To celebrate and simultaneously countdown to the release of Justice for Liberty each day we’ll share a new snippet along with a re-release for a special price. Today, Cowboys Know Best will be 99 cents. Come back each day to get a peek at Liberty and one-click ’til your hearts content!

Justice for Liberty

“The horses. They seemed to be so scared this morning, but they’ve changed. What’s happened?”

“They sense safety. There is nothing to trigger their need to run right now. They also have food, water, and space to breathe.” He leaned his elbows on his knees. “See that little mare in the corner? She doesn’t trust the herd.”


“I don’t know. It could be for any number of reasons. The problem is if she doesn’t integrate into the herd, she won’t survive in the wild. The group provides protection and without it, she will become prey to other animals or fall to the elements.”

“Maybe she knows she doesn’t belong with them. If you look at her, she is a lot different.”



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