Be careful When You Speak Dragon…


This is what happens when an erotic writer uses Dragon Speak Voice Recognition software ….

OMG, I am soooo embarrassed! So, I went ahead and purchased Dragon speak- you know, to make my life easier. Well, I did not expect to see what happened…
I was sitting in my bedroom, laptop in front of me, and doing my best to write out the scene using this software. I guess I got very involved because I was not aware of how loud I was getting. Believe it or not, I am not into “talking dirty” so this was a unique experience for me. That is, until John walked with his mouth hanging open…
It was like Harry meets Sally-the restaurant scene
Times ten…
I didn’t know whether I should start laughing along with him or hiding under the blankets. Because I have a headset on, I did not realize how, uh, verbal, I was. Or how detailed descriptions sounded to an outside ear. I am grateful that I did have my windows closed, and that the neighbors didn’t hear this. Although maybe, they would’ve learned something…
The moral of this story is-for those of you who do write- don’t use voice recognition software if either
1) There is somebody in the house to hear you,
2) You don’t want that somebody in the house to hear you, or
3) You don’t want a specific person in the house to disrupt your creative process because you gave him ideas.
Not that that is a bad thing, it just tends to interfere with getting a book done. Just sayin….


6 thoughts on “Be careful When You Speak Dragon…

    • Believe it or not, that is in the works! The problem is that I loose it and start laughing hysterically mid scene. Kindof BLOWS the mood, if ya get my drift.
      “0h, yes! yes!!! harder….” And then a fit of the giggle

  1. I just got a copy hoping it would encourage my kids to do their school more willingly. I tried it for a blog post I was writing and decided I can type it faster than trying to make it work out right speaking it. 😉

  2. Ha ha! I know exactly what you mean because I use Dragon too. I use it when I write on my treadmill desk and ONLY when there’s no one else home. I end up really getting into it, like I’m reading the story and I change my voice for different characters and put in all sorts of inflections. It’s hilarious if someone else hears you, but I write so much faster with Dragon. I love it!

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