Ch Ch Ch Changes


Hello lovelies,

It’s a spankable offense if you do not understand where this title comes from, lol.

As most of you know Bree and I have been together for 12 years or so. I kid you not when I tell you the real punishment sessions have been few and far between. She’s just very well behaved. At first it took a few sessions, but not many, to get her to this level. Oh she does brat every day, a little, to get her red bottomed fix but nothing serious.

As I have stated there is a catch 22 to having a Dom. You want to be good to please him but, if you are you do not get the spankings you craved before you met him. Some subbies need very hard spankings daily, some not so much.

To address this, I decided to institute a little change in our dynamic. I told Bree she would report to me at 2 pm every day. She will bring a different implement and present her bb for any type of spanking I am in the mood to give. It could be light or sound or hard or severe, it just depends on my mood. If Bree is late or refuses to bring an implement or forgets about the session then it automatically becomes a punishment session with an implement of my choosing.

This is not a punishment exercise, it is an exercise in obedience and submission. Plus it addresses a subbie’s tendency to procrastinate, come on you all do its part of your DNA.

Now it’s only been a few days but here are the results so far:

Day One: She was not on time and got a good hot red bb using my hand and an implement.

Day Two: We had been antique shopping that day and bought a rug beater and a nice OTK wood paddle. In fact much to her surprise when we found it I bent her over in the store for a very loud try out, lol. She was quite surprised. Now let me ease your fears, no one was around to see but it did produce a nice owww after the fact. She was late and got the same, but both implements for not being on time. Tearfully said she would be on time today, we shall see.

I have over 100 implements. You do the math on how long this little exercise in submission will continue. I have said it many times but it’s oh so true…good to be the Dom.

Be good, or else…


4 thoughts on “Ch Ch Ch Changes

  1. I say it’s from the Shrek movie where he turns from an ogre to a human. I’m sure that’s exactly what you were talking about, lol. And if you’re taking votes, I vote for more rug beater.

  2. Yep, David Bowie around ’72 or so. Guess we both just showed our age. And I don’t know about Bree but I do not like changes. And just because you think she is late doesn’t mean she is not getting exactly what she wants… Hmmmm.

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