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(Book 2)

My hands were still shaking when I opened the door and saw Lonnie standing there with the sheriff. I had just gotten off the phone with my mother who had taken a very logical approach to the situation. Hearing her opinion based on personal experiences made me stop and think about the best way to handle my obstinate girl. I was still angry after being worried sick, but Mom pointed out that perhaps Lonnie felt the same when Max and I left her alone.

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Disciplining Myyst (A Sci-Fi Age-Play)

Joy and love were not words in Ash’s vocabulary. Plagued by guilt, he performs suicide missions with the hope that each would be his last. The most recent accident should have left him mangled and dead, yet he walked away unscathed. Frustrated and hopeless, he accepts what would be his final mission. He has one month to find, and tame, a creature believed to be responsible for the Earth’s natural disasters. Failure is not an option. As predicted, his plane loses control while in the Bermuda Triangle. He ejects into the ocean and swims to the island where the ethereal being eagerly awaits his arrival. Her pale beauty has no bounds, but her sadness touches the abyss of his heart. She confesses her loneliness, fears and self-loathing for what she is, and shares the truth of her survival. Determined to save her life, Ash decides that, first and foremost, his pretty little fairy-girl needs a Daddy to teach her self-control. Lessons begin with the only method that works when dealing with a stubborn female of any species-good, old-fashioned discipline. He’s also determined to fill every empty part of her existence with human pleasure. Will pain, pleasure, love and trust be enough to empower him to fight for her life and an eternity of love? Perhaps-if you believe in fairies…



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A Little Girl’s Dream becomes a Big Girl’s Reality

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Billion Dollar Daddies


This series is brought to you by the author who started the Age-Play phenomena, Breanna Hayse. As a BDSM/AP lifestyler, she ensures that the reader enjoys the dynamic in the way it exists in real life. If you haven’t read realistic AP literature, or believe it’s not your cup of tea, give this book a try. You might be surprised at what you find inside this full-length novel!


Graye Manor is known throughout the BDSM community for producing the best trained, specialty submissives in the world, and caters to matching these ladies with the perfect partner to guarantee a Happily-Ever-After. But what happens to those girls who aren’t accepted into the program, especially those naturally pulled toward an age-play dynamic? They are matched with Billionaire Daddy Doms… and rarely just one…

Billion Dollar Daddies: Lonnie by [Hayse, Breanna]


Lonnie Stuart is facing a prison sentence for felony shoplifting. Instead of entering the courtroom, she’s summoned into the judge’s chambers. There she meets Maxwell Tohler who offers her placement in an experimental reform program designed to give young women a second chance to achieve their greatest goals and live their dreams. She’d be assigned a ‘guardian’ who’d provide for her every need and lavish her with the care she’s always desired. The downside is the requirement to follow the guardian’s rules or risk some unpleasant time across his knee

Her first inclination to Max’s proposal is to run, except she’s drawn to his handsome face, strong body, and the ‘thing’ in his voice that makes her feel small, vulnerable, and safe. Not only does he stir a heart that yearns for love and acceptance, but her body as well. So, when Max rejects her request to be her guardian, she’s crushed.

Max, the case-worker for the Guardian Program, is sent by his old friend Dorian to evaluate and match one of the denied applicants for Manor submissive training. Taking the bench in the Hampton’s as a favor for the regular judge, Max ends up face to face with the girl he was sent to meet! She was everything he ever wanted in a woman and more-smart, beautiful, sweet and a little broken. Refusing her request to belong to him is one of the hardest things he’d even done, but the program was to help the women, not himself

Little does he know, but their meeting is one of Dorian Graye’s grand schemes to match the perfect girl with her perfect Daddy Dom!

To her delight, Lonnie’s unexpected assignment to the stern alpha male begins a journey of personal growth and sexual exploration. Max takes her from New York to his stunning home on the edge of Lake Tahoe. She’s in for a second surprise when she meets Mik, Max’s identical twin. For the first time in her life, she is confident that genuine love would be hers in the embrace of the two Daddy Doms.

Her action-filled fairytale ending falters when her vicious aunt starts to stir up trouble by trying to gain control of Lonnie’s considerable trust fund. The cross-country investigation and legal conflicts bring up some ugly secrets and deception, causing a rift that might easily destroy Lonnie’s dreams of a HEA and tear the twin brothers apart forever.

Facing the most difficult decision of her life, Lonnie turns to an unexpected resource for advice. Should she chose one of the men for herself or save the brothers’ relationship by walking away with a broken heart?


3/4 Time by Sir John Hayse Hunt!

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Let’s face it- a millennium is an awfully long time and there isn’t enough paper in the world to write down every story since the beginning of Creation. So, one has to question:
What happens in those stories that aren’t told in Sunday School?

 Chaos is alive in both Heaven and Hell. After St. Peter’s robes are dyed hot pink and the souls in hell are given sunglasses and sunscreen against the blazing inferno, God calls a family meeting to deal with the mischievous culprit. Lucifer, in his handsome human form, hangs out in the back of the throne room where he harasses his brothers and provokes God to confess His celestial secret.


The female angel was created on the seventh day after God consumed a little too much sacramental wine. She’s beautiful, charming, and powerful, but lacks an inherent sense of right and wrong. God doesn’t have time to make His little darling ‘Heaven’ worthy and decides the best way for her to learn some manners is to stay with humans. When none of the Heavenly Host volunteer to assume the position of her mentor, God proclaims Aurora would live with Lucifer on earth. Despite the devil’s adamant protests, God sweetens the deal by promising to return Lucifer’s wings.

After a little incident of missing jewelry from a high-end store, Aurora comes face-to face with her brother’s best friend, Lieutenant Ray ‘Hawk’ Hawkins of the LAPD. It takes no time for the man to conclude her naughtiness demands a firm hand on her devilish backside. After Hawk catches Aurora eating ice-cream with the Hell’s Angels in the middle of the night, he takes it upon himself to keep an eye on the devil’s little sister and shows his true colors. His Daddy Dom side draws out her innocence and vulnerability, and his dominant nature ignites a yearning even she can’t satisfy on her own.

When a bullet is fired with the intent to kill her, Hawk’s need to protect rises to a different level. What he doesn’t know is that someone in the spiritual realm put a target on his sweet little devil-girl’s back and he stands in the center of a war between two of the greatest powers in Creation. His love for Aurora rises above Heaven itself, but is he willing to make a sacrifice that could very well cost him his soul?

AUTHOR’s NOTE: This is a work of fiction. Fiction implies that the subject matter is not real, nor is it designed to offend, demean, degrade, or anything else people get paranoid about. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, angelic or demon, or actual events or religious teachings is purely coincidental. God’s got a great sense of humor (look at the platypus), so we hope you do, too.

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