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Holy October! Has it cooled down by you at all? Are the leaves changing? We’re enjoying the great success of Judging His Little Girl which debuted at #1 in Westerns and Historical and still holds the spot in Westerns. Thank you, thank you , and a special thank you to everyone that has left a review!

Judging His Little Girl 

Wildemina ‘Wilde’ Weston is the bane of her grandparents’ existence. Shunned by the residents of the small town in which they reside, the eighteen-year-old would rather be drinking, smoking cigars, and gambling with the boys than fitting in.

Jude Weston and his wife love their granddaughter but see no other option: the girl must be married off. So when the reputable town judge suggests a match between Wilde and his newly qualified magistrate grandson, Rostin Taylor, they accept.

Fully expecting a fight, they’re dumbfounded when Wildemina readily agrees. Truth be told, the news that Rostin is heading out West is all the information she needs – anything to get out of Independence. Her single condition is that the wedding be postponed until she’s ready; she will not give herself to any man until she wants to. If that means that she and Rostin will be setting out on the trail unmarried, so be it; their reputations be damned.

Rostin Taylor knows what kind of man his grandfather really is; snide, corrupt and just plain mean. He’s also fully aware that the old judge decided to play matchmaker purely in order to make his grandson’s life difficult by forcing him to wed ‘that Weston girl’. What he doesn’t expect, however, is how quickly and easily he falls for her.

Under Rostin’s care, guidance, and firm hand, Wilde blossoms. Even though the handsome young magistrate won’t allow her to drink and gamble with the boys, he appreciates and supports the fact that she can throw knives, hunt and shoot with the best of them – and he evokes feelings in her she’d never before dared to imagine.

There’s also something inordinately comforting about the way he calls her his ‘Mina-girl’… and the way he fulfils a role she’s always craved but never had; that of a real, loving Daddy. Rostin comforts her during thunderstorms and gives her pleasure the likes of which she’s never experienced before. He also doesn’t hesitate to put her over his knee for a sound paddling when she disobeys him.

Slowly, Wilde comes to adore the man she was assigned to marry. It’s hard, but she eventually finds the strength to trust him… to be vulnerable for the first time in her life. So when Rostin disappears after a fight, she is devastated. Were his promises too good to be true? Or have the dangers of the Oregon Trail in 1850 claimed yet another victim?

Find out in this; a sizzling Western story written in typical Breanna Hayse fashion: with heartfelt emotion, scorching spankings, suspense, explicit erotica, and a sweet dose of ageplay thrown in for good measure.

judging his little girl


“I doubt anyone will bother you with me on your arm.”

She chuckled. “You have so much to learn about me. There is one thing that I enjoy quite thoroughly. It is called bruise pushing.”

“Bruise pushing?”

“Yes. That is when someone has a deep purple bruise and I shove my finger into the center of it and asks if it hurts. When they say yes, I do it again.”

“You do need a serious spanking, little girl,” Rostin said with a grin.

“Get that out of your head this minute. It is not going to happen.”

“Keep up the saucy little attitude and it might occur sooner that you expected.” His tone remained light and playful, but he was certain that she caught the undertone of sincerity



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