Role with it

Hello lovelies,

The title of today’s post is a pun (imagine that) lol. Here’s my question for you all. Do you like true discipline for real behaviors or do you prefer to have the discipline in the form of role play.

Get it? Role with it? Oh come on that’s good!

For any subbies or wannabe subbies that don’t know the difference, here’s the deal…

True discipline is just that, a real transgression with a real punishment as decided by the Dom. The sub has zero say about how, with what, how severe, etc.

Role play is a whole other animal. The situation and characters are discussed before-hand.

Lol get it? Before. Hand. Man, tough crowd.

Anyway, your Dom could be anything you fantasize about between the two of you; cop, school head master, daddy, principal, office boss. The sub could be any number of characters maid, secretary, errant wife, nurse etc. The big difference is the sub has the power here, as there are usually safe words. A lot of couples starting out, use this method to kind of get a feel of a spanking/paddling that has limits. Subbies love to grab any control they can, however, if you have truly misbehaved this type of scenario will not translate into any kind of true atonement.

So which is it? The real or the fantasy?

Be good, or else…


To Sit or Not to Sit

Hello lovelies,

All of you fantasize about spanking (oh come on we’re all friends here, you know that’s true) and one of the things that comes up a lot in a subbies fantasy is hearing a Dom or Domme say something like… “Young lady, I am going to spank you until you can’t sit down” or “When I’m done with you, you won’t sit down for a week.”

I will give you all a minute to catch your breaths lol

So, is that really possible? Can you be spanked until you can’t sit down?

Well, it’s much harder than it sounds. A sound spanking, even a hard one, will make it somewhat uncomfortable to sit. A severe spanking, especially if the spanker knows how to concentrate on the sit spots (there’s a reason they are called that lol) and if the spanking involves heavy wood paddles, brushes, and possibly a severe caning then it can be extremely hard to sit.

But, not able to at all? I have to say I have never experienced any sub that that happed to but, I have had emails like these:

Thank you Sir, I had a meeting today at work, they only had wood chairs and it lasted 2 hours! I thought of you every second. No I won’t tell you what I was thinking.


I slept on my stomach last night and my drive to work was very painful, especially when I hit a bump in the road.

or one of my favorites

I was so sore at work, I could not sit still and had to constantly lean and squirm. My coworker asked if I threw my back out! I lied and said yes, wait…I’m not getting another spanking for lying am I sir?      

lol I love that one and yes those are true.

Have any of you ever been spanked so you could not sit down? If so, with what, and for what transgressions?

Or more likely, have any of you ever been spanked so you had to sleep on your stomachs, and squirm around on your chair at work?  Same question, with what and, for what?

And just for your edifications it is possible to produce a subbies sore bottom like this online.

Be good, or else…


To Spank or Not to Spank

Hello lovelies,

I trust the New Year is bringing you good health, financial success, and red bottoms all around.

What do you all think about the following, and before you answer yes, Bree did all these things.

To spank or not to spank:

  1. stealing a Dom’s food
  2. talking during the Dom’s favorite TV show or movie
  3. squirting water on the Dom for no reason
  4. biting the Dom’s leg (this happened OTK so I guess you can say to spank with a paddle or not)
  5. blaming the Dom for losing the keys when it was the subbie
  6. cheating at board games
  7. being a potty mouth
  8. hiding the Dom’s favorite paddle

So my lovelies to spank or not?

Be good, or else…


Timing is Everything

Hello lovelies,

I was thinking about the following, what do you think?

A few of my subs own spanking machines. Most of them are not strong enough for a self spanking and the machine with a cane or switch on 10 is very painful, if they need discipline. However this question can apply to a session with or without a machine.

Do you feel a discipline spanking is more effective timed or not?

By that I mean, on the machine there is a timer, up to 5 minutes. Do you think knowing how long the spanking lasts is more effective than not? Without a machine using an hourglass or watch that would be in front of you, so you had the watch the sands or seconds slowly go by while your bb burns more and more? A 3 to 5 minute spanking as opposed to one where you have no idea when it ends?

Be good, or else…


Just Released: The General’s Little Angel

This is a major work by Bree. Even though some of it is very funny, (come on its Bree) some of it is truly heartbreaking and I can tell you, she agonized over every word. But, through great sacrifice and hardship, can come great reward and triumph. Such is the case with this book, one of Bree’s best. For those of you who think you know Bree, think again, and those that are new to her writings, this is a great introduction. Yes, I may be a bit biased but, I am so proud of her for having the courage to write this book. Its an important read, don’t pass it by.


What does age-play really look like and can an independent and intelligent woman really find healing as a submissive in a BDSM relationship?

As General G’s PA, I was privileged to travel and explore many parts of the world. I admit that I was somewhat of a brat, a fact that he discovered very early in our relationship. I was also out of control as I tried to numb myself from my past. General G took it upon himself to be a Daddy to me and, as my backside later discovered, my first Dominant as well. He made me face my fears, try exotic foreign foods, and even challenged me to go outside my comfort zone and learn to play–and he played right along with me. Despite the trouble I got into (and there was plenty) and the consequences that came of it, I never felt abandoned, unloved or afraid.

This is the true story about my first Dom and the introduction into the age-play dynamic and discipline, as well as the background behind what brought me to the place of submission. Many things happened after being taken under my general’s protective (and incredibly patient) wing. He took a young, broken, abused, and unloved little girl and gave her significance and worth through love, firm guidance and boundaries. He made me laugh, helped me to cry and showed me the power and healing contained within the age-play and BDSM lifestyle.

But no one really knows what happens behind closed doors.

This was one of the most difficult books that I have written. It not only brought up many memories, both good and bad, but it also forced me to reveal parts of my past that some might find disturbing. Because of those issues, I felt this story would be a valuable asset to the Breaking Chains© series. It is also the inspiration behind the writing of the Generals’ Daughter and The Captains’ Wives series (coming soon)

I pray that all of you are blessed with at least one person who has positively impacted your life and that you grab every opportunity and positively touch others. Always remember–your words and actions have the power to either heal or kill. Which direction do you choose?
Luvs, (Listen, Understand, Validate with Sincerity)

All proceeds from sales will be donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. With your help, we can bring awareness and healing.

Publishers Note: This is a true story that contains loving age-play and mild BDSM, spanking of adult women, and discussion regarding domestic violence and self-harm.


Hello lovelies and happy 2017! Aren’t we supposed to have teleporters and flying cars by now? Oh well, I have news that’s almost as startling. When I met Bree, she would not even look at a TV, forget about actually investing time in watching anything. Fast forward in our D/s hot tub time machine to 2017 and voilà, not only is she watching TV, but she’s addicted to these shows:

  • Survivor
  • Ladies of London
  • Marriage Boot Camp
  • Beverly Hills Housewives
  • Duel Survivor
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Masters of Sex
  • Lucifer

You get the idea. A first was reached last night, however, Bree is now a full-fledged member of the binge watchers club!!! She binge watched a whole season of the Royals last night. As someone who has been addicted to TV since he was a mini Dom, I am so proud. And this from a woman who hated the fact I watched TV when we met. It’s amazing what 13 years can do lol.

My New Year’s resolution is to try…yes I said try…and post a blog post every week. And let’s all cross everything that the drama of 2016 is in our rear view mirrors yes?

Be good, or else…


Nice or Not Nice


Hello lovelies,

I was pondering something the other day. As a Dom I try and keep balanced. By balanced I’m not being Mr. Meanie or de Sade but also not the super nice guy that lives inside 24/7.

Yes, he’s in there, come on cut me some slack it’s been awhile.

There is a strange phenomenon that I have discovered with subbies. They all have, on occasion complained that I’m too mean or too strict. So, being the compassionate Dom I am, I let the nice side show.

Big mistake…subbies don’t really want a nice Dom. They do want me to have empathy and be fair but they really want the strictness. The strictness they all fight so hard against. I have experienced this many times in fact, some subs flat out say, “Don’t be nice to me.”

I have to walk the line between not being nice and not being a jerk. And you all thought this was easy lol. I love all my subbies. My number 1 Bree, of course, does the very thing I’m talking about from time to time.

And you wonder why Doms are special kind of crazy?

Be good, or else…




Hello lovelies,

I have two questions for you…

First, which of these two Doms appeal to your fantasies.

The kind that’s more physical, to grab you when you misbehave and force you over his lap while you struggle?


The keyboard kind, that can get you to lay over his lap with just a look or gesture?

This kind of a lame analogy but choose: Dracula or Superman.

Next, if you tend to be more mental than physical, what gets you to the sub zone?

Your Dom needs to know so communication is very important. Even though it may seem like topping from the bottom always remember a Dom can’t read your mind …well not all the time, lol.

Communication is important. It will make you both happier.

Be good, or else…


Back on the Horse


Hello lovelies,

It is I, and I’m back. I’ve been doing all kinds of things; life can be an interesting journey. As you all know (or should) Bree is writing and self-publishing. I am so proud of her. She’s always been a fighter and the last several months she has proved it by getting her own business going all while starting to write again.

I apologize, yes Doms can do that, (come on…cut me some slack, didn’t you miss me? lol). Anyway, I apologize for the long absence but sometimes life gets in the way of things we like to do. I love doing the posts and will start back weekly, now that my world has stopped spinning as fast and has settled down. I have time to do things I love and not just things I have to do.

On an unrelated D/s note I am recommending some new and not so new TV shows. They are, in no particular order:

  • The Exorcist
  • American Horror Season 6
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Lucifer
  • Just about anything on El Ray Network

I’m sure a lot of you or maybe most of you, have had your share of red bottoms since we talked last, so just a reminder

Be good, or else…



The Zoo


Hello lovelies,

How are things in your domiciles? I would venture a guess not like here.

For example we have 2 new Guinea pigs, actually already quite…hmmm what’s the word…oh heck with it, they are huge lol. They are now trained to sound like an alien being tortured in a lab at area 51. Every time they hear me open the refrigerator they make that noise as they think I’m bringing them food.

Example 2, whenever anyone knocks on a TV program or there is water or heaven forbid dogs running Princess barks. To be fair she picks up a ball first so her bark is muffled, so considerate.

Example 3, I let the dogs out back and our bunny Moo Shu runs over to play. Yes our bunny loves the borders. They ignore her and she throws a fit by jumping in the air like she’s trying out for Cirque du Soleil.

That’s just in an hour or so. I swear if our beta fish starts whistling I’m going to jump off the roof!!

Be good, or else…


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