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Release Date DECEMBER 15th!

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What can one Little girl and her four handsome Daddy Doms do to keep the fires burning on long, endless nights in a remote Alaskan lodge?
Jennie, and her four-man Recon team, continue their adventures in this action packed (and ever so romantic) sequel that explores their unique poly relationship and  the little age-play village of Northern Lights.
After being stalked, and surviving a brutal attack, Jennie discovers that there’s so much more to life than satisfying her unceasing appetite for the men who’ve taken her in and given her their hearts. Her trust unfolds and, with it, a mischievous part of her nature in the form of a Middle. Of course, there’s only one way to handle a naughty Middle- and it’s NOT by giving her caramel apples and peppermint sticks.
Then there’s Slater…
After a rocky start, Slater Foxx, the mysterious fourth member of the team, awakens Jennie’s sassiness by taking her up Mount Denali where he introduces her to his rescued wolf pack and the glorious beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. Before they know it, daylight is gone and the couple has no choice but to bunk in Slater’s amazing little ‘ice-castle.’  The unexpected getaway sparks something neither of them could have prepared for. 
That’s only the beginning!
As the holidays approach, the little family of five grow closer than ever, but come face to face with the possibility of being torn apart by an outside source. Jennie, once again, is caught between a rock and a hard place- and has to decide what’s more important-
The truth or continuing to live in her ultimate fantasy?
Author’s Note: This Reverse Harem introduces the town of Northern Lights- a realistic age-play community where ‘it takes a village’ (or, at least three daddies) to raise a happy Little submissive.
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4 thoughts on “BILLION DOLLAR DADDIES: Jennie 2!

  1. Very well said Bree

    To add to that the definition of harem Literally is

    informal : a group of women associated with one man
    So reverse harem in this book makes total sense . And for anyone who has read the first book would totally know that Jennie would never see them as masters which is why she is in the guardian program and not a Gray Maid. But I guess if you haven’t read it you would be ignorant of this fact. I wish people would stop with the high school drama against Bree. Grow up

    • The term ‘reverse harem’ is currently being used to describe a poly relationship where there are multiple males in lieu of multiple females. Also, in realistic age-play, it’s NEVER a master/slave relationship, rather a nurturing and guiding dynamic. As a lifestyler- I strive to present the actual version of my/our lifestyle vs the fantasy/skewed storyline observed by many who don’t understand what it’s like to be involved in an age-play dynamic. Age-play isn’t about sex, domineering, abuse, non consent- etc- traits that so many ‘age-play authors’ are writing about. That’s one reason I wrote the Game Plan back in 2012- and introduced the realistic age-play movement to the literary world. I wanted people to understand that it wasn’t what it was being misrepresented to be. It started the ‘trend’ which, unfortunately, due to a lack of knowledge and/or respect for our lifestyle, there are now stories that bring them back to believing that age-play is pedophilia, abuse, and the use of titles (aka role-playing). I just wish people could understand that this is a real lifestyle, with real people- and just like the gay culture- we desire to be presented accurately and respectfully. That’s why I develop series like these that are different than everyone else- they are based on truth and reality, and readers love it. I wonder how much time is going to pass before an anthology based on reverse-harem age-play will come out! LOL!

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