Bend over, it’s time for your Saturday Spanking!

Saturday Spankings

This week for Saturday Spankings, I am introducing my new book, Blindfolded. It just went to the publisher. I think you all will really enjoy it. Rather than put an excerpt in (I don’t wanna give anything away yet),  I am just going to give you the synopsis. So check out my latest book and then hop on over to Saturday Spankings to check out the other super awesome blogs.

Luvs, Bree


Regan Cooper’s entire existence is focused on living vicariously through her characters as an adult literary author under the name of Felicity Fairchilde. Her heart longs for adventure, but fear and rejection leaves her isolated in a tiny cabin located high in the back mountains. There she is alone and unseen, only interacting through cyberspace as her alter-ego, whose only friend is her publisher… And even that relationship is limited through emails.   One night, she celebrates another successful best seller with a bottle of wine… only to find herself being blindfolded and kidnapped by an obsessed fan.

He calls himself Master J. He knows everything about the woman he holds prisoner… He promises the terrified woman that no harm will come to her and that he is going to introduce her to the fantasies that she had written about. Blindfolded and restrained, Regan has no choice but to submit to his desires in an effort ti survive her ordeal, and soon discovers that the Blind Training that Master J is giving her is teaching her how to see!  On impulse, he offers her an opportunity real adventure that she can call her own… one not experienced by any of her characters. Does she learn to trust Master J, and herself, enough to indulge? Or will she forever be the outsider looking in…. Blindfolded and afraid to see life outside of her vivid imagination.

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