Can Cole and Emma capture your heart?

First off  – Thank you so much for taking the time to look into my imagination! It’s such an amazing feeling to dream of something in your head and then put your whole heart into putting it on paper. I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to do this and share my dreams with you!

I’ve been writing as far back as I can remember. As a young reader, I was obsessed with anything that made me scared! My shelves were littered with books from YA Horror greats like RL Stine and Christopher Pike. Then when I moved on to middle school I feel in love with Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and also began reading romance. Primarily for this reason, I have devoted my writing to mostly paranormal romance and stick to the YA and NA categories.

Wounded is my first book with the story planted firmly in reality! It’s a love story centered on military life and how that life has an effect on the people who live it and the relationships that are formed despite the time spent away from home. It’s a very personal story and I hope that you enjoy it!

Currently I am lucky to live in beautiful Colorado where I can see the mountains from my doorstep! I’ve been a Colorado native my entire life and have an incredible husband who supports my dreams as well as four children that help to create them. My passions include reading, writing, graphic design, and music. A rare known fact about me is that I have an intense fear of Orca’s – they didn’t get the name Killer Whale because they are nice! This is a means of constant torment from my family, but it’s all in good fun and a few nightmares are good for the soul… right?


Here is an excerpt from Wounded. I hope that you enjoy it and that Cole and Emma can capture your heart the way they did mine!


Watching her, Cole shut down the part of his brain that would over analyze the situation and just went with his instincts. Tentatively he reached out and just barely touched her shoulder. When she turned and smiled sadly at him, he took it as encouragement and reached farther to twirl a piece of her hair around his finger. It was soft and silky and when the slight breeze caught hold of the flyaway strands, they tickled against his skin.

“I’m sure he loves you very much Emma.” Cole whispered, so lost in the moment that he was leaning toward her hoping that she would inch closer his way giving him the okay to kiss her.

“You have to know someone to love them, don’t you?” She asked. Her voice was shaking and a little frightened and all of the sudden he wondered if they were talking about her and her father or something else entirely.

“Sometimes, I think you just know. Regardless of anything else.”

Then the moment that he had been waiting for was in front of him. Emma’s eyes closed as she slowly leaned closer to him. She was so incredibly beautiful that it made his heart ache just to look at her as he closed the distance between them.

When their lips finally met, Emma felt her heart sigh. Even though she hadn’t been sure she wanted him in there, her heart had always known and there couldn’t have been a more perfect moment. It was a simple kiss… a sweet one. One that didn’t demand or intrude. When it was over he dropped her hair and smiled at her shyly.

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Mojo Monday….SJ’s Subbies



This week we decided to do something a little different. We invited some subbies from around the blog, to tell us what submission means to them. I am sure some of what they say may resonate with you. So enjoy! I already posted what submission means to me, and you can find it here.


Love Nikki


I think it means trusting another person enough to let him/her guide you. I think it means consensually giving up privileges in exchange for care. I think it must be based on reciprocity – you give something of yourself and you get something in return. I think it´s not something someone can demand by force. It´s a gift. And the dominant part should be aware that it´s a gift that has to be earned. Like the sub part should be aware that it`s a gift to find a person who is worthy of that trust.


When I was first asked to write about my feelings on submission and what it meant to me, I was a little apprehensive. The answers are tricky and there is no nice little box they fit into. I personally like boxes. I enjoy the safety and security within them. Recently and very slowly I have learned that you can also find that same safety and security on the outside of the box. It is not easy to embrace this and goodness knows I fight it pretty often. Whether I fight it because of fear the unfamiliar or lack of knowledge and understanding, well who really knows. One day it may come to me but so far I got nada for that answer.


Personally submission is an extremely deep seeded feeling, an intuition; if you will. To be quite honest, it is something I do not fully understand yet.  What I can say is that it just is……….It seems as natural a part of who I am as the fact that my eyes are brown and my hair is curly. Submission seems to have its very own link in my DNA chain.


When I embrace it and don’t fight it and all works well my submission is release from everyday tension; it is structure, safety and security like I have never experienced. It is the knowledge that I have someone who understands me, doesn’t  judge me and very genuinely looks out for me and cares for me. It is trusting that someone can provide me with focus and accountability I often lack in my life. So why fight it? I’ve got theories but no real answer for that.


I have never considered that submission was just about spanking, pain or bowing down and kissing boots. I do like the release of pent up emotions a good spanking provides, like all your troubles float away. It lets you know you can feel something other than sadness, anger and frustration. For the record I do not like pain! The thought of pain does not turn me on. I will however admit that a little pain for the sake of pleasure does have an appeal.

Since submission is fairly new to me there is an entire world out there that is exciting ready for me to explore.  However, I have no idea where I fit in at the moment.  I call it Subbie Limbo!!!! That’s where I live most of the time, somewhere between the needs and the wants. I believe guidance and consistency in that guidance are key factors and can help with not feeling so lost. I think at some point I will be able to find where I fit in and where I need to be. Deep down inside that’s really all I want.

Submission to me, is having the kind of trust in another person where you can be comfortable giving up control to them and knowing they will take care of you in all things, whether emotional, or physical. I would want to do anything to please them since making the person happy would be my reward. Having the kind of person who cares for you that way would be freeing, since giving that person control is the ultimate surrender.
Cecily St Pepper

To me submission is a gift for a honorary person who in turn will treat me with the outmost care, but still push every button I have. Respect and honesty in the forefront in this relationship whether it be between a dom and sub or, lovers.

What Submission Means To Me
To submit to someone shows complete trust in that person.   Submission means obeying your Dom and doing as he says and being punished when we do not obey.
The Dom cares for his Sub and protects her and holds her accountable.
Being submissive means being with someone who is “in charge” and I do as he says – most times anyway.  When I submit to someone I give my heart and soul to that person and try to please him in all ways and do everything he expects of me and when I do not I am disciplined.   I also believe a Dom cares for his Sub above all else and takes care of and protects his Sub.  He always has the best interest of the Sub in mind and does not make rules to be mean (even if she does not agree with all his decisions).
Being submissive means you do as you are told and most times you are fine with it – unless the Dom tries to push you a little beyond your comfort.  I do believe in doing as I am told and pleasing my Dom and I think it is very important to make my Dom happy and proud of me.
When you submit to your Dom you accept any punishment he says and accept the punishment without question.
It seems I’m just beginning to know my submissive side.  I’ve always been attracted to dominant men, but that had very little to do with being submissive.  That was just the fun of having my boyfriend make me do something that I probably wanted to do anyway.  With SJ I truly want to submit to him and make him proud of me and to know I have made him happy just by minding him.  
He may not know this, because looking at my punishment book and the notebook I write my lines in, even I have to wonder if I ever behave!  I love the feeling of being cared for and about.    I don’t know if all trainers have such big hearts, but knowing how many of us he’s taking the time to train and making (I assume) all of us feel special is amazing.  Someday I hope to find my HEA with a dom of my own.  If I do, it will be mainly because SJ has brought out my submissiveness through hin training.   I hope to be as giving as a submissive as SJ is as a dom.
I want to thank the ladies for sharing what submission means to them. It can be a very personal thing to ask someone and forces you to dig deep inside yourself to figure out what it is that you really want. I encourage all of you to do the same. And if you want to post in comments section, that would be awesome!
p.s. Today is my first day of my new job. Wish me luck!

Mojo Mondays with Loki Renard!

This week for Mojo Monday I am excited to introduce Loki Renard. Now I know many of you have read her books. Her Military Discipline series is hot! I believe  it was the first book I ever read of Loki’s and once I finished that one, I was all over Blushing Books and Amazon downloading like a crack addict. I was hooked!



Her writing is so diverse. She writes about soldiers and brats, and cowboys and spies. Even vampires and elves! One of my favorite books is Obeying Rigel. Now I stumbled upon this book because I did not realize at the time that it is lesbian DD. But don’t let that deter you if you don’t usually buy lesbian DD, you will love it. The characters are interesting and bratty and tough and fun. The writing is very well done with nicely developed plots and full wonderful characters you just want to get to know better.  And lucky for us, her final book in the Rigel series was just released. Leaving Rigel.




Hearts and bottoms are on the line!

In the aftermath of the charismatic albeit unabashedly promiscuous Rigel’s disastrous attempt at a proposal, both Rigel and her ex-girlfriend Sadie are left emotionally devastated and acting out in their own ways.

Meanwhile, gentle dyke Tank seems to be getting called off the romance bench by Sadie’s best friend, Kate, who is far too young for her – and far too straight, for that matter.

Is Kate really interested in Tank romantically? And what about Rigel, who wastes no time declaring her own undying attraction for Tank too?

Whilst Tank tries to navigate her way through that romantic minefield, she has Sadie to worry about. Bright, witty, no-limits Sadie, who seems to have slammed the lever down on her own self destruct mechanism, and who is going to need correcting in no uncertain terms.


Now a little chat with Loki! Thank you Loki for joining us today.


Bree: What inspired you to write your first book?


Loki: It just sort of happened. Turns out if you just keep writing long enough, books tend to emerge. 


Bree: Thats very true. I keep encouraging Nikki to try her hand at writing. How long have you been writing?


Loki: Since they gave me a crayon and started blathering on about the importance of being able to form letters correctly. Turns out all you need to do is mash a keyboard. Ha! 


Bree: LOL! How do you come up with your titles? I sometimes find this challenging. You want them to be catchy but have meaning that is obvious to the reader.


Loki: Titles are hard. In fact, my next book might just be called that: “Titles Are Hard.”


Bree: Is there a particular author you really love or that have influenced your writing style?


Loki: There are lots of authors that I love. Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, and Joseph Heller are three that come immediately to mind. I don’t think I really have a writing ‘style’ at the moment. I tend to write a lot of very different sorts of books in a lot of different ways, using very different ‘voices’ at times. I am easily bored. 


Bree: Is writing your primary career or do you have a “day job?”


Loki: Writing is my primary career. I’ve been a full time self employed writer for years now. However, I don’t only write fiction. It’s important to have a varied repertoire, both to avoid boredom and to hedge against the impact of the bottom falling out of a particular market. Unless you’re an A-List author, having all your eggs in one basket isn’t a good idea. 

Bree:  I am jealous! I am still working part time at my “day job” and look forward to the day when I can write full time.


Bree: What are you working on right now?


Loki: Well I am about to start the third Military Discipline book for Blushing Books, I’m finishing a series about a pop star and her stern bodyguard for Bethany’s Woodshed. I also have my ongoing free fantasy series, Lesbia. (More on that later 😉


Bree: What is the most difficult or challenging thing in your writing?


Loki: This question took me the longest to answer. I think for me the most challenging thing in my personal writing life is coming to terms with genre. I like romance as much as anything, but it’s occasionally more stifling than that scene in Kill Bill where Uma Thurman is buried alive in that wooden coffin and then she has to one inch punch her way out of it. The solution to that issue was simple: write other things too. 



Bree: Do you have any advice for new writers?


Loki: Well, like every other writer, I’d say the best thing to do is to write. If you keep doing it long enough, you’ll find that you grow in sophistication. A lot of people worry about not being good at writing – and a lot of people worry about what other people might say about their writing. And whilst it’s true that there’s no shortage of people who will say whatever silly critical thing comes into their heads, the worst thing you can do is write for critics. 


Write for the people who love your work. Write for whatever burns inside you. And remember, if people don’t like what you write, it’s usually because it wasn’t for them in the first place. Or because you called all your characters ‘Bob’ – that’s such a common newbie mistake.


Oh, and you will suck. Everybody sucks at first. That’s the idea. Don’t let it get in the way of your aspirations. If you get rejected, keep going. Like most authors, I was rejected a whole lot before anyone agreed to publish me. What kept me going was the love of the stories I had in my head. I also fell in love with the process of writing. Nowadays I don’t feel ‘right’ if I haven’t written. 


If you experience writer’s block, you’re doing it wrong. (In my opinion.) I’ve never felt I suffered from writer’s block because to me that feeling of having nothing to write or not knowing how to get it down just means that the story isn’t ready yet. It will come in time. Stories have their own momentum, their own desire to be born, if you will. You’ve got to give your book its due gestational period. If it turns out that you lose interest in a story, allow yourself to lose interest in it. Being a writer doesn’t mean chaining yourself to a computer and flagellating yourself for a lack of creativity – although who knows, that might be a good way to get the juices flowing. 


Bree: Well said Loki, and I completely agree. Criticism is difficult even I imagine for the most seasoned writers, but especially so for the new author. But don’t give up.

Bree: When you are writing a book, do you start with an outline first or do you just start writing and see where it leads you?


Loki: Well, when you write romance, the end is sort of a foregone conclusion. People get twitchy if the hero and heroine don’t end up together, so I tend to just start somewhere interesting and have intriguing things happen along the way. If I’m writing some of my books that aren’t strictly romantic (like the Rigel series, where I toss all the romance rules out the window, where relationships can and do fail,) well, I don’t plan those either. In my experience, once a story gets going it tends to wrench itself out of your hands if you hold on too tightly anyway, so I prefer a freer flowing form of creation.


Bree: Some of your stories are lesbian themed. Are these written from personal experience? I ask this because I have never had a f/f experience but really loved your f/f stories.


(Prepare yourself for a really long answer to a question you didn’t really ask 😉


Loki: There are several reasons I like to write F/F stories:


I like to write F/F stories because I am a woman, and I feel as if I understand a feminine perspective better than a male one. Though I am fond of many of my male leads, I feel as if I write better female characters. 


Frankly I think a lot of male characters end up being fairly one dimensional cyphers for protective masculinity instead of actual, you know, characters with hopes and fears and flaws. Sometimes it seems as if the only flaws allowed for male romance characters are being too rich, too charming and perhaps too arrogant. Or too tall. Or too really, really incredibly good looking. 

I enjoy writing about dominant / submissive interactions between women, because it is fun to put women in the driver’s seat, to explore different types of feminine strength and occasionally dominance. There’s also a very different dynamic between two women and a woman and a man. 


I feel as if I can be more ‘myself’ as it were with F/F stories, because I’m not tied to the restrictions of genre (or other heteronormative conventions.) I don’t write F/F fiction as a commercial concern, so if what I write makes people hate my face, or is completely ignored, that’s okay. 


And lastly, but certainly not least – the F/F audience is a small, but very passionate one. I get a great deal of feedback from them, which I love. Writing is, at its core, communication. In traditional writing models you get a sort of one way stream, in which the author puts the book out into the world and that’s sort of it. With newer ways of writing, like web series, you have much more interaction. 


With my Lesbia series, I get the pleasure of seeing people reacting to the series as it unfolds. I’ve been writing it since September 2011, so almost two years soon-ish. And in that time I’ve had the scope and support to see the story really transcend almost anything else I’ve written in terms of character depth and development. It’s an epic, in the old sense of the word, and I love it.


Nikki: Wow, it seems all of your reasons for writing f/f, are the very reasons I enjoy reading them. Awesome!

Bree and I want to thank Loki for spending time with us and answering all of our pressing questions. Here are a few more links to Lokis blogs. If you haven’t tried any of her books, give her a try. You will thank me later!

Links:   (Lesbia)  (My official site.)

Mojo Monday with Sierra Cartwright and her thoughts on Nipple Play…

I am over the top excited to welcome Sierra Cartwright to the  blog today. If you are not familiar with her books, you are in for a real treat. She has written over 20 books and is still going strong. Currently, she is working on the  Mastered series and just released the third book in the series titled Over The Line. I read the first book in the series With This Collar and was completely hooked.

Each book in the ‘Mastered’ series has a new male and female couple, but there are mentions of prior main characters from the other books. So you never know when you may get a glimpse into what your old favorite characters are doing. Yes, I admit, every book I fall in love all over again with her super hot Doms and wish I was his smart, adorable, funny, sassy, sub. lol

This week the third in her Mastered series was released. It is called Over The Line. In this installment, we meet Master Michael & Sydney.

But more about that later. First, I am sure you are all dying to read what Sierra has to say about nipple play. So Welcome Sierra!

Hi! Sierra here. If I’m being honest here, my favorite kink is nipple play. I have an amazing amount of clamps, bras, corsets….you name it! I love writing about them too, as a way to introduce others to the joys (and pains) of nipple play.

I think one of my absolute favorite scenes to write was this one:


She looked up at him through her eyelashes, one of the most seductive things he’d ever seen. She cradled his balls and ran her thumb over the slit in his cock to transfer the first drop of pre-ejaculate onto her skin then into her mouth. She made a show of sucking her thumb.

He captured the chain that ran between her nipples. “Lets make this more interesting,” he said. He pulled her up onto her knees and looped the metal over his hard cock. It would prevent her from pulling too far away.

“Ah…Diabolical, Sir,” she said.

“Don’t touch yourself,” he warned.

Which was in book two of the Mastered Series On His Terms. Just fantasizing about that whole thing? Please a Dom in two ways, but while also getting stimulation from it? *Swoon*
Of course I do go over the small details, like when Master Marcus teaches Julia a thing or two about them, in book one, With This Collar: “We’ll start with a tweezer style. They’re not my favourite because they come off too easily. But they’ll be a good introduction for you.” He opened a drawer then took out a pair. He draped the chain over his index finger. She stared at them.
“I thought you said this was meant to turn me on.”
“Go with it.” He cupped her left breast then sucked her nipple into his mouth, laving the bud, making it hard.”


Now if you are a nipple play virgin-like Nikki (her words not mine), here is some info on different types of nipple clamps.


  In order for experience level… 1 to start out 4 for more experienced.
1. They can slip off with a lot of pulling and if they get wet, but if put on while the nipple is hard, which is a key for properly putting any of them on, it shouldn’t be too big of an issue, although, yanking at them isn’t recommended until you’re comfortable with them. In order to feel comfortable with them, try using them alone for the first time. Pinch your nipples and play with them until they’re hard, then at the base of your nipple between it and the areola, place the rubber tip. Slide the circle up toward your nipple until you feel uncomfortable. Try wearing that around the house for awhile (please, don’t hurt yourself, don’t try to use more pain just to become used to it, take it slow!) say 5 minutes. Gently take them off and rub circulation back into them, massaging up from the areola to your nipples.clamp1
I recommend arnica for helping with any residual pain, it’s all natural and will help increase blood flow back to the area and help prevent bruising/pain afterward. Repeat the process until you’re comfortable with them, knowing that YOU know your body better than anyone else.
***Nikki here-I *hear* arnica is also good for sore bottoms. Just sayin…***
2. These are essentially the same but screw down, choose whichever you feel most comfortable with, I find #1 to be less intimidating.
3. After you’ve adjusted to the first set, go ahead and try adding some weight to them, by way of attaching weight or buying weighted ones. You might want to try gently pulling on the chain of the others before jumping to these, then applying more pressure as you can handle. STOP WHENEVER YOU FEEL THE NEED. If the pain is too much, back it off a little bit, don’t tighten them so much, or wear them so long. They can be a GREAT asset to stimulation, where even the sheets brushing against your bare nipples sends you over the edge, or they can become a painful distraction, be aware of where you feel your line between pleasure and pain is.
***Nikki again, holy crap batman! These babies vibrate! Holy hell!***
4. These, are clover clamps. If you haven’t used clamps before, you probably don’t want to jump into these, if if you’re totally into nipple play. Clover clamps are designed to clamp down on the nipple harder when the chain is being pulled on (think, tug of war… with your nipple). The pain can be incredible – that’s almost the point of these. They can also be a ton of fun, in the right setting (slight punishment, anyone?). Work your way up to using these, please!
Nikki again. I am curious, how many of you are into nipple play? Or are you all a bunch of nipple virgins like me? lol Come on, I wanna hear what you think about it because honestly, when i read these book and they talk about how much it hurts. Going on and worse, coming off. It scares the crap out of me. lol
Now that we have all been skool’d in nipple play and the various types of clamps out there….(If you google nipple clamps images don’t be shocked by what you see. lol) Lets go back to Sierra latest book. You can read the first chapter for free if you go to her blog. If you click on the post card below you can go to Total E Bounds site where you can purchase the book. Or, you can go to Amazon, B&N, and All Romance
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