Hello lovelies,

As you may or may not know, the 27th was Bree’s birthday. I told her we could do whatever she wanted since it was a special day. Then I thought, wait a minute, that’s no different than any other day, lol. She is major spoiled and treated like a queen. Go ahead and ask her.

She wanted to go to a place she really likes around here. It’s a market with quirky shops and a restaurant attached. Also, she is addicted to English peas and it’s the only place that has them. We were able to get some and she was really happy.

It was a beautiful day so we walked around, took some wacky pictures and went into some shops. We are always looking for things in shops that can be used on a bb. Unfortunately this day was a bust, bummer!

Bree did buy this flyswatter, like that would do anything lol. We had a great lunch and I even bought her a frozen banana. All in all good birthday outing.

When we got home Bree went back to finishing her book and I practiced. After a couple of hours I informed her I had not forgotten about her birthday spanking. She protested, of course, but knows better than to be out right defiant and followed me upstairs. After taking her OTK and baring her bottom I told her she could yell or squirm (I really like that) but if she tried to get away or resist to the point that I had to pin her down she would get extra.

Wondering how she did? Let’s just say after the spanking and turning her bb cherry red I called the people at Guinness because she was 135 that day! And just so you all know the harder the spanking the more good luck the following year. Bree is going to be very very successful year, lol.

There you have it, a typical Bree birthday in the house of Hayse.

Be good, or else…


4 thoughts on “Birthday!

    • No cake 🙁 BUT I did get my chocolate frozen banana and a no ‘no’ day— you can’t imagine how much trouble i can get into when I have a HALL PASS! Muahhaaaaaa….

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