Saturday Spankings


Saturday Spankings


Hey peeps! Its that time of the week again…time for Sat Spanks and this week once again I am going to put an excerpt from Bree’s current work in progress-Dare To Defy.  Because this is such a hot book, and because I am on vacation and feeling really nice, Im gonna put a really, really, hot excerpt up. Hope you  love it!


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Dare To Defy

“My darling, as much as I love your body, you cannot always think that you can… distract… my… thoughts….” His voice groan as she knelt at his feet and ran her hands up the inside of his thighs and then around to cup his firm buttocks in her hands.

“I do not think… I know,” she grinned playfully, tugging at his stays.  He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet.

“You have mischief in your eyes, beloved. This is neither the time nor the place to defy me.”

“When it comes to your body, I dare defy you every moment I have opportunity,” Ilesbet grinned, running her lips against the left side of his neck.

“Ilesbet, no.  Not now. Woman! Stop this,” Günter demanded as she rolled her palms under his vest and ran the pads of her thumbs over his chest, pausing to tempt his nipples.

Ilesbet raised her eyebrow, a smirk on her face. “No,” she said simply.

“It has been too long since I had to force discipline upon you, wife. Obey me!” came the order, which was promptly ignored as she unlaced his shirt and pressed her lips to the center of his chest.

With a throaty growl, Günter snatched Ilesbet’s wrists in his large hands and pulled her arms high in the air, making her to stand upon her toes before him. Her breasts quivered as they were stretched, begging for attention. His eyes roamed over her voluptuous curves, remembering the pleasure every soft inch brought to his bed. But she was being deliberately disobedience, challenging him in a way she had not done since the birth of their first son.  He had forgotten her demands of the past. Demands for pain, as well as pleasure.

Ilesbet’s eyes met his, daring him to proceed. A fire rose within them, tempting his warrior spirit. He rose her higher, easily lifting her from the ground by her wrists.

“You wish pain today, my love. It has been many years since you have brought this upon yourself. Do you wish to tell me your reason?”

“I need no reason for my desire. The children no longer require a nursemaid and I may return to the longings of my youth. I trust you not to harm me,” Ilesbet said huskily, the strain in her shoulders sending waves of sensation through the length of her body. “Please. Give me what I need.”

Günter stared at her for a moment and then silently released her, settling her bare feet upon the cold ground. “Prepare yourself. We will leave for the thicket shortly.”

Ilesbet wobbled, her excitement growing as she anticipated the long awaited event in the hidden thicket. He had last taken her there for discipline after she had overly indulged in sacramental wine and had displayed herself in a manner that displeased him greatly. That was well over fifteen years passed. She reached for a cape to cover her naked body, determined to find a way to lightly raise his ire and help distract both of them from the grim situation. Her ploy worked. Gunther’s frown deepened when he realized that she had failed to dress properly or show any concern for her plight. She responded by simply lifting her chin higher and tilting her head.

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Saturday Spankings-OMG This is a HOT ONE!!!

Saturday Spankings

OK Nikki Here. Now I am gonna do something that I don’t actually have permission for…I’m gonna put the book, Dare To Defy, on here even though it is a very rough work in progress. But sista! (and brotha) it is ducking hot! So….Keep in mind. The publisher has not yet read this. Its truly and infant in the publishing process. But its still amazing. So hold onto your panties and get ready for a fun ass ride! And while you are at it, pray for me. Cause I forgot my liceense the other day and had to come home for it and so it is a book entry. Pray please that daddy is nice to me.


Oh and after you read the excerpt, head on over to the saturday spankings blog to check out the awesome blogs


Dare To Defy

An amazingly hot ass book.


“Must you always fight to win a battle, little one? You are already in severe trouble as it stands.”

“You taught me to never face a battle that I intend to lose. Why start now?” Daynel spat back, pouring herself a goblet of wine and downing the contents in one gulp. “I must know. Will you be true to your promise to claim me should this Ethan be any less than you expect?”

“I promise to claim you should I believe you to be in a danger. Do not twist my words. Now, we have your punishment to attend to, so cease delaying me. Remove your gown.”

“Why?” Daynel’s eyes widened as he slowly unlaced his wide leather belt from around his waist.

“You know why. You shall not be sitting without discomfort for a day or two. Do as I say.”

“That… that is a child’s punishment, Günter! I will not submit to it!”

“I have not laid a hand upon your backend in many years. To both of our sorrow. Obey me, lest I anger.”

Daynel stared at him, the seriousness in his dark blue eyes clearly seen. Trembling, she slipped out of her gown and stood before him in her cotton underskirts and chemise. He pointed to the edge of the bed,

“Lift up your skirts and lean across. Do not give me reason to remove your small clothes as well.”

He watched Daynel gulp back tears and she reluctantly obeyed him, her tiny round bottom raised for her discipline.


OK So just so you know, this is probably the tamest excerpt you could read. There is much more that is freaking hot. But I need to limit it because, like I said. I don’t have permission. 🙂


Love Nikki

Saturday Spankings


Saturday Spankings

This week for Saturday Spankings, we are offering another hot excerpt from Blindfolded. I hope you enjoy it and it sets the stage for a smokin hot weekend for you! Then after you read the excerpt, check out the other great excerpts on the Sat Spanks blogspot.




Regan Cooper’s entire existence is focused on living vicariously through the characters she creates as a best-selling erotic romance author. She lives alone and unseen in a cabin high in the mountains, interacting with the world purely through cyberspace. Then one night as she celebrates another best-seller with a bottle of wine, alone as usual, her life is turned upside down in an instant when she finds herself restrained, blindfolded, and kidnapped by someone she can only assume to be an obsessed fan.

The man calls himself Master Jay, and he knows everything about the terrified woman he holds prisoner. He promises Regan that no harm will come to her, and informs her that he is going to introduce her to the fantasies that she has written about in her books. Bound, stripped bare, and blindfolded, she has no choice but to submit to his desires, but as time passes she is shocked to find that her will to flee is being replaced by a powerful need to be his. Naked and vulnerable, yet aroused in a way she could never have imagined, she waits with a mix of wonder and trepidation for all of the pleasure and pain and shame and excitement that her new master intends for her to experience.

When he offers her the opportunity for a real adventure that she can call her own—one not experienced by any of her characters—she must decide whether she has learned to trust him, and herself, enough to indulge. Will Regan take a bold plunge into the unknown, or will she forever be the outsider looking in, afraid to see life outside of her vivid imagination.

Publisher’s Note: Blindfolded is an erotic novel that includes abduction, both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, exhibitionism, pony and pet play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Charlotte frowned, beckoning to her. “Over here, now. On your knees.”
Regan’s eyes widened as Charlotte transformed into her Mistress, and slowly sank before her.
“I’m sorry, Mistress. I’m nervous.”
“Turn around, Regan. Stick your bottom in the air; just like you were taught by Jay. Lower your pants to your ankles without getting up.”
Regan trembled and reddened with embarrassment as she obeyed, placing her forehead to the carpet and reaching underneath her to unzip her slacks. She pushed the material past her bottom, feeling the rush of cool air as she exposed her flesh. She saw only Charlotte’s polished boots as the trainer stood at her bowed head.
“Look up at me, Regan. This will be the only time I will tell you this. Ponies do not snap or bite. The ones that do are muzzled and, I assure you, that is not an experience you wish to have. Now present your bottom.”


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Holy Crap Batman!



OK so this is going to be a shameless plug but I am blown away by the amazing success of Blindfolded so far. Released not even a week ago and it is already number 29 on Amazons hot new releases in erotica, and 65 on Amazons Best Sellers in Erotica. This in particular is amazing because it is out of like a million books. Number 65! Anyway, just amazing and proud of Bre. Thanks for your support!


Lov Nikki

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