Brat Pack Shenanigans: Part 2



This is the next story in our brat pack shenanigans. So Nik, Isa and I are smart girls…VERY smart girls BUT get the three of us together and our sense of self preservation and responsibility fly out the window….why you say? Eh it’s pure science…we’re dorks.

While on our visit one night….after we had our Christmas exchange, and dinner, and a couple of drinks, and after being told we’re not allowed outside without papa knowing where we were, he and mama went to bed. Of course we were not ready for bed yet, so we dorky girls came up with a brilliant idea at about 1 am during another giggle fest.

Mission 1: Nik has beer in her mini fridge…we must obtain first (this MAY have been my idea) This would be tricky, as her room is across from mama and papa’s room. So we delegated the plan. was brilliance….I did the listen/look out….Nik tiptoed and grabbed the beer and Isa had her finger on the light switch to kill the lights at the first sign of movement. After a tense few minutes the mission was completed.

Mission 2: Find our sneakers….This is more difficult than you can believe…Three girls sharing one room equals explosion of clothes and shoes. THAT is a whole other story…Isabella never did find hers.

Mission 3: Sneak out the sliding glass door….So here we go…Tip…Toeing.. gently sliding the door…wincing with each slide of the glass…we sneak….we close it nice and gently. …then?…we run…LOUDLY like Clydesdale’ s while laughing louder than a group of women at an all male strip club!

See? We had come up with a plan…there is NO cell service at mama and papa’s house and Isa was like a crack addict on withdraw. She needed to check her messages. So, we wanted to see if we boosted Isa up in a tree, and have her hold the phone REALLY high, would it work?…I’m not saying this was a logical plan people….So we troop out onto the back of the five acre property…On the way we stopped approximately 18 times…Why you ask? Cause we thought we heard something…ever see that “up” movie where the dog stops and goes. ..squirrel!!….yeah….that was us….See we weren’t afraid of the pitch black…monsters…ghosts…tarantulas….Oh nooo….we were scared that papa would miraculously appear outta of the black, inky night with a paddle and that “look”….again…Yeah….NOT logical.

So as we’re walking…drinking our stolen beer, our conversation was like this:
Isa: My phone is my crack…we need to find a high enough tree.
Nik: What if you fall? Your kinda drunk….
Isa: One of you have to catch me.
Piper: Not it!
Isa: *stops in front of a tall tree* This one…Ok, you  guys  boost me up…I’m going to find a signal and see if it works…Piper…climb the tree next to me to take a picture, cause I want one…Nik if you see papa coming signal.
Piper: I am not climbing a tree unless you get me more beer
Isa: We’ll get you vodka when we’re done
Piper: *pause* I’m in!

So Isa begins to climb. But in her drunken state and flip-flop wearing feet, it was clear she was not going very high. In fact, I believe she made it about 3 feet above the ground. Of course she was hanging on and cheering herself on cause in her mind, she was at the top of the world!

Isa: I gotta climb higher so you can take my picture! This has to go down in the annals of the brat pack!
Nik: I don’t think climbing higher is a good idea…visions of splattered Isa dancing through my head… Look, I will just get down on the ground and aim the camera up at you. It will make it look like you are way up in the tree.
Piper & Isa: * look at each other* works for us!

So of course we got our picture. ..But as we’re laughing about this we hear something…again NOT worried it’s Jason materializing with a machete, BUT afraid of it being papa…So all three of us hit the ground….then whisper/yell..


Isa: Did you hear that? OMG What was that?

Nik: I think I see someone on the deck!

Piper: OMG Someone IS standing on the deck.

At this point the dogs in the courtyard on the other side of the house started barking their fool heads off. Someone was definitely standing on the deck!

Nik and Piper: we need to get rid of the evidence *holding up the beer can*

Isa: really guys? Cause us sneaking out AT 2am he’ll overlook?
Piper: *ponders* ya gotta point BUT with beer??

Beer that he specifically told us we could NOT have. Since we had already met our two drink limit for the night.
Nik: Yeah, we’ll be dead….
Piper: Ok, so here’s what we should do…let’s hide them behind a tree and we can get them tomorrow.

Nik: No, he will see us getting them. They gotta be gone. Like really gone.
Isa: I’ll do it!

Keep in mind Isa is the one that had flip flops on in a grove of oak trees strewn with sticks and snakes and tarantulas and god only knows what else that was hidden in the brush. Quickly, we all downed the remainder of our beer cause hello, fear or not, we were not gonna waste any.
So Isa takes the beer cans but see she thought we meant throw behind a tree….like over the fence….like elsewhere so guess where they went…
Piper: Isa NO!! Now we gotta get them!
Nik: ohhhhhh nooo. Wait, are they really hidden? Oh crap. If he sees that we littered on our neighbors property… We gotta get them. You guys are gonna leave and I will be here to face it alone. No, this is NOT good.
Isa: I’ll climb the fence…
All three of us look up at the 8 foot monstrosity then look at each other then look up again….pause for about three minutes quietly….then Isa says….
Isa: isn’t there a tire swing?
Nik: Yeah!
Piper: Tire swing sounds better than late night, fence climb, beer can retrieval….let’s go!!

Oh and in case your wondering who was standing on the deck, and yes we all three saw someone walk across the deck, stop, and just stand there appearing to look DIRECTLY at us. It was not Daddy. So, there was definitely a ghost out there that night. But better a ghost than a prickly dom woken up in the middle of the night.

Story to be continued…..

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