…back to the beginning of the spanking, yeah!

Now I never said you would enjoy this, and my de Sade side is glad you do not, but it’s a great way to show your willingness to submit and be obedient.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you have been very bratty…I know it’s a stretch but roll with it, lol. I say you are to get 50 with the brush. Now if you move, we go back to one.  To answer your question, yes I have restarted at 49 for moving. I am quite serious about staying in position. You can certainly wiggle, Doms love that, but palms must stay flat on the floor.

I was wondering if any of you, with Doms, have experienced this or something similar? If not, I am sure you will suggest it right away…Not.

I find it’s a very good way to impart a good blistering alongside an important lesson. There’s also the plus of no whining about how your back or arm got tweaked because you decided to try a Cirque de Soli move while being spanked and had to be restrained. So what do you think lovelies? Keep in mind that this works just as well for bent over hands on knees, or on a chair etc.

Win-win for me, of course if you move, more spanks and a redder bottom, if not you have been thoroughly controlled and topped.

It’s good to be the Dom.

Be good or else…


6 thoughts on “Discipline Positions

  1. Thanks guys I appreciate your helpful insight. But I think maybe what john said on dom and vinilla guys being different maybe true, cos alot of the guys out today r so immature I couldn’t imagine feeling comfortable with them lol but yeah I think embarrassment and humiliation r on different level for most people but that is sort of what I fall into if im embarassed. Thanks so much iuleeya for your comment, I think it’s a good thing to know if girls r a bit unsure of themselves or the lifestyle and want to get into it.

    • You´d be surprised how many girls struggle with that, monique – I am not qualified to speak out of personal experience or give advice but I`m doing a research-project about the D/s and DD lifestyle (well, some self-experiments included and being successfully conditioned to classify each wooden item due to its degree of hardness 😉 ) and the answers I got regarding the “inner-conflict”, especially for newbies, show that there are similar fears and hopes – some can happily embrace their submissive side, quite quickly, while others need a lot more time to gradually test what they are comfortable with and why they struggle with certain aspects. I can´t figure out my own feelings about that part. Honestly, the more I learn about the lifestyle the more questions I have;) Lots of diversity, many paths to choose…and like you said, not everything has the same meaning for everybody out there.

      …and just for the honour of the poor, scolded vanilla-men – no offense, Monsieur Hayse 😉 – but they are just as diverse as the Doms! Very good specimen among them as well as cerebral ascetics 😉

      • Thank you so much iuleeya, I was worried it was a silly question after I wrote it, But I think a lot of girls struggle with self esteem due to how the media portray a female. Yeah some vanilla guys are beautiful, but there is lack of maturity im finding for my age group, which I find hard to trust. But if vanilla guys are vanilla are Doms Chocolate? If thats the case I love chocolate, thats you have to say to get me there! lol

  2. I can empathize with you about the struggle, monique….feeling vulnerable, emotionally “bared” and pondering whether it´s a defeat or an epochal step forward to “give in”;) But I think it´s all in the detail: the lesson above is about obedience – embarrassment may be part of it – after all you have to “present yourself” for punishment with such a position…that´s a battle with yourself. But for me humiliation is not the same emotional level. That would be if someone makes me feel small on purpose and – worst case – enjoys my emotional distress. So that´s a battle with and because of someone else`s reaction.
    See, I am just the looney analyst 😉 but I think there is a huge difference between “embarrassment” and “humiliation”. It´s your Dom`s action and reaction that lead you to the one or the other. Same with self-esteem…maybe you´d feel proud afterwards for being able to hold position…like after running a marathon, cursing yourself for 42km but everything makes sense after the finish line – just for you, not for onlookers;) maybe you´d feel good about getting praise for doing so…I don´t know the answers for myself! But regarding imperfections…I am pretty sure the Dom´s eyes would be glued to your hands;)

  3. Monique , I understand your feelings trust me , I have been doing this awhile .I must say when a top has you bb o tk he is concentrating on one area ..and as I have always said d/s is where an ample bottom is a plus ..doms love that so if that the area you may feel concerned about a top will not be judging but admiring, not to mention he will be more concerned with the color and imparting the lesson than any judgement about you physically. embarrassment just goes with the subbie territory. The first time its very strong but it does get easier, especially if its the same top for a number of sessions .Tops do not judge females as vanilla men do thats one of the perks Don’t let this prevent you from exploring your sub side.If the guy is a true top you will feel protected and cared for , never judged

  4. My problem is personally, I cant get over feeling embarassed if I was in a vulnerable position which leads me too feel humiliated, I think its more a self esteem thing for me, but I remember bree once saying rejection was some thing she doesn’t handle well and with me I think its feeling humiliated, evem though I dont think a dom thinks this about you, but does anyone else struggle with or feel like this? Also what do u think john wen a subbie is in these positions, cos id just be parnoid about all my imperfections lol

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