Saturday Spankings…

Saturday Spankings

Howdy Folks! It’s that time of the week again, time for some good ole spanking fun. I decided this week to bring back an oldie but a goody. Time Out: Game Plan Book 2. 

Time Out is the second book of The Game Plan series. It explores the unusual relationships of the whole Johnson family.

You’ll meet Krissy, Bryon’s sweet little girl, as she is introduced to the concept of age play and discovers herself in the process. Suzanne and Glenn are back, and Suzanne explores her own femininity and puts pride aside to face her fears and needs as a Domme. Of course, we can’t forget Rob and Cassie as they grow and indulge in their own D&S lifestyle. Worlds collide as Cassie and Krissy fight over Daddy Bryon, Bryon and Glenn fight over Suzanne, and Rob seems to be the only voice of reason that is heard.

There are more twists and turns, sizzling hot sex, and well-spanked bottoms than this quiet little suburb of Miami can handle!


Time Out

“Yes. I’m sorry to bother you. I don’t mean to sound presumptuous, but are you and Bry, uh, involved?” 

“Be specific.” 

“Are you actually dating or just having sex?” Glenn asked bluntly, looking into her beautiful grey cat-like eyes. The same eyes that narrowed disapprovingly at his question. 

“That’s a very personal question coming from a little boy, don’t you think?” Suzanne asked, testing the waters. Glenn blushed, looking down. 

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” 

“No, I will not forgive you. I told you to be specific, and you were. However, why would a little boy be interested in such a grown-up thing, hmm?” 

“I’m not a little boy. I’m an adult.” Glenn flushed, unable to budge from his spot in front of her. 

Suzanne reached across to lift his chin to look into her face. She smiled seductively. “You are such a sweet little boy. One that’s trapped in the beautiful body of a very attractive young man. Are you interested in older women, son?” 

“I, uh, I didn’t think so until…” 

He was so nervous! Suzanne found that trait instantly appealing. Over-confident and arrogant little boys annoyed her to no-end. “Until you met me?” she finished his sentence, watching his blush rise to his face. “I see. You do realize that there is a price for the privilege of being involved with me, even casually, right?” 

“A price?” Glenn felt his cock twitch uncomfortably against his jeans. She was stunningly beautiful, graceful and had power emanating from her very pores. He was smitten! He wondered how it would feel to have those long, strong legs wrapped tightly around his waist as he plunged his cock deep inside of her… 

“Excuse me, are you listening to me?” Suzanne asked, noticing him drifting off into his daydream. Glenn flushed again. 

“Um, I’m sorry. I had a brain fart.” 

“Stand up and follow me,” Suzanne ordered, rising to her feet. Even in flats, she was two inches taller than he was. She held out her hand, which he took without question. “If you would pardon me, gentlemen, but your baby brother and I need to have a talk. Do you mind if I use your room?” she asked Rob. 

“Go for it. Have fun!” he nodded with a grin. 

Bryon elbowed his brother. “You caught that look, too. I have a feeling that Glenn is about to be introduced to something special, other than Suzanne’s very talented mouth,” Bryon snickered. 

You can purchase your copy at the following places:


Blushing Books


Hope you enjoyed! Remember to head on over to Saturday Spankings Blog to visit all of the other awesome authors.

BDSM Writers Retreat

women on beach


Calling all published writer’s out there!!! I am brainstorming something that I wanted to run by you….. What would you think of a getaway where we can hang out, talk about the genre, and discuss things like inspiration, research and growing in our art. I was contemplating that maybe exploring the psychology of BDSM, bringing implements (explore the Dom/Sub/Switch personas in role play to help get into your character’s head), and just take some time away from the real world to regroup and revive ourselves. Whatcha think?

The plan would be to get a beach house up on the Oregon coast with a bunch of rooms (super cheap!) and make the largest expense be just getting there. Perhaps in April or May 2014? Please email me and let me know if you are interested. Like i said, nothing formal… simply a time to have fun, play with ideas, and talk all night long about our art! Oh yeah, maybe even write a bit too!!!!




Saturday Spankings-Readers Pick from Anieokly


Saturday Spankings

This week for Saturday Spankings, I was doing what I usually do. Sitting here panicking because duck!!! I forgot to write the blog post for Saturday Spankings. Again! Nothing like waiting until the last moment, huh? So I was talking to Anieokly and she suggested readers choice this week. Well, sounds good to me! So her choice is her favorite book Lost and Found. She couldn’t decide two of her favorite parts of the book so I figured, what the heck, and put them both up. So enjoy! And don’t forget to stop over at the Saturday Spankings blog to check out all of the other authors blogs. Click on the book cover to link to Blushing Books to purchase, or Amazon.



Lost and Found

Lost and Found


From Ch 8

“Open your mouth,” he ordered. “This is to stay in until I am done. Maybe you’ll think twice before you say anything mean to, or about, anyone else again.”

Maggie gagged. Despite the lovely scent, the French milled soap tasted far worse than she thought it would! Alan aggravated things by changing the strap for his paddle. It was not the small, oval paddle he used on his daughters, rather the one he made specifically for his wayward wife. It was long, wide and thick, with holes drilled spelling the word ‘Maggie’ against the surface. He had only used it on her once before, when she had told him where he could put his cock. And it had not been said seductively.

Maggie started begging, her mouth filled with soap. The music was peaking and she knew that he would not stop until the symphony was complete. She screamed into the pillow as the paddle impacted solidly across her already bruised flesh. She could feel welts pop up instantly. Guilt overwhelmed her when she realized how much her juvenile behavior had hurt him



From Ch 11


“No Bunny tonight. You are a big girl and will be disciplined like a big girl. I’m reminding you that you requested this, so I don’t want to hear any complaining.”

“Yes, Lance. I’m really sorry.”

“Stand up and turn around.”

Noelle obeyed, turning her back to Lance. He unzipped her dress and peeled it down to the floor.

“Step out of your dress, Noelle,” she held his shoulder as he removed the dress from under her feet and tossed it aside. He walked around her as she stood in her shoes, bra and panties. Lance knelt to remove her shoes, glancing up into her face to see her reaction. None yet. She was used to him dressing and undressing her as Daddy.

Standing in front of her, he lifted her chin to face him, then reached behind to unsnap her bra, pulling it slowly away. “Don’t hide from me. Put your arms down,” he ordered. He ran his hand slowly across her breasts, gently touching her left nipple. She inhaled sharply, closing her eyes.

“Keep your eyes open, Noelle.” He hooked his fingers in the band of her panties and skimmed them down to her ankles, lifting each foot to free her from the material. She stood naked in front of him, the vision of perfection.

“Lean over the side of the bed, feet on the floor. Do not move.”

Shaking, Noelle obeyed. Lance’s brooding silence frightened her, and the embarrassment of her nudity made her feel completely vulnerable. She shivered as his large hand stroked lightly across the stretched skin of her bottom and her inner thighs. She started to long for the security of being across his knee with his low, firm voice lecturing her about proper and expected behavior. It was much easier to be forced to endure punishment instead of having to wait silently for it. He was right. Lance’s spankings were far worse than Daddy’s, and it hadn’t even started yet.

Wanna get your Spank On?

Saturday Spankings


This week, for Sat Spanks, we are bringing to you an excerpt from Up A Notch: Generals Daughter Book 2. It should be available today on Blushing Books so keep your eyes open for it. I do know that book one is available for sale and book 3 is on Bethany’s Woodshed so if you have a membership there, you can read each chapter as they are released. When you are finished reading, head over to the Saturday Spankings blog to check out the rest of the awesome excerpts. And then have a great weekend!


Up A Notch: Generals Daughter Book 2

Samantha Quimby is at it again! True to her nature, Sam finds a way to reap havoc on the California coastline clear up to Alaska where she defies nature itself. This time, her entire family decides to bring things Up A Notch to try to get her to understand that she is not only loved and cared for, but that she is her own worse enemy.  This sequel to The Siren, Generals’ Daughter Book 1, finds Sam in more precarious situations than even she can imagine as she comes of age and discovers her own power as a beautiful and intelligent young woman. Her father, uncle and brother…. Plus some outside help… Plan on getting their points across to her in one way or another. Of course, Sammi’s stubbornness can only be broken through in one embarrassing way… With a red bottom.

Does this stop her from pulling endless pranks on her brother, or risking her own safety in the ‘name of science?’ But she certainly has fun trying.. UNTIL she is busted!


Dr. Quimby pointed to the tank. “His breaching and spouting is a fire hazard, plus introduces risk of electrocution to my crew!  If you cannot control him, then you are to lock that tunnel! Use some freakin’ sense!”

“Will you please chill out? We hear you just fine, there is no need to yell.  For crying out loud, we see the problem,” the girl said smugly, hands on her hips.

“Chill out? No need to… you haven’t heard yelling yet, little girl!” Dr. Quimby thundered.

“I am not a little girl!  I’m 18, for Heaven’s sake!”

“Nick! Go get General Jenkins this instant,” her father’s voice took a deadly turn to a low growl as he shot daggers at her.

“No!  Daddy, please! Don’t involve Uncle Scott! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to sound that way,” the girl pleaded, wrapping her arms fearfully around her brother’s waist from behind.

Michael pulled her away. “You have a big mouth.”  He faced his father, meeting him eye to eye. “I am respectfully asking you if you would like to go into the offices or should we continue this discussion out here in front of our crew? I don’t believe the latter is conducive to rectifying the problem, do you, General?”

“You’re right. After you, Lieutenant,” Dr. Quimby gestured with his hand, regaining his composure. He pointed to the offices while facing his daughter and sent her off with a solid smack to the backside.  The crew smiled, watching her absently rub while scurrying inside.

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt. If you want to read more, head on over here to purchase

Blushing Books


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