Cover Reveal: Dr. Daddy Dom

Little May and the Marshall boys are at it again! It’s been one year since the trio became a family and each is finding his, and her, unique place in this poly-marriage.

Dr. Caine Marshall is exhausted. There just isn’t enough of him to go around since an old friend, Ian Channing, arrives on the scene and asks for help in saving his marriage. Ian agrees to take up residence with his wife Savannah at the unique community of Little Lake Bridgeport where The Marshalls and some new friends introduce the couple to the age-play dynamic and teach Ian the art of domestic and anal discipline.

Caine is now torn between the responsibilities of work, helping the couple, and satisfying his Little girl’s ever present demands for attention and her ‘Big girl’s’ never satisfied hunger for pleasure. To top it off, his serious attorney brother Layton suddenly switches roles from ‘Counselor Cranky Pants’ to that of a playful companion and has taken to pulling pranks and joining up with May to cause mischief.

May, of course, is up to her usual business. She brings Ian and Savannah into her world of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Legos, and with the help of Owie Bear, teaches Savannah that being an adult doesn’t have to hurt all the time. Sharing a similar history of parental abuse and neglect, the girls form a close bond and learn that there are more valuable things in life to enjoy than either could hope for- starting with friendship.

Be prepared for several surprises, a ton of laughter, lots of bare bottom spankings, and some of the steamiest scenes written in the history of the Medical and AP phenomena as you join Little May in this unique and erotic adventure.


Coming January 15th

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