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We’re back with Wip It Up Wednesday, in November no less. We can’t wait to introduce this little tale. It’s still waiting on a firm title and other details but I’ll leave you with the tiniest teaser and a question…Which would you choose?

Three small buildings stood before her. The first was made of steel and dark mirrored glass- sleek, cold and commanding, reminding her much of the office building in which she worked a tedious and mundane job. The second was dark, foreboding and sinister, and guarded by a pair of black gargoyles atop a tall, black wrought iron fence; a haunted house of terror like that she had been teased by her sisters to enter during Halloween as a child.

The third building could only be described as a ‘ginger bread’ house. White with colorful pastels, ornate trim and decorated with carvings of candy ribbons, lollipops and confections, the little building was surrounded by a short white picket fence edged with colorful, blooming flowers. In the little courtyard was a trickling bird bath, a white board swing that hung from ropes off the limb of an old tree and several old, beautifully painted carousel horses with wreaths of English rosed trailing around their necks and up the poles.

She was supposed to chose which building to enter, and was told to do so without thinking.


Coming November 17th

2 thoughts on “Chose #WipItUp Wednesday

  1. I’d go with the sinister building. Who wants boring building #1? And we all know what happened it the Gingerbread Bread House! Can’t WAIT to read this book!

  2. I think I’d play brave and go for building two. It sounds the most interesting.

    I love it when you write these little teasers!

    I don’t know if you read these, but will there ever be a sequel to Piper’s Journey? That was the first book I read of yours and have probably read it six or seven times by now. It’s one of my favorite books ever.

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