Saturday Spankings~Something Brand Spanking New


Saturday Spankings

This week for Sat Spanks, we decided to give you a little glimpse at what is in the works. Tentatively titled  I Witness Protection, it is a contemporary story about a young woman nearly killed by serial killer and forced into protection of a  hot investigator. Its really hot and full of mystery and suspense. I know you will love it. So enjoy the snippet and then pop on over to the Saturday Spankings blog site to check out the other great authors excerpts. Oh and have a great day!


I Witness Protection

“Let’s get one thing perfectly clear, Brooke Doyle,” Collin growled, cupping her chin and forcing her to look up into his face, “I will not put up with that kind of rudeness from anyone, in private and especially not in public. I have been more than patient with you and this horrendous disposition of yours because of your situation, but it will stop here and now. I have done nothing to provoke it and I certainly do not deserve it. Have I made myself understood?”

“How dare you yell at me! You have no right, you son of a bitch!” Brooke shrieked into his face, tears cascading down her cheeks. “You should have just let me die, you mother fucker!”

Collin’s face took on an incredible calm as he glared back at her. Without warning, his hand found her wrist again before he yanked her roughly across his lap and reached his hand under the wet dress.

Saturday Spankings-Role Play

Saturday Spankings


It is hard to believe another week has gone by and its Saturday again. Time sure does fly…This week for Sat Spanks we are bringing you something brand new that hasn’t quite made its way back from the publisher yet. So for now, we are calling it Role Play. That could possibly change all though I doubt it. In any case it is a contemporary AP book and a very sweet story with a really hot guy and a girl who has always viewed herself as an ugly duckling but finds that she is actually a beautiful swan in her princes eyes.

Don’t forget to check out the Saturday Spankings web site after you read the excerpt. Tons of great authors and excerpts to choose from over there. You wont want to miss out. And have a spankingly good weekend!

Role Play (coming soon)

Camille simply stared at Erik. With a loud sigh, he grabbed her wrist and sent her flying across his long thighs, deftly pinning her legs under his right knee. She yelled at him to release her, lifting her hands to protect her protruding bottom.

“Thank you,” he said with amusement as he held both her wrists firmly agains the small of her back. Resting his hand on her jean-clad bottom, he asked, “How many, Cam?”

“You cant do this! I’m an adult!!!”

“Do adults soak people in snow?”

“Some do! Please, let me go.”

“No way, little girl. Not until we are done here. Last time. How many?”

“Oh my God! Erik!”

“Very well. I think ten would be appropriate.  Just so you know,” he adjusted her wriggling body, “This will hurt much, much more on a bare bottom.”

Wow! Dare To Defy!!



So proud of Bree! Her new book Dare to Defy hit Amazons top new releases-Number 2! So excited for her. It’s such a great story. Really happy for her. If you haven’t read it yet, it is now available on Blushing Books, Amazon, B&N, etc. So go get the first chapter for free and check it out!

Saturday Spanks! We Dare you To Keep Reading!


Saturday Spankings

This week for Saturday Spankings, we are bringing to you Brees brand new book, Dare to Defy. This book is HOT! Seriously, you will not be disappointed. Even if this genre is not normally your thing, give it a shot cause, did I mention this book is smokin hot? Um, yea. So after you are finished with the excerpt, be sure to  head on over to the sat spanks website so you can visit all of the other fantastic authors sites and read their excerpts. Oh, and have a great weekend!


Dare To Defy

Daynel has always chafed at the role she is expected to play as the princess of the Northern Kingdom, preferring to train as a warrior like her brothers, and she is far from prepared to meekly submit when she learns that she is to be given in marriage to the prince of the Southern Kingdom. Her unwillingness to be a footstool for an arrogant prince quickly becomes the least of her worries, however, when a priestess of the ancient dragon gods informs Daynel that her betrothed has dark and terrible designs for her and for the world… and that only she can save her people.

Forced to flee for her life, Daynel discovers that the gods have plans for her and for the powerful magic she suddenly finds herself capable of wielding. Defying the will of the gods can have painful consequences, and after Daynel encounters a huge, fearsome warrior by the name of Draiken, the feisty princess soon learns that those consequences can include a long, hard, bare bottom spanking… and that is only the beginning.

Draiken knows full well that with every passing day the forces of darkness grow stronger and Daynel has not yet been taught to wield her newfound powers properly. There is no time to lose and Draiken is more than willing to do whatever must be done to train Daynel, whether she likes it or not, even if that means she spends every waking moment with blushing cheeks and a sore bottom.



Soundlessly, Günter sliced the long flower at the base and felt it change in his hand as the remnants of his blood touched the stalk. The golden petals turned into leather and the stalk, a flexible switch. He swooshed it through the air, the sound of hissing causing Ilesbet’s head to turn with widened eyes.

“The gods have not seen fit to bring a switch to me before,” she whispered, a flash of fear in her face.

“The gods must realize that you have been needing more of late, and that I have failed to provide for you,” Günter said, snapping the switch against his trousered leg and wincing. Against her bare flesh, this instrument would indeed be painful.

“Aye, you have, husband. And I have been the most disagreeable wife to you as well,“ Ilesbet forced a smile, her shoulders straining as she hung.

“Nay, not disagreeable. Greedy,” Günter smiled back, lifting the switch into the air. He drew his arm back and targeted it to the center of her bare, white buttocks. Ilesbet’s eyes widened in pain as she squealed her protest.



Hope you enjoyed this excerpt. If you want to read more, Dare to Defy is available on:



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