Christmas Tree Shopping



Now, why would I say such a thing? Okay, my friends—close your eyes for a moment and imagine acres upon acres of a Christmas tree farm.  It’s a rainy day mid-week the roads are quiet, the sky is gray. Towering pines are trimmed to perfection, an icy breeze whips through your hair and brings a fine mist of wetness, and the ground littered with broken, fragrant branches-

And switches. Lots and lots of switches.

There is privacy. TOO much privacy.

BAD combination for a little sub who is already sporting a tender bottom because she underwent another evening with Mr. Meanie AKA Sir Butthead (shhh). Can you tell the Bree isn’t happy? Well, I was less happy when he whispered in my ear.

Bend over. All the way.

I argued- we were ‘in public’ (as far as I was concerned). Okay- NO ONE was seen or could see us, but still…a squirrel? Stray cat? Something to rescue me from that nasty ass thing he was swinging in his hand?

Bend over, he repeated.

Oh, dear Lord…I will tell you something seriously. Switches in the cold HURT!  Even more, switches on a cold, wet bb!

For now on, Christmas tree shopping in a lot at the Home Depot for this sub!

At least HE’s happy. Humprf.



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3 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Shopping

    • RAIN. Lots and lots of rain. Add wind and cold…. brrrrr
      Gee, people have kinky minds around here. You would think they read erotica or something…

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