Breanna Humbug

Hello lovelies,

I trust you had a nice Christmas and got the presents you wanted if you were good and what you deserve if you were on the naughty list. So as you know Bree hates holidays, especially Christmas; however, her eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning on the after holiday sales day: trees, ornaments, everything you need for xmas 12 mo from now. And of course, nothing says happy holidays like a neon pink tree. Yes, she got one with all the lights and ornaments she could attach to its one foot frame. It may be small, but I contend it could induce a seizure in an unsuspecting human once plugged in. Now she’s happy and full of holiday spirit, why? Because the holiday is over!!!!! And she got everything for 50 percent off, lol. So only 12 more months to go!

Be good or else,


P.S. Oh yes, she got a nice red xmas bb spanking for running around the store pushing every stuffed animal that played a xmas song. The cacophony of melodies had parents holding their ears and some little kids crying…ho ho ho indeed.

3 thoughts on “Breanna Humbug

  1. I used to work in a small store that had wind chimes. It used to drive me insane when a customer, oblivious to the horrible noise they’d be making would wander around the store holding the damn dinging chime in their hands. I had to oh so kindly ask them if they’d like me to set the chime on the counter. Well I kind of insisted as I was pretty much ripping it from their hands 🙂

    Most noisy toys have stickers on them saying “Press”. Now being a good girl I don’t want to get in trouble by not doing what it says 😛

  2. Oh you would love it then if Bree and I went into a store together. I always push anything that makes noise. Just for the heck of it and because I know it annoys people. We would have the whole store going!!!

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