But…Fine! Whatever!!!!

Hello, my little subbies!
Have you missed me?

Okay, lets get right to it..What is up with the heading? I am so glad you asked!
There are three words Doms never want to hear a sub say-

Word #1: But (not to be confused with butt)
Dom: “Nik! Go to the corner,”
Nik: “But…”
Ding, ding, ding! Wrong and thanks for playing! Your reward is the Dana (for those of you who are not aware of the Wallop, Curse of Dana paddle, check this out.. It is a great self spanker, too. Just ask the girls!


The WALLOP is made with 1/2″ thick High Grade Heavy 3 ply Conveyor Belt with rubber on both sides. The total length including the handle is approximately 14″ long and the spanking surface is 4″ x 3″ with slightly beveled edges. Two 1/4″ Delrin rods connect the spanking surface to the handle. This gives the piece incredible flexibility and whipping action. With little effort you can really apply the sting and pain.
To respond using the word ‘but‘ is the attempt to engage in some sort of subbie weaseling or make excuses, and will only get you in deeper trouble.

Word #2: FINE!
Dom: “Because you had to talk back, you will also be grounded.”
Nik: “Fine!”
Uh oh… Ding, Ding, Ding! Wrong again!
So, for this little smart attitude, your darling bottom gets to meet Miss Dana and Mr. Cane!
To use this word to to end the conversation is just another way of telling your Dom to zip it. NOT a wise move, my dears.

Word#3: Whatever…
This word is bad news for a subbie bottom. Not only is it dismissive and rude, but very disrespectful. Someone I know (Nik) likes to combine the last two words. My, my….
So Miss Dana and Mr. Cane are joined, in love, by the heart paddle…

imageThe Heart Attack Paddle has an overall length of almost 14″. The red heart is approximately 4″ with two flexible Delrin rods holding it to the handle. The heart is made with High Density Polyethylene and features a textured matte surface with beveled edges.  OW!!!
Need I say what this word is equivalent to in the vanilla world? Oh, please feel free to use your imaginations… Because, yes… It is telling your Dom to essentially take a flying leap off a high cliff. And using “Fine, whatever” together… Tsk tsk. You obviously never valued your ability to sit.

So, my poor delusional darlings, I know that, in subbie land, you believe these are perfectly valid responses. They are not …not now.. Not ever.

Now, why would I take the time to tell you these things? It is simple. I truly do care about all of you and am trying to save you some painful consequences here ..
Ask yourself ..okay, so if we can’t talk back, what are we supposed to say?
WITHOUT rolling your eyes, say ‘yes sir’ or, if appropriate, ‘no sir.’
It boggles my mind that subbies fail to grasp this simple rule- no whining …no excuses and no dismissive comments. Bite your tongues! Trust me, quiet is your friend…
Bree always says she won’t have anything but a little stump left in her mouth (and she can be mouthy, trust me), but at least she is able to sit for dinner.

Ahh, I hear it now in subbie harmony
“But, it’s not fair! Okay, Fine! Whatever!!!!!

Try and be good,

30 thoughts on “But…Fine! Whatever!!!!

    • indeed there are such things , we do have one but its a bit in dis repair at the moment …lots of video clips of this online

  1. Word #1: But
    Dom: “Go to the corner,”
    sub: “But…you’re too amazingly smart and ridiculously good looking and I might miss you”

    Word #2: FINE!
    Dom: “Because you had to talk back, you will also be grounded.”
    sub: “Fine don’t take my compliments. I was just trying to be nice, caring and above all honest”

    Word#3: Whatever…
    Dom: Waa, waa, waa, waa
    sub: Whatever your heart desires?!

    Those have to be decent alternatives to the words presented because tongue biting hurts.

    • Have you ever bitten your tongue on purpose? Does that actually work? I like your response. (I can tell you that because I don’t have rules anymore.)

      • I am surprised I have a tongue left… I even went and bought myself an adult pacifier to stick in my mouth because, when it opens and starts talking back, SOMEONE gets awfully mean and I LIKE being able to sit comfortably. Unlike the little sister who still insists on getting the final word. Even if that word is OW!!!
        Just sayin….

    • Ya know…I hid that damn evil dana paddle REALLY well….if someone hadn’t snitched it would STILL be missing to this day!!

        • Guilt smuilt…. the 2am sneak outta the house and boost isa’s butt up in a tree to get a cell signal WHILE sneaking beer didn’t bring you guilt!!

          • Well firstly I can’t explain the non guilt for that. Musta been a guilt free miracle moment. Lol. And No!!!! He did not know but he does now little miss spill everything……geeeeezzzzzz……I’m pleading the 5th now…….Oy!

          • hmmmm interesting …..thanks for finally confessing ..i am sure your sisters are really happy with you right now lol oh i do like the heart paddle ..and i have about 5 other implements they will be quite appropriate to deal with this little deception

      • yes but the heart paddle awaits and its much more stingy …so you get the original for hiding and then then new one for …well hiding the old one good job lol

        • I’m not exactly sure it was sneaking……..what is your definition of sneaking?…….like we weren’t exactly tip toeing out with the beer……..It was more like a slow glide outta the house and technically not even sure if it was even hidden……My memory is a little fuzzy……lol

        • One last thing sir, If the parents leave the children up to play while they retire for the evening, isn’t it kinda the parents fault for leaving the children unsupervised? Just sayin……:)

          • Umm I can remind you that we did…1) a look out 2) someone ready to turn the light out fast and 3) the brave soul…who snuck in to get the beer lol..it was planned perfectly…I was quite impressed with our stealthiness 🙂

  2. When do we get to explain how you misunderstood the situation, Sir? I didn’t use but, fine or whatever. Does that mean you’ll listen to my defense?

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