Dare To Defy….And Help Save Me From Crazy Cleaning Lady!



Hi peeps, thought I would drop in to say hello and give a little update about whats going on around here.

First of all, Bre has been suffering from “allergies”. I never heard of allergies causing someone to lose their voice and have a raging chest…cold? But what do I know? She says it was allergies, so it was allergies. Luckily for us, she managed to keep writing through it all and OMG her next book. It is the ducking bomb! It is called Dare to Defy and it is so damn hot. All I can say is hold on to your__________. This book is gonna make you need to change your panties a couple times. haha Shhhh! Don’t tell SJ I said that.

The other thing we have been doing is spring cleaning. Can I just say Bree is crazy? I have never seen so much shit being tossed out. Salvation Army, god bless you for coming and taking it all away. Bree is one of those people that gets into something and just goes nuts with it. She is determined that all of the spring cleaning and organizing will be finished prior to our vacation-which starts on Monday! Hmmm….Wish us luck. Lucky for me, I am off to LA with friends for the weekend so I can get out of some of what I lovingly refer to as Hayse Crazy Town. lol

So, thats about all thats happening around here. Hope you all are enjoying your spring and you don’t have a crazy slave driver making you clean.

Love, Nikki

6 thoughts on “Dare To Defy….And Help Save Me From Crazy Cleaning Lady!

  1. Nikki hope you get through both spring cleaning and punishment without a scratch =) And hope you have a lovely vacation all of you!

  2. Spray lemon scented pledge and use candles. No one needs that much light shed on their lives. I like the lalalala. It’s gotten me through a lot of tricky spots in my life!

  3. Nikki,
    Spring cleaning is the absolute pits if you’re not the one in charge of it. I can’t believe some of the junk I’ve brought into my home and then stored like it might be useful or valuable one day. I seem to just have the insane gene, not the cleaning gene. We should have just run away to someplace fun and come back when it was all over. Would probably be worth the punishment you would get. I seem to be on my own punishmentwise (is that a word?) so I’m willing to risk it. Enjoy your vacation.

  4. Glad to know I am not the only one who goes nuts during spring cleaning. I have successfully convinced my husband to repaint our bedroom before I rearrange it (not an easy feat by the way). Hope you guys get it all sorted before your vacation. Have fun! Looking forward to new book just finished The Siren day before yesterday only book of Breanna’s I hadn’t read and loved it!

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