BB Ahoy

Hello Lovelies,

I trust your 4th was uneventful, unless the event included OTK. So here’s the dealio, I told Bree if I see her bb, she gets spanked. Now you may fail to see the dom genius at work here so let me illustrate. Bree cannot stand the heat, I mean she goes into shock if it gets to double digits. We have fans in every room blasting. So more heat, less clothes…feelin me? It’s amusing to watch her walk around trying to be cool but not show her bb.

The other day she was wearing some kind of nightgown thing, nothing underneath, but while trying to navigate her laptop and diamond, she missed sitting on the couch and …bb sighting!!!!! She whined as usual. You’d think she never had 200 spanks before. I was trying to be nice….geeeeez…diamond ran out of the room, princess looked at me like “really??? This again???” Bree whined like a school girl and I was very happy. Just a typical morning at the house of hayse…

Be good or else,


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