Saturday Spankings! Get ready for some major heat!


Yea, hard to believe it’s that time of the week again. Time for Saturday Spanks. This week we decided to bring to you the latest book that is just now at the publisher but not edited yet. In fact, not even sure if the name will stick. But that’s ok…The excerpt will still be hot and give you an idea of what you can expect in about three weeks.

Skylar’s Abduction is an Out of This World alien spanking/sex story that will send your senses reeling. Skylar finds herself being rescued by two huge, gorgeous Nordic-looking guys from a planet where sex is for pleasure only. Hence, they are equipped with, uh, special accoutrements designed for ultimate satisfaction. They find her erotica books and believe them to be instruction manuals in caring for the human female. Needless to say, Skylar soon discovers that her favorite authors have not done her any favors as she is sprawled over these two laps in an effort to teach her how to ‘mind’ her new guardians who make her call them daddy and papa!

After you finished reading this excerpt, be sure to head on over to the Saturday Spankings Blogspot for more great authors.


“Yes. Troy, take her out of the cubicle and hold her in place over your lap. I will need access to her expulsion port.”
“Leave my ass alone. I mean it! No!!” Skylar began to kick and slap as Troy picked her up.
“Your lack of cooperation is going to earn you a spanking. Are you really trying to bite me?” Troy asked as Skylar sunk her teeth into his arm. She blinked dumbly as he failed to even react, releasing him quickly. It was like biting into a solid brick! He tsked, pulling her garment up past her hips and exposing her pale, round bottom. He plopped her solidly over his knees.
Skylar cried out as his large palm landed with a loud splat across the entire span of her backend. She arched her back, yelling out again as he landed a flurry of swats in rapid fire, each landing in the same place because of the size of his hand.
“OW! Holy fuck! Stop!!”
“I am not going to stop until I know you will behave yourself,” Troy scolded, the spanking causing her bottom to turn bright crimson. “And there will be extra for using foul language.”
Hope you enjoyed that little snippet! I know I did.
Love Nikki


Saturday Spankings…Eight Little Letters

Saturday Spankings


It’s time for Saturday Spankings again! Time sure does fly. Weather report looks like a good bit of the country will be blanketed with snow this weekend. So grab a cup of coffee and a good book! What better way to spend your cold and snowy weekend?

Eight Little Letters is a feel good story that will just leave you smiling. Enjoy the excerpt and when your finished, head on over to the Saturday Spankings Blogspot for more great offerings. Stay warm!


eightlittle letters

“On the floor, Faith. Get on your hands and knees and put your head down.  Lift that bottom high in the air so I can see every little red inch of it.”

Faith felt the heat of embarrassment as she obeyed, picturing the image he received as he looked at her open display of her more private areas. She did not know what was more humiliating- the fact he was looking at her so boldly and not touching, or the fact that she was open for him to touch in anyway he desired.

Faith hiccuped in her arms as Donavon strolled around her kneeling form several times, making his presence silently known.  He finally squatted down to look at her face.

“You are grounded through tomorrow night, Miss Faith. You are not to leave this room, watch TV, read or listen to music. I will bring you meals. Any arguing and my belt comes off again. Understand?”

“Why are you being so mean to me?” Faith cried miserably.

“I am being firm with you. These tantrums can ruin a marriage and I will not stand back silently and let that happen.  I love you too much.”

He gathered her in his arms and held her against his shoulder as she cried some more.  Despite the horrid stinging in her bottom, Faith felt safe and secure. She was also determined to never again repeat that same mistake…


Hope you enjoyed the excerpt. You can purchase the book at the following places:

Blushing Books


Barnes & Noble

Eight Little Letters…. Now Available

Eight Little Letters…P.S. I Love You

So happy to announce this is now available for purchase. Such a wonderful, heart lifting story just in time for the holidays.

eightlittle letters

When her Navy Seal husband is declared MIA, Faith finds herself holding the eight little letters he had written before he disappeared. Each letter holds the key to a cherished memory of his love (and the feel of his strict hand against her bottom). Hope grows within her as she is reminded to trust in the season of miracles, and she embraces his written promise of a Happy Ever After holiday season.

Available at:

Blushing Books


Barnes & Noble



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Good Saturday Everyone! It’s Sat Spanks Time!

Saturday Spankings


This week for Sat Spanks you are getting a sneak preview for a book that will be released on Wednesday called Eight Little Letters. It is a feel good story about a young wife, a beloved husband missing at war, family, and love, and…..well spanking. Duh. But it is a holiday story that will leave you with a bevy of emotions. Good ones and sad ones. But mostly you will feel good. So check it out on Wednesday on Blushing Books and enjoy this little snippet. After you finish reading, head on over to the Saturday Spoankings blogspot for more great excerpts.


eightlittle letters

Eight Little Letters

“You’re a bossy little thing, aren’t you?” Donavon asked with amusement, holding her chair for her as she sat.

“Gotta be. what are you staring at?”

“You.  I’ve never met anyone so open and real before.”

“Don’t forget cute.  That is my selling point,” Faith giggled.

“You are definitely cute. How tall are you? 4 feet?”

“Haha. Five even.  And yes, this mess of red hair is my natural color.  Daddy said I looked like a pixie plucked from the bogs of Ireland and was given a double shot of the temper that came with the hair.”

“My mom was irish.  I inherited her temperament, I hate to say,” Donavon chuckled. “When she went on a rampage, us boys knew to run and run fast.  She would start throwing gaelic curses at us when she was really riled up.  She is a no-nonsense type of lady, with little patience for playing head games or excuses.  I really think you would like her.”

“She sounds like my mom.  Okay, you keep staring at me.  What is going through your brain?”

“Your bike ride.  I was serious when I said you best start wearing that helmet. You are too pretty to get your head bashed next time you challenge a hedge.”

“I hate helmets. They are annoying and hot.  I like to feel free, and they are too restraining.”

“You will wear a helmet, Faith.  Not negotiable.”

“Oh yeah?” Faith grinned, leaning forward with a smile, “How are you gonna make me?”

Donavon raised his eyebrow, leaning back in his chair. “Unbelievable. Our first date and already you are challenging me? Your dad is right, you are an Irish pixie.”

“I like challenges. It keeps life interesting,” Faith giggled.

“Very well.  Assuming you want to continue to go out with me after tonight,” Donavon leaned forward to whisper across the small table, “I will exercise means to keep you safe and sound, little one.  You want to know how I handle challenges?”

“I’m listening,” Faith snickered, her nose close to his.

“I will put you across my knee and spank the tar out of your backside.  Guaranteed you will think twice before you ride that bike without a helmet again.”

Faith visibly trembled as her mouth went dry. Her green eyes locked with his brown ones.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she croaked out in a husky voice.

“I think you know better than that,” Donavon smiled, stealing a kiss before leaning back in his chair. “What would you like to eat?”


Hope you enjoyed that snippet! I also want to mention that Protect and Correct is going strong. It is number 50 Amazon right now. If you haven’t read it yet, check out the first chapter for free. It is getting great feedback and has something for just about everyone.

Protect & Correct

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