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Hello Lovelies,

Well, as if Bree did not have enough talent arrows in her creative quiver, she’s now a budding artist! Watercolor seems to be her muse. Like everything else she puts her mind to, she’s killing it. Our anniversary is coming up, we’ve been together a long time, and she still never ceases to amaze me. She has posted a few on her Facebook page.

Be good or else,




Breanna Hayse latest interview by AllAuthor BDSM/AP lifestyler Breanna Hayse is a submissive little girl at heart and lives in sunny California with her husband, John Hayse, and two border collies. Though first trained formally as a service Domme, she later discovered that she felt more gratification as a submissive. Due to the competition in the book industry, Breanna often opens her blog to any authors, especially Indies, who need/want some extra help. She tries to grab every spare minute she can to write, usually about 2-3 hours on work-days and sometimes 10-14 hours on off days, and likes to add things to her books from her sessions as a counselor. Besides writing, she loves to do crafts, cook, and yell at the TV when people are being dumb. Some of the advice she gives to new authors are- to find a trustworthy publisher, read contracts carefully, collaborate with other authors, explore other genres, etc. Read full interview…

Keeping YOU–

Hi Ya’all!

I wanted to update you on things going on- all good, and very promising

Image result for blog tourIn case you haven’t noticed, I’m heavily involved in a huge Blog Tour- at the end of each section are giveaways! Please feel free to enter, okay? Also- ANY AUTHORS reading this- if you’re interested in posting on my blog/ newsletter- let me know. I’m open to anyone who wants some promo- just email me and send me a media kit.


Image may contain: text that says '"You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultancously Sophia Bush'I’m healing- little by little, and am taking the time to pop out new books for you. I’ve just started Northern Lights©: Lena and will also be working on Billion Dollar Daddies©: Royal Connections (a little darker/edgier side of AP). Since I received all my rights back on my old books, including Raven’s Cry and Emma’s Corner, I’m rewriting them (excluding any reference to that horrible Strickland Academy and any non-Bree stuff) and bringing them into the here and now.

Image result for PSAShould any questions arise regarding copyright- I have all the legal documents that prove the forfeiting of publisher’s rights due to multiple violations of terms. I seriously doubt anyone is dumb enough to cause another ruckus after the exposure of the deceit played on a myriad of authors/readers (and the email proving it all false), but just in case- it’s on hand to show anyone who asks.


That being said, I keep seeing my name popping up with many of the old crew from the previous publisher- people who I care for and have never had any problems with (but were coerced into supporting minions of evil). Since I enjoy writing edgier stuff, I’ve decided to reach out to some old friends at Black Collar Press to reestablish a connection. I’ve gotten no response yet– but I hope they will open the doors and show themselves to be professional women of integrity that I believe they are. I hold no grudges and understand that they were lied to, manipulated, and threatened. I hate conflict- so what a better way of starting a new year than by joining forces and strengthening that which was harmed by evil? I’ll keep you updated.

Image result for from the heartI wanted to share something very personal. As many of you know, when I was first admitted to the hospital three years ago, I suffered severe sepsis and lost the ability to speak coherently for quite a while. The toxins affected me in so many ways- physically, emotionally, and mentally. Except for some memory issues, I’ve recovered- thank GOD, and with that recovery came my desire to return to doing art. One of the gals I work with suggested that I put together a book of my pieces and call it: What Do I See? How Do I Feel? to use with patients who are unable to find words for their thoughts. Having been there myself- I’m jumping on the opportunity. I wanted to share the sketches with you and hear what you ‘see’ and ‘feel.’ (There’s no right or wrong answer)- if you don’t want to post, please email me at

Luv and Hugs to All of you!



Chirp Chirp Cherie- BABIES!

Hello Lovelies,

First off Bree is healing slow but steady.

We have a few new additions to the Hayse Household. Some tiny little friends….seems two of our finches were having a romance. And viola! Babies!! Lol, we haven’t named them yet. More info to come. They are too cute.

Be good or else,


UPDATE!  We finally got a good look at our two little ones (the other three eggs didn’t hatch). Now, come on- are these faces only a mother can love?

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