Book 5 of the Beloved Game Plan Series

Saturday Spankings


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“She thinks she’s so slick, doesn’t she? I don’t think we brought a Middle back from our trip to Graye Manor. I think we brought back a brat,” Bryon clucked, smacking the other cheek.
“At least it’s not the same type of brat we had when this all started. Now, if you please, do your magic so I can do mine.”
“Your wish is my command, big brother.”
“Okay! That’s enough! Ow.” Cassie’s yelp echoed over the little private lake behind Rob’s house.
“Enough? I spanked you a total of four times. That’s all. One. Two. Three. Four.” Bryon stated, smacking her with each count.
Get re-acquainted with the team….. ENJOY!

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