COMING SOON…… A New SciFi Adventure…..

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Disciplining Myyst (A Sci-Fi Age-Play)

Joy and love were not words in Ash’s vocabulary. Plagued by guilt, he performs suicide missions with the hope that each would be his last. The most recent accident should have left him mangled and dead, yet he walked away unscathed. Frustrated and hopeless, he accepts what would be his final mission. He has one month to find, and tame, a creature believed to be responsible for the Earth’s natural disasters. Failure is not an option. As predicted, his plane loses control while in the Bermuda Triangle. He ejects into the ocean and swims to the island where the ethereal being eagerly awaits his arrival. Her pale beauty has no bounds, but her sadness touches the abyss of his heart. She confesses her loneliness, fears and self-loathing for what she is, and shares the truth of her survival. Determined to save her life, Ash decides that, first and foremost, his pretty little fairy-girl needs a Daddy to teach her self-control. Lessons begin with the only method that works when dealing with a stubborn female of any species-good, old-fashioned discipline. He’s also determined to fill every empty part of her existence with human pleasure. Will pain, pleasure, love and trust be enough to empower him to fight for her life and an eternity of love? Perhaps-if you believe in fairies…



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