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The General’s Daughter is back, and she’s at it again! True to her nature, Samantha Quimby finds a way to wreak havoc on the California coastline clear up to Alaska where she defies nature itself. This time, her entire family decides to bring things “Up A Notch” to try to get her to understand that she is not only loved and cared for, but that she is her own worst enemy.

This sequel to The Siren, Generals’ Daughter Book 1, finds Sam in more precarious situations than even she can imagine as she comes of age and discovers her own power as a beautiful and intelligent young woman.

Her father, uncle and brother…. along with some outside help… plan on getting their points across to her in one way or another. Of course, Sammi’s stubbornness can only be broken through in one embarrassing way… old fashioned discipline.

Does this stop her from pulling endless pranks on her brother, or risking her own safety in the ‘name of science?’ But she certainly has fun trying… UNTIL she’s busted!

Author’s Note: The rerelease of the Generals’ Daughter series contains new elements and the growth and maturing of the characters not seen in the original version. This larger volume of the ‘story’ line is the same, but the characters and their lives have whole new meaning and much more interaction. Even Ton is more opinionated than before! If you liked the original version, you will LOVE this one!

***This is the second of a six book progressive series from coming of age in a DD household to discovering romance and advancing into maturity and exploring BDSM.***



“Did you learn anything here, baby?” he asked, wiping her cheek with his hand.

She nodded and rubbed her aching backside. “Yes. The next time I pull a prank on you, I need to decide if it’s worth this.”

“The next time?” Michael groaned.

Sam shrugged. “Blame it on the Jenkins’ gene pool. I can’t promise to resist a prime opportunity if it rears its ugly head. Hey, don’t look so scared. At least you’ll know it’s not me getting you all worked up with dolphin porn.”

Her brother shook his head. “I’m never going to win, am I?”

“Probably not. Hug me.”



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Up A Notch…Generals’ Daughter Book 2

Saturday Spankings

Snippet:  Sam just can’t seem to stay out of trouble!

Why do you need to spank me? Normal girls just get grounded. Plus I’m an adult,” she sniffed.

Scott hugged her, holding her hands. “One, it’s what we believe in. It’s done and over with, gives you a clean slate to move forward. Two, it’s also humiliating. I know you, my girl. If you don’t have that humility, you would be an arrogant little jerk just like me.” He chuckled. “Three, it seems to be the only thing that gets through to you. I don’t know if it’s the pain, the humiliation or the fact you’re made to submit to someone you can trust to put you back on track. Maybe all three. Whatever it is, it will continue because it works for you no matter how old you are.

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BB Ahoy

Hello Lovelies,

I trust your 4th was uneventful, unless the event included OTK. So here’s the dealio, I told Bree if I see her bb, she gets spanked. Now you may fail to see the dom genius at work here so let me illustrate. Bree cannot stand the heat, I mean she goes into shock if it gets to double digits. We have fans in every room blasting. So more heat, less clothes…feelin me? It’s amusing to watch her walk around trying to be cool but not show her bb.

The other day she was wearing some kind of nightgown thing, nothing underneath, but while trying to navigate her laptop and diamond, she missed sitting on the couch and …bb sighting!!!!! She whined as usual. You’d think she never had 200 spanks before. I was trying to be nice….geeeeez…diamond ran out of the room, princess looked at me like “really??? This again???” Bree whined like a school girl and I was very happy. Just a typical morning at the house of hayse…

Be good or else,


Saturday Spankings Siren!

Saturday Spankings


Sam’s new found ocean freedom, combined with her unique ability with ocean mammals and an overtly defiant and somewhat reckless nature, wreaks havoc on her very loving, but very strict family…..The Siren (Generals' Daughter Book 1) by [Hayse, Breanna]

Who wouldn’t love to live in a household run by three strong men… and have a bossy killer whale as a playmate?

Sometimes teasers aren’t enough…. come on over to Instafreebie and really sink your teeth into this beloved series!


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