As bothersome as a buzzing fly #SatSpanks

We’re back this week for Saturday Spankings with a snippet from the upcoming Paddle Closet: Beauty and the Beast. It will be out December 13th! We hope you’ll like this little twist. Make sure you check out all the authors over at the Saturday Spankings Blog.

Paddle Closet: Beauty and the Beast

“Little you know what this rose has cost.”

If on your bed, you lay and dream
With this book upon your breast
Things will not be as they seem
When you seek your heart’s request
Night will fly, and Faeries flee
With snakes below and bats above
Discover not, the way back home
Until you find your one, true love

What would happen if you fell asleep while reading a book and awoke to find that your life was no longer yours? Or that the story didn’t exactly follow the words written on the pages?

An ancient curse is set upon the shelves where first editions of classic books are lovingly nestled in a secured cedar room known as the Paddle Closet. But, like most works of fiction, there is always more than meets the eye. Lost, lonely, miserable and unhappy souls are drawn to this place to find refuge in the joy of a simple story—as long as they stay awake.

Mirabelle Villeneuve, the great-granddaughter of the Gabrielle Barbot-Villeneuve, author of Beauty and the Beast, returns to France with her husband after he experiences a series of terrible betrayals from family, friends, and his job. Once arriving at her grandmother’s old mill, Belle is gifted by a library built by Adam as a symbol of his love and devotion. The shelves are fashioned from ancient timber and antiques found throughout Europe, and he even hand-carves a faerie desk of wood taken from sacred ‘Leprechaun Groves.’ The shelves are then filled with first editions of every classic piece of literature known to man.

Unknown to Belle, Adam has a secret. He made a deal with the Archdruid that if he is given the perfect woman as his wife, he will sacrifice five of his greatest treasures- fame, fortune, family, fairness, and future. Little did he know that this deal would end up costing him and Belle their only daughter, Gabby.

Distraught, Belle seeks solace in her grandmother’s book. Despite the warning of Patrick, an old friend, she falls asleep while reading the handwritten volume and awakens as a living character in a page of the story! Her memory of the book lasts only long enough to learn that the only way ‘home’ is to find her true love, but even that memory soon disappears.

Adam, plagued by guilt for failing to trust Belle with the truth of the deal (which would have broken the spell), offers the ultimate sacrifice—his life. Instead of death, he is transported to the time and place of the story as the Beast. His punishment for his selfish deeds begins with his memory remaining intact. Telling Belle the truth about the past would result in her demise, so the only way to save her is to help her discover her true love—even if it isn’t him.

The Paddle Closet is about new beginnings, the power of love, the consequence of deceit, taking risks and forgiveness—toward other and oneself. It twists fairytales to a level never seen before, each one unique, unexpected and unexplored.

Publishers Note: This book contains elements of spanking of adult women, explicit sexual scenes and other such items of enjoyment.

Just remember this: Once the story is finished, the book will be returned to the shelves—with or without its reader…

The Beast raised his thick brow in disbelief. The little minx was testing him! “You might be correct. Let’s see if this helps cool my temper,” he said, snatching her wrist and yanking her across his broad knee. He braced his left foot on a stool and soundly smacked her protruding backside.

“Release me!” she demanded with a loud laugh as she attempted to escape his iron grip.

“I think not. Spanking you is quite enjoyable, and it definitely eases a sour disposition.” His chortle rebounded off the wall.

“For you, perhaps. I find it as bothersome as a buzzing fly.”

He struck a little harder. “Does this feel like a fly now?”

Coming Dec. 13th

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  1. I cant wait. I am sooo excited. I havent bought a book since you first posted about this book so i had enough to buy it when it comes out.

    • Thank you! I promise that you will love it! And this is the beginning of the series that will be involving authors from all over the indie community and totally unique.

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