Hey Y’all! Yeppers, we’ve got us a new book in the works! Recently, my beloved John firmly informed me (whilst OTK) about the consequences of allowing my sassy mouth and saucy disposition to run unchecked.  Being that I will never back down from a literary challenge (please note- I FLEE from a physical one), I thought it would be fun to write a piece that reflects many of the things I would like to say to my darling husband, but lack the stamina- and courage- to pursue.
Oh yeah! Be prepared to laugh with this one- as well as get all hot and bothered in the small simmering ranch community of my hometown of Jamul, California.


YES! The Book 1 of The Generals’ Daughter is coming to Blushing!!
I’m very excited about this- it is a personal favorite of mine and very, very close to my heart.  The first book will be offered as a freebie too!  For those of you who love coming of age stories, familial interaction, spanking of smart bratty girls, or just want to immerse yourself and live vicariously through the characters, this series is for you.
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