Painful Consequences Number 36 on Amazon Top 100!!!



Painful Consequences

So proud of Bree Bree! Painful Consequences is currently number 36 on Amazons top 100 list! Way to go Bree!

The book is of course available on Amazon but also Blushing. So check it out. And please review it! Thanks everyone for your support!

It is number 16 on Top New Releases and number 11 on Blushing. Pretty great if I do say so myself. And I do. Congrats sissy!

Saturday Spankings, Painful Consequences

Saturday Spankings

This week for Sat Spanks, we bring to you an excerpt from the just released book, Painful Consequences. This book is hot!

Brittany Wallace had lived a life of ease and luxury, completely shielded from the repercussions of her actions by her wealthy father’s influence and connections… until the day she made one poor choice too many and found herself thrown out of the family home.

At twenty-six years old, having never done a hard day’s work in her life, she finds herself begging her twin brother for a place to stay. He reluctantly agrees, but promises that things will be different—from now on bratty behavior will have consequences.

When a fellow police officer from her brother’s unit by the name of Reed Simms takes an interest in her, she does her best to give him the cold shoulder, but she quickly finds that he is a hard man to drive away. What’s worse is that she isn’t even sure she wants to drive away this handsome, dominant man who is not afraid to tell her what she needs to hear, whether or not she wants to hear it. Worst of all, she soon learns that if words alone don’t get the job done, Reed is more than willing to bare her bottom for a long, hard spanking, and if that still doesn’t make her behave, then he has other, even more embarrassing ways of keeping a naughty girl in line.

Publisher’s Note: Painful Consequences is an erotic novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


After you enjoy this excerpt, please head on over to Saturday Spankings Blog to check out the other fab excerpts from your fave authors.


Painful Consequences

Brett growled, pounding again. “I‘m not in the mood for this today. Open this door, or I swear to God, I will kick it in!”

“Fuck off, I’m sleeping.”

BAM! Brittany suddenly sat up in bed as the door flew open, splintering at the hinges. Brett stalked over to the bed and ripped the blankets away. His sister squealed, wearing only a short tank top and panties.

“Get dressed now, or I will dress you myself.”

“Get out of here, you goddamn, motherfucking pervert!”

Brett had enough. With a snarl, he sat on the bed and yanked Brittany with one strong arm over his lap. Her panties were in the floor with her bare bottom raised high on his knee before her first loud protest. In one fell swoop, that same bottom bore the mark of his work-hardened hand.


You can find this wonderful book at Amazon and soon Blushing Books


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Alternative Punishments for Bad Subbies..


Hello lovelies, what? You did not know I had cages for when Bree and Nikki are really out of control?  lol I wonder how many of you bought that? Come on I am not that desade,  and anyway thats a bit big for my punishment room…

OK, so this post is about  other punishments for bad subbies. Now you all know me pretty well by now, and you know I love to spnk ..I own that with no reservations… But sometimes other means can be effective also. And  just to make a point some Doms will punish even if the skin is broken. I do not, so what to do if the sub still needs punishment? Well, A sub can be grounded. Yes you read right.  It’s rather humilliating and certainly not as effective as a bb punishment, (what is right?) but it has its place.  I also like corner time as a punishment….Now with this, you have many options. The sub can be bentover displaying her red bb, or in sub position bb up,  or the english  favorite hands on head skirt up panties down. Now I am not a proponent of some other dom methods; soaping, figging, etc.  Not judging,  just not my thing.There is also a very good punishment that involves being in sub position,I must admit I enjoy this position presented to me. BB up. Especilly if there are nice cane stripes. However to add to this humiliation,  I order the writing of lines in long hand and with a time limit..If the lines are not written in time,  the sub is in perfect position for some paddle motivation, unless the skin is broken. If thats the case,  I might play a Kenny G record or something..  I know its really desade but what can I say?

Now best case dom scenrio? For the start of a session subbie in postion bb up  and asking for discipline. Then, sound punishment session and corner time with flaming red bb, and a sincere thank you Sir apology.

It’s good to be the Dom. Be good or else…



 pouty girl

Ok, I will admit, this is my weakest area… My Achilles Heel. My poor little heart just crumbles in the face of rejection of any kind. I can make tons of excuses why, but the bottom line is insecurities. Is anyone with me?

This post is as much for Tops as it is for us Bottoms. And, as always, there is a madness to my methods…..


I have this terrible little habit of believing that, once I ask for something (often several times), if my request is ignored or forgotten, I feel rejected. Like what I asked for has no value or importance to the other person. Right, wrong or otherwise, it is how I feel.


I am going to use a recent event to illustrate things. So, most of you know my pull towards AP (age-play).  Not as a full time lifestyle, but in those moments when I am feeling the most vulnerable and beaten down. Who among us doesn’t want to be picked up and cuddled after a bad night, hmm?  And when you are told no… WOW!


I don’t know about you, but I tend to be a little oversensitive in things and it takes me a while to get over it.  The question is how?

First, we have to ask ourselves, was the request unreasonable? I mean, asking John to pick me up and carry me (given his old back and my overly ample bottom) may not be feasible. Of course, when I confront him about my belief about the reason for his refusal, he denies it left and right, up and down! I don’t know if he wants to admit that it is his back or risk my pouting by telling me I am too heavy, but seriously! Give me SOMETHING to explain why I am being denied what I want. Oh yeah, and ‘because I said so’ does NOT cut it!


The next question… Why would this hurt me so badly? What trigger did it pull? Am I just being hormonal… Or crazy… Or both? It is hard to find the source of our pain sometimes, mainly because we have pushed it down for so long that we forgot that it was there. But once we recognize it….. Open those flood gates!


The following step…. Communicating the hurt. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, ticks me off more than when I get the courage to say something and I am dismissed, blown off, or laughed at. Thank God SJ does none of those. But still, I know of several incidences, with myself and with friends, that this has happened. We want validation, acknowledgement, and acceptance of our hurt. It makes it so much easier to talk out when you know the person who seemingly rejected you, accepts your feelings and love you enough to help you walk through them. A good, loving Top will always seek a way to not only calm the hurts and fears of his/her sub, but will be there to help them walk through it. I always suggest that a serious Dom take some basic psychology classes. And please, for crying out loud, don’t use the reverse psychology bullshit on your subs. That only adds to the sense of invalidation and dismissal. Keep calm and don’t get defensive as she/he tries to express themselves. Your sub is trusting you to take her/him seriously and one misplaced word or gesture can put major walls up in the face of trust.


Apologies….. Ok, your poor Top (or his ancient back) didn’t really do anything wrong, but it so nice to hear that they feel bad that your feelings were damaged. A sweet, sincere apology… I’m sorry I hurt you, I didn’t mean to…. Goes a long, long way for trust. That simple gift will promise a lesser emotional reaction from your poor sub when the next event occurs (notice that I did not say the word IF)……..


FINALLY, it really helps to make a list of your needs and desires. I can’t expect SJ to remember all my demands, can I? Ones like…..


  • Wake me up with a spanking (not by pulling off the covers to spank me!)
  • Wake me up with sex! Mmmm
  • Pick me up and put me to bed (or finally admit that you have an old, creaky back!)
  • Learn the men’s part on ‘Tonight You Belong To Me’ and sing it with me. OFTEN!
  • Get out the legos and call me to play with you (not to just read the instructions)
  • Initiate AP more often.
  • Shock me with kinky surprises (anything goes… Like more anal play)
  • Start skipping when we go to the zoo and make me play along( Nikki here—–> don’t forget the fairy dress and flowers)
  • Take salsa lessons with me (which will help get this ample bottom in better shape, which will make your old, creaky back hurt less when you pick me up and put me to bed)
  • Make those desserts in the cookbook I bought you


This should be enough to keep MY Top occupied for a while, don’t you think? I will keep you informed!!! (Nikki—->not too much info. thank you very much)




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