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Hello Lovelies,

Apologies for the hiatus- but lots of stuff going on. So, for those of you who’ve read Bree’s most recent newsletter with her new release- we have a new addition to the family. Well, we HAD a new addition…I need to preface this post with the truth that I’m angry and hurt by what I’ve seen in the author community that she had loved so much. Bullies have been allowed to flourish because wanna-be authors falsely believed these horrible individuals were powerful enough to make them famous (rather than learn how to write)- several of these wanna-be’s had even spent time in our home, lied to their spouses and families, and used me as a Dom.

Contrary to what some idiots online think (the cowards know exactly who they are and have actively bullied Bree-even to the point of sending a letter demanding that she commit suicide), she’s had severe kidney problems for three solid years. It’s been nonstop ongoing stones, chronic infections, unbelievable pain, even MRSA with sepsis.When the kidney function finally stopped, the docs made the tough decision to take it out.

On November 2nd-  Bree delivered a new (although temporary) family member. It was kind of the Benjamin Buttons of kidneys- born fully grown (and the size of a soccer ball) via Da Vinci Robot and a ten inch incision. Now the beast has gone to kidney hell and good riddance!We’re so glad it’s over and Bree is doing well (taking advantage of the down time and writing like a machine).

What saddens and angers me most is that all this time, the bullies (many who claimed to be friends and used her for self-gain) rejoiced in her pain and suffering. They also did all they could to sabotage her career- and spread lies that made Tokyo Rose’s propaganda look like a kindergartener’s.

I’m grateful that my kick-ass wife stood against them and none of the fools had the power to harm her. I’m also grateful that a reader saw the ugliness and investigated- and had the guts to publish the truth despite the publisher’s repeated threats to sue her! All the horrendous comments, the death wish by ‘Author Amy,’ and lies are there for public viewing on Literary Bully and Troll Busters. There’s so much more- and is going to be part of a new book that Bree’s agent is pitching to a hug publisher.

Silver linings, right?

I sincerely pray that anyone who’s supported these people never undergoes the pain they’ve put our family through. I also pray that those who do presently support these people be prepared for when karma returns to haunt them. Some have approached Bree and apologized- Bree’s capacity for forgiveness shocked me, but then- that’s who she is.

So, yeah, I’m angry that women like these are allowed to continue- and that publishers/publicists/authors who know what they’ve done have chosen money over humanity. They, too, will be facing karma.

One more thing- I wanted to make a list of all these people and the companies who supported and encourage their lies. Bree said no- why? Because she wanted to give them the chance to make things right and undo the damage they’ve caused to so many before they destroy themselves. I don’t know how she does it, but she provides an example of love that I could only dream of.

Be good or else,


The Generals’ Daughter is Back!!!!!!

Saturday Spankings


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text💙¸.•*´(*•.¸🌊¸.•*)´*•.¸💙
Generals’ Daughter: Book 3
by Breanna Hayse

Sam and her Orca,  Ton, are at it again… but this time, no amount of training could help her prepare for her greatest challenge: LOVE

USMC lieutenant, Samantha Quimby, is beautiful, brilliant and ‘an independent thinker’ whose biggest delight is challenging the strict rules and regulations set by her commanding general father and uncle. Even more enjoyable is when she can slip past her big brother Michael’s watchful eye and follow her own path. As intelligent as she is, Sam’s need to pursue her own interests without considering the consequences subjects her frustrated family to trying every avenue of discipline they can think of. They conclude that nothing grabs the girl’s attention like attending to some old fashioned military discipline and an awful lot of love. But keeping her attention is another issue….
Her unique abilities and physical alterations after a life-threatening accident have also led her to ‘translate’ the cetacean code, which the image of being ‘caught in a net’ simply means… Trouble! After she and Michael complete a particularly dangerous Special Ops mission, Sam faces the most difficult challenge yet.
Lt. Richard Lewis is a handsome engineer who seems to display the best characteristics of the men in her beloved family… And the worse! It doesn’t take long for Sam to discover that the serious minded young man is determined to keep her safe, and that he won’t hesitate to impart his firm beliefs directly to her rebellious bare bottom!
Instead of coming to her rescue, he family approves highly of the new addition to the crew and the methods he uses to ensure good behavior from their naughty, little Siren. As if it’s not tough enough for Sam, even her best friend and constant ocean companion, the killer whale- Ton- is now requesting that Richard joins the family in ‘biting her tail flukes!’

Poor Sammi just can’t get a break… not even when she discovers her power as a beautiful, young woman and how to use it to get her way with Richard. Little does she know, but her new boyfriend is both willing, and able, to turn the tide and catch his lovely little mermaid in a net of his own design.


Sam ran her hands over Richard’s face and then down his arms, her fingers tracing the ridges of his muscles. She moaned as his teeth grazed her neck.

“You’re killing me, Sam.” His voice was hoarse as he pulled her lower lip between his teeth. “I plan on taking control in ways you’ve never experienced before.”

“Like what?”

He kissed her again, stealing her breath away. “You’ll see.”

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Wave to the Queen

Hello Lovelies,

No, this is not about Bree. She believes she’s the queen around here, but it’s about the real undisputed queen of the universe. Drum roll please…..Pricess!!!

Why do I call her the mega queen? Ok dig this, we have an above ground pool, not huge, but big enough. Bree gets in, then Diamond. Princess, however, looks at me as if to say, “Well, pick me up and put me in. I don’t jump.” Excuse me, your highness. Ok she’s  in, Bree’s floating, Diamond is swimming and Princess??? Oh she’s waiting, for what you may ask, I’ll let her tell you.

Hello humans, it’s me, Princess, the one and only. So get this, finally SJ remembers I don’t jump and puts me in the pool, took long enough. What’s with you humans anyway? But I digress, now I’m in and Bree is staring at me. I’m thinking, come on you’re the Mensa head, you can figure this out. Finally, she does and pulls my float, or throne, over to me. Now I can float and wave to my subjects swimming around…..and it’s hot, no drinks? It’s not easy owning humans. See what I mean?

Be  good or else

SJ and Princess

BB Ahoy

Hello Lovelies,

I trust your 4th was uneventful, unless the event included OTK. So here’s the dealio, I told Bree if I see her bb, she gets spanked. Now you may fail to see the dom genius at work here so let me illustrate. Bree cannot stand the heat, I mean she goes into shock if it gets to double digits. We have fans in every room blasting. So more heat, less clothes…feelin me? It’s amusing to watch her walk around trying to be cool but not show her bb.

The other day she was wearing some kind of nightgown thing, nothing underneath, but while trying to navigate her laptop and diamond, she missed sitting on the couch and …bb sighting!!!!! She whined as usual. You’d think she never had 200 spanks before. I was trying to be nice….geeeeez…diamond ran out of the room, princess looked at me like “really??? This again???” Bree whined like a school girl and I was very happy. Just a typical morning at the house of hayse…

Be good or else,


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