Bree…I’m Home!


OK lovelies, I hear through the subbie vine, you may be interested in a day in the life of myself and Bree. The title (though most of you are probably too young to remember this)  is from I Love Lucy. Well, paraphrased, Ricky would always say “Lucy I’m Home”…Bree and I do have quite a bit in common with Ricky and Lucy, I am a musician and Bree gets in occasional rather amusing situations. Thankfully, she does not crash my gigs and run onstage, but her behaviors can get her in trouble. And, Bree gets spanked just like Lucy did. Unfortunately there were no bare bottom spankings on family television. Here’s a little episode for you all of the I Love Bree show.

The other day I told Bree to come to me and bend over, not for punishment, just because. I was in the mood to see a cherry red bottom, and she knows I own hers 24/7. But for some reason she said she was not in the mood. Now I can hear all of you uh oh… And yes you are correct. Uh oh indeed. So I asked, “what did you say?’ Bree, being Bree actually said “you are not the boss of me” I think I heard a collective subbie gasp. Again correct, not good. So what was going to be a nice warm bottom, would now evolve into a very hot red bottom. I took Bree by the ear, she really hates that, and put her otk, yanking down her pants and panties. After 20 spanks she was quite contrirte and apologizing. However, that was hardly enough. After the hand spanking Bree was quite red, I think it was around 150 spanks, then she had to bring me the lucite paddle and bend over for 25. There was a lot of squirming, especially otk, and yelling, loud enough to be an extra in a Saw franchise. After she apologized and spent 10 minutes with her red bare bottom in corner then she was forgiven and held with a lot of after care.

So there you go. This was not a severe punishment by any means, but one to teach Bree her place as my submissive. Plus she has an amazingly spankable bottom, which was the whole reason to tell her to bend over in the first place. But subbies be crazy sometimes, and she lost her mind for a few seconds. It certainly cost her, but truly it did not hurt me a bit.

Be good or else!


15 thoughts on “Bree…I’m Home!

  1. I’m always interested to try it myself and it’s great to read about and THEN YOU MENTION CORNER TIME AND I CHANGE MY MIND (starts crying)… Can I have a Dom and no corner time? (insert cute pout and angel eyes here)

    • soooooo we never did corner time (we call it time out now), until a couple of months ago when some spanko friends of mine (“friends” i use LOOSELY the bitches ;-)) emailed hubby and told him that because i like spanks, even when i dont like it DURING, that time out would be more affective. *sigh* I must admit it is a deterrant when nothing else is. 😉

      • Would it be wrong to try? I don’t have a Dom (yet)… Also, I’m 18, so I can easily do the “cute pout and puppy eyes” face. And Miss Piper says that works on you, Sir John, so… hehe 😉

        • I am afraid Pipers memory is rather short as this has never worked ..You are young so plenty of time to get your subbie on, but I would not count on the pout working for you

  2. I love lucy was my all time very favorite show from like 4-14, I would find reruns anywhere I could!! I wanted a vcr so I could record all the spankings and put them in one long clip. *giggle*

    It sounds like Bree and I would get along well. *innocent whistling* 😉

  3. Poor Breezers, we can all be not in the mood. But this was a funny snippet. I love I love Lucy. My mum grew us up on the old classics like the lucy show and abbot and costello cos she hated the crap on tv, but unfortunately no one in my generation knows what im talking about when I refer to the shows lol. But I think it would be so funny to imagine Bree rocking up on your set one time and trying to take over.

    • glad you enjoyed this far as bree trying to take the stage , I really doubt that ,although she has a great voice …

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