Bree’s Peas

Hello lovelies,

So what’s with the heading? We all have obsessions. I do and I’m sure you all could name a few of them. And yes I could name a few of those as well.

One obsession you may find interesting is one that Bree has…

No not that one…

No not that one…

No not that one either its English peas! I kid you not. They are only available a few months a year and it just so happens we are right in prime english pea availability. There are just a few places that even sell them! Luckily one place is pretty close to where we live.  We have been driving out there every couple of weeks.

Now, this is not grab a little bag or two. No no no. When I get Bree english peas, I get a crate! You know I don’t lie. 30 lbs of peas.

That’s not a typo 30 lbs!!!!!

The other scary thing is that in 2 weeks most of those are gone…history…outta here…peastory, lol. That’s gold!!

There are two other members of the family that love those peas. Princess and Diamond! Diamond will just sneak over and grab a pod. Princess wants just the peas no pod. Borders are so much like subbies…I want it, and I want it now, lol.

In fact, I think a Dom in training should spend a week with a border collie before he tries to deal with a subbie. Anyways, that’s my post for this week no spanking, except for the one I will be giving Bree shortly. Do you have any odd obsessions?

Be good, or else…


12 thoughts on “Bree’s Peas

  1. Anything watermelon flavoured (except for the watermelon oreos, yucky!)… I’d never share watermelon (flavoured) foods.

  2. Some friends and family have said my pre/post race routine is obsessive. I also have to check my purse for my ID, debit card, phone, and keys: before leaving the house, when I get in the car, when I leave the car and also when I leave each location.

    • I’d also agree about having a new Dom work with border collies. I’ve trained/pet sat for them. They are some of the smartest most stubborn and loyal to a fault dogs you can work with.

        • Me after working with one that wanted me to believe it had forgotten how to sit >>>

          Lol, made me want to both laugh and cry. It’s why I pray for all Doms to have patience. Can’t say that being on the receiving end has stopped me from doing certain things I know I shouldn’t.

      • Running, Sir.
        Started with cross-country in high school. That’s where I picked up my race day routines. Now I mainly do local 5k/10k runs. Used to run longer (Army 10 Miler/GA Half Marathon) but got injured and working my way back into that distance.

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