Different Strokes


Hello lovelies,

I want to talk today about spanking. Yes I know, that’s a surprise SJ! Some of you may not realize how many different kinds of spankings there are. Here in the Hayse house I employ quite a few.

Step this way, the tour is about to begin…


This can involve a lot of things and are usually done in the punishment room: hand, brush, heart paddle, school paddle, strap and if you are really bad the cane, rug beater or my thin whip. Hey, don’t panic on me…I said really bad. Also for the cane or something similar I do use the spanking bench to tie you down so that you don’t move and get the stroke in a very bad area. See what an awesome and considerate Dom I am?

Follow me  to the next stop on the tour…

Reminder spankings:

These can be done anywhere usually just hand and a red bottom but not really painful. It’s  just a reminder to be good today.

Welcome spankings:

This is when you visit, it’s a way of welcoming you to our house and a reminder that you are expected to behave. Again, hand and a red bottom but not really painful.

Sub space:

Now you’re back with me right? This is usually done in the bedroom, on our bed or on our massage table   but could be on the futon in punishment room. Now this is the one time you get to have input. A subspace session is all about you and getting you to that kind of out of body zone. You can request your favorite implements,  how hard , how slow  etc. What I do find is that once you are in the zone you can’t really talk so it’s up to me to keep you there. I try to do at least one of these when a subbie visits.

Reward spankings:

Like a reminder but more of a pleasant sting. These are given if you have been very good.

Thank you for taking the tour…You can make your reservations anytime.

Be good, or else…


15 thoughts on “Different Strokes

  1. Had to chuckle at this post SJ. Spanking at the House of Hayse. Me? I’m always good! . Just ask anyone. Only “good girl” spankings for this one! Though, there was the time………….Lol.
    Gtg and get Sirs steak on the grill. He so looks forward to steak night and I’d hate to earn a non fun spanking by not having it on His plate when He pulls up after work.

  2. Hey if we are picking i would just take a reminder or the welcome!! that song is very catchy. “different strokes to rule the world!! Hi Bree i don’t think everyone heard that needs repeating.

  3. Lol, just had my first “that’s not fair” moment (because of the welcome spanks). Not sure I’d visit if I have to get spanked on arrival. Also do the Doms get welcome spankings? I’d visit and be alright with a welcome spanking if I got to watch them get spanked as well!

  4. Why would anyone pick a spanking that wasn’t taking you to subspace? Okay, maybe guilt would occasionally make you choose something else. Probably as a sub i don’t get to decide. Damn!

  5. “It takes different strokes to rule the world” she sings completely out of tune! Learning to love different strokes more and more!

  6. It’s the smart a… alec in me, but do you offer a welcome spanking to the door-to-door salesmen? Cuz, not only would I like to see that, I might implement that in my own house. (Implement, get it?) 🙂 lololol

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