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This week we have a non-fiction share from the latest release A Little Play Day. This is an informational piece on age play as well as a deeper look into the age play aspect practiced in the Hayse household. Hopefully its helpful and informative. If you need a bit more fiction with spanking, head on over to the Saturday Spankings Blog and check out everything the authors have to share this week.

A Little Play Day

Dear Bree,

I love the concept of age-play and the feeling conveyed in the books you write, but is this real?

How can my husband and myself explore this dynamic? Part of me feels like I am too old, too fat and too inexperienced to begin this ‘journey.’

I’m so afraid of doing it wrong, breaking the rules or feeling like I failed. Can you help me?




My Dear Reader,

The BDSM dynamic doesn’t have an expiration date, nor are there any rules except these three: Safe * Sane * Consensual

Would it help if I shared a ‘typical’ AP day that John and I practice? Granted, not everyone does things like this, but perhaps my rendition will give you some direction to start. Use it as a model for you and your partner to explore and then find what works best for your relationship. Mostly, have fun!




The world of age-play is fascinating to some and a mystery to others. This primer was written based on my personal experiences as an APer, and also includes a detailed explanation regarding the practice of this lifestyle. Whether it be humor or horror, mystery or suspense, action, romance, sci-fi, Victorian or contemporary… writers and readers of age-play explore every category of erotica that exists. And now, here is a book which will give you insight into the world that really IS. Hope you enjoy it!


Breanna Hayse

Author of the AP kick-starter: The Game PlanA Little Play Day

Discipline is to guide and discourage future bad behavior, not to entrap. An adult can be spanked severely, with different implements, bare-bottomed and restrained—amongst other methods. For John and me, the only difference between Little and Adult discipline is the degree of humiliation, severity, and type of immobilization. So, while I’m in my ‘Middle’, my big mouth might earn me a switching to my bare bottom, but I remain clothed, am held OTK, and am allowed to kick and squirm. As a sub, I might receive the same switching naked, tied over a bench, and plugged. See the difference? And yes, I do avoid switchings at all costs! Just like I avoid oatmeal….



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3 thoughts on “Discipline in Age Play #SatSpanks

  1. I applaud you for being brave enough to share your real story. Being a Little makes us already vulnerable on many levels, and discussing it openly ups the ante. I think many of us have a “little” inside that wants to come out and play, and I hope your sharing helps others feel free enough to explore that. Your honesty with your Little side is helping me feel a bit more ready to share my own…began a Daddy Dom/ Little Girl story last week. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hiya, Kat…Please let me Know if you have any questions, okay? I also exposed myself and the things I have faced in my journey. And wait until you read the piece coming out soon… It Has to have been my best yet. I still cry when I look through it. So excited! Luvs, b

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