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The #1 Amazon Best Selling Age-Play Author who launched the world-wide contemporary Age-Play Phenomenon with The Game Plan Series, now presents


Finally! The long awaited sequeal is here! As Cassie’s Little continues to make trouble, her Big girl is suddenly faced with some delicious, and very sexy, options. Can both her needs as Bryon’s Little girl and Rob’s BDSM parnter find a happy medium? ‘ Please, enjoy the excerpt and then when you’re done, head on over to the Sat Spanks blog to check out the other great offerings. And as always, happy Saturday!


Life was like a Chocolate Mousse Parfait for Cassie Johnson—especially since entering the BDSM lifestyle with the two alpha male brothers, Rob and Bryan.  Her Dom and her Daddy Dom give her everything her Little heart desires—love, attention, pleasure, guidance and even discipline. They both belong to her, in and out of the bedroom, and her life finally feels stable, satisfying and secure. But then her happiness takes a turn when Daddy Bryon announces the probability that he will make his relationship with his girlfriend, Krissy, a permanent one. Throwing salt on her wounds, Cassie learns that both her Doms are interest in sharing her wonderful world with Krissy!

The Little Green Monster is let loose as the young woman faces the pain of being pushed aside and replaced. Devastated when her Little mode is carelessly ordered to ‘grow up,’ she decides to end BDSM, Age-Play and her engagement to Rob. Nothing, or no one, will change her mind.

Except for Dorian Graye, the Whip Master and the ‘king’ of the BDSM community.

Distraught by Cassie’s withdrawal, Rob and Bryon decide to take her to meet their mentor. Cassie can’t resist either Dorian’s charm or his raw ability to read into her needs, and instantly sinks into her Little place. The powerful Dom and his beautiful wife, Meredith, take her under their wing to teach her how to release her fears and open herself to play, passion, and freedom.

Self-doubt disappears in the presence of her new aunt and uncle. Cassie discovers the love of a BDSM family, all of which are equally happy to put her across the knee for a humiliating, bare bottom spanking as they are to spoil her with stuffies and ice-cream sundaes. The more she releases her Little to them, the greater the joy and freedom she receives.

She has only one concern. Will the magic spell of Graye Manor disappear after they return home? There she must face the likelihood that both her Little space and her men will be shared with the other Little girl. Is her Little ready for such a Big step?


“If you want to claim her, start with her mouth.”

Bryon’s jeans fell to the floor and revealed a cock that equaled his brother’s in both girth and length. He pushed Cassie to kneel, holding her hands above her head by the chains of the cuffs.

“Suck me. Put my cock in your mouth and make me hard.”

She stared at him again in disbelief. This was a side of Bryon that she had never personally seen. She had heard him in the bedroom with Suzanne ages ago with a voice identical to the beast standing before her. Once again, she looked at Rob for instructions. His arms were crossed.

“Obey your Dominant. Hesitate again, and you won’t receive what’s coming next.”

Rob’s threat exposed how well he knew her passions and desires. Opening her mouth, she tentatively licked the glistening slit in the center of the wide, mushroom shaped head. Bryon had already started to grow rigid and, with her hands held above her head, she had to rely on her lips to guide him into the hot recesses of her mouth. She was pleased to discover that he tasted very much like Rob, a combination of sweet and salty that complimented the aroma of musk. No longer afraid, Cassie sought to please him and make up for the terrible thing she had done.


 JUNE 30, 2017 !



END ZONE- Coming soon!


END ZONE is nearing completion! Finally, after all the nagging I’ve been getting to complete the GAME PLAN series, I caved. Wait until you see where Cassie and the gang end up. Here’s sneak peek- Can you guess where they might be and how many spankings and other delight Cassie will receive?


“It’s going to hurt to sit if you stick that little tongue out at me again,” he warned, wagging his finger.

“You and Merry do it all the time. I see it.”

“Auntie Merry is also my little sister. And no talking back.”

“You talk back to Uncle Dorian all the time, too.”

“You’re quite the little smart ass, aren’t you?” The big man placed his hands on the ground and leaned back. Cassie raised her right eyebrow. He was baiting her, but why? She decided to bite.

“It’s better than being a dumb-ass.”

“Are you calling me a dumb-ass?” Elia asked, rising to his feet and brushing the dirt from his hands.

“I didn’t call you anything. I merely responded to what you called me,” she said saucily, once again lining up a path to escape. If there was one thing she had learned while living in a house full of football players, it was how to do a quarterback sneak. “Oh, shit! They found me!”

Elias turned his head in the direction she was pointing and Cassie raced off like a bat out of hell.


There is going to be a fourthbook!  TOUCHDOWN! 

That being said, I’ve been channeling Cassie a lot lately, and poor John is spending even more time banging his head against the wall. Needless to say, I’ve been constantly finding myself in hot water but I can’t stop!

For those of you who don’t follow me on FB- this is a recent post…
After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that my misbehavior and sassing back is conducive to my dommy husband’s health and well being. Therefore, my butt should NOT suffer the consequences of said misbehaviors.
Case in point-
1. Chasing me around the house enhances his cardio/respiratory health and increases his lifespan. That’s a good thing, right?
2. Debating with me, even though I’m always right, stimulates his brain and reduces the risk of DOMentia. (Sorry, couldn’t help it)
3. Any and all pranks at his expense are effective in maintaining his vigilance and sharpens his senses. In particular, such pranks that involve hiding creepy music boxes under the bed and pretending I don’t hear them go off in the middle of the night, evaluates his hearing levels. This is essential for his profession as a musician.
4. Stealing his favorite chocolate not only assists with his nutritional health, but also makes me horny… and we all know how effective sex is for increasing the strength of your immunity system.
6. And finally- making him laugh whenever I try to talk him out of any of the above keeps the old man alive, kicking and forever on his toes.

In conclusion- I strongly believe that any and all of the above behaviors, antics, and other such activities have a positive viable effect and should be considered null, void and paddle free!

Who’s with me?!

Role with it

Hello lovelies,

The title of today’s post is a pun (imagine that) lol. Here’s my question for you all. Do you like true discipline for real behaviors or do you prefer to have the discipline in the form of role play.

Get it? Role with it? Oh come on that’s good!

For any subbies or wannabe subbies that don’t know the difference, here’s the deal…

True discipline is just that, a real transgression with a real punishment as decided by the Dom. The sub has zero say about how, with what, how severe, etc.

Role play is a whole other animal. The situation and characters are discussed before-hand.

Lol get it? Before. Hand. Man, tough crowd.

Anyway, your Dom could be anything you fantasize about between the two of you; cop, school head master, daddy, principal, office boss. The sub could be any number of characters maid, secretary, errant wife, nurse etc. The big difference is the sub has the power here, as there are usually safe words. A lot of couples starting out, use this method to kind of get a feel of a spanking/paddling that has limits. Subbies love to grab any control they can, however, if you have truly misbehaved this type of scenario will not translate into any kind of true atonement.

So which is it? The real or the fantasy?

Be good, or else…


Ask a Sexpert

Are you tired of being overlooked with marketers? What about you who don’t have enough time to constantly push your new books? Let’s not forget being lost in the crowd (or don’t have deep pockets to shmooze) during huge writing conferences and just want to have some more personal time to learn and network.

How much time do you have searching through sites for new books and unique stories?

Remember I promised y’all a surprise? Here’s one of them… Please come and hook up with Kinky Literature! There’s something for everyone! Be watching– lots more to come, including specialized trade shows for erotic literature and the adult film industry. We’re not talking about low budget, amateur works either….


A New Feature on Kinky Literature Blog!!

As an author and therapist, I’ve been addressing real life questions for years on my blog. Well, the owners of Kinky Literature have decided that we should no longer keep these to ourselves and have opened their blog for YOU, readers and authors, to field your kinky questions and received an honest and unedited response. ANY and ALL sex related questions are invited…don’t hold anything back either. No question is too kinky, no question is inappropriate and no question can’t be answered honestly and helpfully.

Let’s have some fun!!


A Special Visit


I visited Daddy yesterday- it was a very special day, bittersweet, freeing and a combination of hellos and goodbyes. John was incredible and held me as I talked to my general, cried, and then commented that he had still managed to get the ‘general’s corner’ and the best view! It felt so natural and really helped heal a lost part of my heart. I left this letter for Gen G which also finished my book. I took some pictures- I blocked out his full name and personal information to protect his living family from people like the one mentioned in the letter, but still wanted to introduce all of you to my daddy. He was an incredible man and the inspiration behind the Generals’ Daughter series.

Dear Daddy,
There are so many things I want to share with you; good and bad, but first, I have to say I’m so very sorry for hurting you when I left. I couldn’t explain my reason at the time because I had to protect you at all costs, even if it meant losing the only person who made me feel safe, protected and loved. You meant more to me than I did. The night before Les transferred, he betrayed my trust and forced himself on me. He then threatened that he would report ‘us’ if I told anyone what he had done, even though you and I did nothing wrong. I couldn’t take the risk that anyone would believe the truth about you and me—people always seem to prefer to believe lies if they are more interesting, nor could I risk your future.

Please forgive me.

I’m ashamed to say that my distrust in people still exists and that you were right about the presence of those who would go to any extent to harm others in order to gain for themselves. I’ve experienced that time and time again; most recently this year in way that you would have found appalling. I just wish I had paid better attention to your lessons in dealing with these types—it would have saved me so much heartache and pain. I also wished that you had been there for me to lean on and love me through the pain and betrayal, but you have already left this life by the time I gained the courage to ask for your help.

You were the only father figure I had ever known, the only person who believed in me, and the only one who saw all the good things that I had to offer. I know my choices disappointed you, starting with my first marriage. Again, I did it to spare you from the rumors and gossip spread by the little minds and jealous peons. You were right about the man I married—I lost two more children the same way that I lost the first, through his abuse. Not having you to hold my hand during the last two deaths like you did on the first made me realize how much of your heart you gave to me. I don’t even want to go into the other things that happened–today I just want to hug you again and tell you that you were right all along about so many things.

It took a long time for me to build up the courage to finally rid my life of him. I pulled my life together and met John. I brought him to meet you today and know that you’d like him. He’s just like you, not much of a Daddy Dom (although he does try), but a wonderful, loving, caring and protective man (who lets me swear, by the way!). And yes, I give him as much of a hard time as I did you. After all, the legacy must go on, right?

You taught me so much about myself and my life, and gave me a foundation that I’ve clung to since that last day. I still have your stars and the sapphire that you bought for me, and both bring back the memories of how incredible you were to such a hurting little child who only wanted to be loved and accepted.

I’m a pediatric hospice/special needs nurse and a therapist now, and also work with the VA in domestic violence where I get to help others who are hurting and pay it forward as I have promised. My books share the things that you have taught me with thousands of readers. This letter is the final piece of a book that I wrote about us, and one that I hope will help someone out there feel a little less alone. I’m going to give the earnings to a charity who helps victims of domestic violence. I know it’s what you would have wanted.

Again, I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you the truth. I know that you forgive me; you’re still my daddy; in my mind, heart, soul and spirit and you always will be. You’ve never left me and all this time you’ve been gone, you still watched over me from heaven and just waited for me to call for your help. With this book, one I am calling The General’s Little Angel (no snoritng, now), I’m now able to fulfill all the promises I made to you. It’s freed that little girl inside of me to be happy again. I love you, Daddy, and will be back to see you again very soon.

Your Angel Forever—crooked halo and all,



I am off today and doing something very special…visiting an old friend, mentor, guardian and my first Daddy Dom… Gen G. Rai Karr was sitting next to me when I discovered that he had only been thirty minutes away from me for over ten years and I never knew it. When he passed away, I thought I lost the chance to say goodbye and thank him for everything he did for me, including saving my life.

Today, I am going to introduce him to John and write the final words of our book while ‘sitting on his lap’ at his gravesight. Needless to say, it’s going to be a very emotional moment, but also a wonderful one. This book, renamed The General’s Little Angel, rewakened something inside of me. Not only did I get to relive the wonderful moments with him, but I also had to face the other things that had happened… things I never had the chance to tell him.

Today, I will tell him everything..both of the past and the present.. and soon all of you will know as well. It leaves me open and vulnerable, but better that than to live in the shadow of falsehoods. He always encouraged the telling of the truth, no matter the cost, and I have decided to face the possible consequences and reveal it all.. past and present.
This autobiography will be part of the Breaking Chains series and deal with healing from betrayal, domestic violence, and physical and mental rape and what we do to survive.. and what can be done to thrive.

Love to all of you and many thanks,


Loving a Little Heart Sale

Who’s got 99 pennies to spare?


She’s got two gorgeous men, and a serious craving for chocolate…

In this, the sequel to Breanna Hayse’s best-selling ‘Moving A Little Heart’, Baylor’s back—with double the trouble. Feisty but vulnerable Baylor Parish is pregnant with twins, which means her two daddies; stepbrothers Hayden and Jake; her Uncle Terry, and her big brother Matt are even more loving and protective of their girl than usual.

About to realize their lifelong dreams of fatherhood, Jake and Hayden decide to make their family official before the babies are born, and soon a double wedding is on the horizon for the Paterson household. A unique, polyamorous dynamic, however, calls for a very unique wedding—something Baylor is only too glad to embrace. After all, she was married before, and that traditional ceremony ended up having disastrous consequences.

Pregnancy is a time for growth in more ways than one, and Baylor is worried that her dynamics with Hayden and Jake will change now that they’re going to become parents. Can she be a mother and still explore her Little side with her two daddies? How will her changing body and high risk pregnancy affect their BDSM routine? And what will happen when a blast from her terrible past turns up on her doorstep?

Baylor discovers that two partners, two babies, an Uncle and a big brother simply result in twice as much everything; double the fun, double the worry, double the time over a strong lap, and twice as much love…

This story contains explicit content including spanking of adult women, ménage, and ageplay. If you enjoy this material, then grab a box of chocolate and let’s have some fun!


Hey Cutie

To celebrate and simultaneously countdown to the release of Justice for Liberty each day we’ll share a new snippet along with a re-release for a special price. Today Two By Day (Three By Night) will be 99 cents. Come back each day to get a peek at Liberty and one-click ’til your hearts content!

Justice for Liberty

Justice tapped on the door. “I know you’re procrastinating. Open the door. It’s just me.”

“Do I have to?” the weepy girl asked.

“No, but I’d like you to. Please?” The door cracked open to reveal a red nose and swollen puffy eyes around a splattering of sun-kissed freckles. “Hey, cutie. May I come in?”

“There’s nothing cute about me,” she said, sitting on her bed and hanging her head.

“There is everything cute about you.”



Two By Day (Three By Night): Amazon

The Zoo


Hello lovelies,

How are things in your domiciles? I would venture a guess not like here.

For example we have 2 new Guinea pigs, actually already quite…hmmm what’s the word…oh heck with it, they are huge lol. They are now trained to sound like an alien being tortured in a lab at area 51. Every time they hear me open the refrigerator they make that noise as they think I’m bringing them food.

Example 2, whenever anyone knocks on a TV program or there is water or heaven forbid dogs running Princess barks. To be fair she picks up a ball first so her bark is muffled, so considerate.

Example 3, I let the dogs out back and our bunny Moo Shu runs over to play. Yes our bunny loves the borders. They ignore her and she throws a fit by jumping in the air like she’s trying out for Cirque du Soleil.

That’s just in an hour or so. I swear if our beta fish starts whistling I’m going to jump off the roof!!

Be good, or else…


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