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So Bree had to be a smart mouth (I know, what are the odds right?). She called me a dumb a$$ in messenger and got a hot red bottom. Guess what happens the next day? You got it, she does the same thing. So I bust her and tell her we will discuss this upstairs. Her explanation was that a friend of hers has access to her account and she wrote it…, I’m not joking. The woman, who has lived with me for over 12 years, actually thought that would work. I mean maybe she was playing with a Ouija board and became possessed, maybe aliens took over her laptop, or Princess was practicing her typing…but this??? Come on….

Be good or else,


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Today’s snippet…. What happens to a military ship and crew when the Siren calls her pod for help…. uh oh!!!

“I’m going to count to three, little girl, and—”

“Are you sure you can count that high? You are an engineer,” came the smart answer from Sam’s roost on the boom. With only a few more days left on board the vessel, she sought every opportunity to annoy her brother before docking in San Diego. Michael placed his hands on his hips while the crew gathered around and chuckled.

“It’s not funny, gentlemen. I have things to do and she’s holding me up. I don’t have the time or the patience for her games right now,” he scolded. He looked back up at his sister. “Samantha Jeanne, I’m warning you. If you don’t come done this instant, I will paddle your bottom in front of all these men. I mean it!”

“You wouldn’t dare!” she jeered.

“Do you really want to take that chance?”

His expression clearly spelled out trouble for her, but she dawdled for another ten minutes before she shimmied down the post.

“I’m down. Happy?”

“Not at all. I warned you.” Michael snarled, grabbing her upper arm, and dragging her to a nearby bench. She yelped as he launched her across his knees and landed a heavy loud smack over her shorts.

“Let go! It’s not funny, you jerks! You’re supposed to help me,” she shouted as several men from the lab applauded.

“Sorry, Sam, but you’ve been giving us nothing but grief with your attitude and pranks lately. I don’t know about the other guys, but I’m quite satisfied with the payback you’re receiving. Thanks, Mike,” Nick commented, crossing his arms as he leaned against the railing to watch.

Michael’s hand landed sharply and quickly, a blur of spanks focusing on the tender and insufficiently covered creases between her upper thigh and bottom. She fought back her tears, determined not to show weakness in front of the men.

“Lieutenant!” The pilot called from the bridge. “We’ve got trouble! Whales are coming in by the dozens, including blues.”

“I’m from her pod! Send them away!” Michael shouted, not pausing in his flurried swats.

“I’m not doing shit until you let me go,” she shouted back. Loud hissing surrounded the Allegro as the cetaceans began spouting in response to her pain.

“Sir! They’re starting to breach.”


Enjoy today’s blog hop by checking out these amazing authors….. 

Sound the Siren

Saturday Spankings

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The Siren
Generals’ Daughter: Book 1

Lt. Samantha Quimby is a beautiful, brilliant and very unique young woman. Not only does she have the privilege of being the youngest known Special Ops officer in the Corps, but an unfortunate accident during a dive in the Marinas Trench leaves her permanently amphibious! Her new found ocean freedom, combined with her unique ability with ocean mammals and an overtly defiant and somewhat reckless nature, wreaks havoc on her very loving, but very strict family. Her father and uncle, both USMC Generals, and her older brother, Michael, are in constant pursuit of trying to keep her safe from herself and her own curiosity and often thoughtless actions. In desperation, the three resort to old-fashioned military discipline- bare bottom spankings.

The 18 year old is appalled, but it does not take long for her to discover that love can be expressed in a firm and consistent manner upon her little bottom.

Love, laughter, duty and obedience frames Sam’s life and, despite a constant sore backside, she couldn’t be happier.

Publisher’s Note: This is the first of a six book progressive series from coming of age in a DD household to discovering romance and advancing into maturity and exploring BDSM.



Dress Undress

Hello Lovelies,

So Bree has this….how can I put this? If Linda Blair’s voice from the Exorchist could be translated into a piece of clothing, it would be this gown. So I told her to buy 5 new gowns and they rock!

Now, maybe in your world when you buy a new piece of clothing, your husband or boyfriend looks and tells you what he thinks. Not so in casa Hayse…each gown she tried on was very sheer. So my first order was to remove her panties, then she had to bend over in each so I could feel how her bb felt while being spanked. All the gowns passed my test, and that’s how I determine if I like the clothing Bree wears from the waist down.

Be good or else,


PS I know that I’ll be in the dog….dom house when this is posted but….somethings must be told.

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