I Didn’t Do It, Granny Annie!


I still get a tickle out of that statement. It was made by this adorable little four-year old who was with her grandma visiting Bethany. She was trying to lug this box with a baby duck to her grandma, and the single duck in it escaped. Amazing how early we learn to avoid trouble, huh? LOL!


Today, I am flying back from Virginia where Nikki and I were visiting my publisher and having the time of our lives. OMG… where does one begin? Probably with the question on everyone’s mind- How much trouble did I get into? None. Well, none that I got busted for. Put it this way… I am going back in August and attending the writer’s workshop just because I am in love with these incredible people.

As you all know, I made the move to full-time writing and went on a flying pumpkin carriage to visit my Fairy Godmother, AKA Bethany, and her incredible staff. There was not a moment that passed that I was not in awe of these folks… beyond the business end of Blushing. True to the edicts of southern hospitality, they showed me genuine love and embraced me like I was the green-haired, tattooed, pierced, and long-lost prodigal daughter who had come home. And I did come home. I have never been around a group of people who truly loved and respected one other like the people in Blushing do, nor have I been in a working environment free from drama and silly nonsense. The whole experience was more than refreshing. It was life-changing.
To say a person can fall in love with someone from the get-go is a rare occurrence, let alone to fall in love with a group of people. I am still breaking out in tears from missing them. Bethany and her family took me into their hearts and their home, and split my heart wider than I ever could have imagined. It went beyond making me feel loved and wanted, but how RIGHT it felt to be treated like family. Peeps, I am talking real family. Even professionally, not one moment passed that I did not feel like I didn’t ‘fit’ or that I was just another number in an endless list of names. Don’t be surprised! Even as successful as you have made my books, as a ‘real dealer’, it is difficult for me to find my place among the majority of people who only live the lifestyle through their fantasy. It’s tough, and I did not realize how lonely I have been until I came here and was surrounded by genuine love and acceptance, both personally and professionally.

water1(It was absolutely beautiful and green there. Something I do not see often in Southern California)

I was privileged to see the inner workings of a truly professional and devoted company, and how they bend over backwards to make their authors feel that they have value and worth. Peeps, you have no idea how much they do to prevent us from ever feeling disposable or disappearing in the crowd, and the respect they give us was amazing. You are finding me at a loss for words…. I guess all I can say is the warmth of Bethany, her family and Blushing Books is forever pulsing in my heart. Many of you have approached me about writing and I can assure you that these people are devoted to US, the authors, and will do whatever it takes to help us succeed in our own personal goals. I am also starting an author mentoring program, so any of you who want to give writing a try, please contact me and I will work with you, and teach you whatever I can. It is my turn to Pay it forward…

Then, to add sprinkles to my ice cream, I met Bella Bryce. It was one of those Hallmark Moments… you know, the kind when you walk into a room and the light from the heavens shine down upon someone and you KNOW that person is someone who is supposed to be in your life. It was soooo nice not to have to be anything other than who I am with this lady. Of course, Nikki didn’t help matters…. She has a new little sister to pick on and began to teach Bella her tricks on how to get one over on me. They both enjoyed watching me go into the Mama mode (Domme without the leathers) and seeing what they could do to get me to growl. Honestly, it was so cute and sweet, with no drama or pretense (I don’t do drama, as you know). Plus, it was fun being able to sit with a brilliant author and share ideas! Yup, we are writing a book together now and it is going to be so much fun! Bella even had a sleepover, and we giggled like little girls into the wee hours of the morning. Oh, and she made Cheese on Toast and tea…. Omg, foodgasm. Talk about tugging on a mama’s heart—she climbed into bed to get morning hugs and I almost lost it. The tears began again with the love I have for this lady. She is one amazing woman, an incredible writer, and has a heart of gold. It is a rare occurrence when you met someone so much like yourself. I can’t wait to come back home in August and I hope to meet others like her.

I love my life. There is soooo much more to share, but I have to go catch a plane and go home to California, and my honey, today. I am sending all of you kisses and hugs and thanking you, my fans and my friends, for being such loving, supportive and wonderful people who make me smile on a daily basis. It is because you that I was blessed this week, and because of you that I will continue to write and hopefully bring you smiles in return.

SIDE NOTE! Stuck in Atlanta for the night thanks to the incredible stupidity of Delta and their inability to think. Our plane was late due to human error, missed our connection, and now I am stuck ALL ALONE in the Crowne Plaza drinking a double Sloe Gin Fizz, taking a hot bath, and eating room service. Too bad I don’t know anyone here—missed a perfect opportunity for a Party! Bummers…..

6 thoughts on “I Didn’t Do It, Granny Annie!

  1. Yeah Delta makes their connections so close. Traveling with my young daughter missed our connections by seconds. I mean our plane was still there but the door was closed. Told me I could be on stand by for the rest of the day with no guarantee and no paid hotel room or I could fly into another airport and since home was between the one were supposed to be at another we were able to get a sit an hour later to the wrong airport. Our luggage was delivered the next day to our door.

    And Blushing as a customer is also one of my favorites. They have always been great to us and have even gotten us ways to feel like a part of the family as well.

  2. Charlottesville? If you go back and you’re near there, you have to go to Monticello!! I’m about 4 hours away and when my friend from California came to visit, we went there and it as awesome!!!

    Every time I see Blushing Books’ address in a book , I think of going there to see what it looks like. Charlottesville is pretty neat.

  3. sniff sniff….I could have been there in an hour and a half, kept you company and hid in your suitcase on the way to California….just sayin’.

  4. Sorry your flight home was so horrible but glad you had a successful trip. You and Bella writing a book together will be awesome. I love both you guys.

  5. Should have flown American out of IAD (Washington Dullas). At least you would have been stuck in LAX & could have rented a car from there to go home to Southern California…

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