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Hey Peeps!

If you haven’t guessed, one of my passions as a psychologist and a counselor is to bring my readers to a place of self-discovery. I do it by introducing thoughts, feelings, conflict and different desires in my books. My present work-in-progress, Blindfolded, will be about forcing the heroine to face her innermost conflict. How does she handle it? How would you?

I would love to open up a book discussion for you guys. Not to argue, but to discuss how certain scenes and interaction affected you, the audience, and why. No judgement calls, no insults, all keeping an open mind that every person will view things differently based in their own life experience, morals, ethics, religious views, and fantasies. Many times, we find ourselves becoming angry or defensive when certain things ‘hit us the wrong way’ (no pun intended). Since every one of my books has a certain theme, or lesson, being brought to surface, I think it would be fun, and educational, if we could start talking about them. Whatcha think?

Anyone wanna take the plunge?




kimbaku1Hey Peeps! Yeah, I’m at it again, bringing some more shocks and surprises to you…. this time in The Reformer! Before I begin, it MUST be stated that this technique not be done around the throat, too tightly or without a sharp pair of scissors close at hand….

Kinbaku is also known as Japanese Rope Bondage. I was first introduced to it when I lived in Okinawa and, unknowing, ventured into a BDSM club. In the very front of the room, suspended from the ceiling, was a woman. She was naked and covered with intricate designs made of rope! I was captivated… the artistic beauty of both the bondage and upon her face, took my breath away.


Admittedly, I’m a bit of a pain slut, but the idea of being contorted into unnatural positions never really appealed to me. I mean, I’m not a human pretzel…. but some of these Bottoms…. WOW! It is beautiful to look at and, for those who enjoy the rougher side of play, very satisfying. I encourage anyone who is interested in trying this to do your homework and seek out professional training. The issue of safety must always be on the forefront… and SAFE WORDS are necessary. Too many things can go wrong!


In The Reformer, the technique known as the turtle, or diamond knot, is introduced. It is very beautiful, very sensual and erotic, and also requires the utmost trust of the submissive to his/her Dom.  

Luvs, Bree

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The Proverbial….This is going to hurt me much more than it will hurt you…………


Thanks to my darling sister, we have a new implement in our family. Oooo, I want to smack her. If you can’t tell, I’m NOT in the mood for her ‘cuteness’, and she just loves to push me. She gave John this stupid hairbrush and, of course, he wanted to try it out. On me…. and I’m not talking about my hair.

So I did what any well-trained, respectful and obedient submissive would do. I protested. LOUDLY. And then, in a moment of insanity, I did the unthinkable… I slapped the hairbrush out of his hand.

I should have known by the look in his eyes to immediately apologize. Nikki was the smart one this time, and kaboodled out of there FAST. But, damn it…. I was not in the mood!

Not that it matters. Sure enough, I found myself upended and over his knee for a real taste of that stupid, stupid, stupid hairbrush. He prefaced it with “Breanna, this could have been so easy for you, but you had to push me. I’m sorry, but this will hurt me much more than it hurts you….”

Yeah, tell that to my bottom! That f***ing brush stung like you would not believe! He finally stopped and holding me over his lap, asked what my next smart-ass move was going to me. Of course, I answered,

“Sue these jerks for false advertising. That is NOT an ouchless brush!”

Luvs, Bree

P.S. Nikki better watch her back!

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Obedience, Submission, and…Honesty?

So, a few months ago, I approached Daddy asking for help with developing a work-out routine. Now Bree told me I was crazy. Do. Not. Do. It. Don’t ask him for help, it never ends well, he is relentless, it will be torture, well…See, he is a work-out crazy person. or fiend. Or….I don’t know, but he works out religiously, every day, and it sort of, makes me sick….and a little jealous, cause I do not have that will power. Not even close. In fact, you know how people say that working out makes them feel sooo good? Well guess what? Not this girl. I just feel tired. And hot. And sweaty. And in the California heat…stinky.

So ideally, I would like to lose like 20lbs. Now Bre, she got the skinny gene. Which is totally unfair because she also to got the incredible writers gene, the artistic gene, the photographic memory gene….Are you following me here? She is a big act to follow. I am not artistic. I have to study for hours to get average grades. I couldn’t write a story if my life depended on it. Well-ok maybe I could but I am too shy to try…

So the new year started out like every new year. Full of optomism. Hope. Promise. Really people? I need to lose like 20 lbs. and firm up. It’s not rocket science. I just need to stick with a program and do it. But I have no will power. So, Sir (because daddy has left the building) has decided to take over. He is only doing this because I asked. him. I mean, make no mistakes, he would not force me into a diet or work out routine. He is smart enough to realize that even he is not powerful enough to force me to lose weight if I don’t want to.But I do want to lose weight. I do want to get in shape. Ok so what does this have to do with submission or honestly or obedience?

Well, when he agreed to help me, I agreed to work out, according to his schedule. To tell him when I do or do not work out as scheduled.This was basically the honor system. If he were to ask me if I worked out, it was expected that I would answer honestly-even knowing that the penalty for not working out (unless i had a good excuse) was the paddle.

Recently, I did not report in that I did or did not work out. See, Sir does not ask me every day. But if he does happen to ask, he expects and honest answer and he wants it without having to ask for it. So for the past few weeks I have been somewhat lax. Only working out about half the time 5 out of 10 days. Not good.I could have lied and said I did work out. Because how would he know? But part of my deal is being submissive.Obedient.Right? Right??? Um, yea.

So he instituted a new rule. Every day, despite the fact that I may see him and speak to him one on one, I have to email him and say “Sir, I worked out today”…Or “Sir, I did not work out today”.. It’s all very tiring and annoying. Because even if I do work out and forget to email him (why the hell do I need to email him?) I will be punished. As in paddled. BB, OTK, Paddled.So…..that brings me to honesty. I mean, lets face it, he is not home all of the time. He works, has friends, errands, etc. I can easily say I worked out-even if I didn’t. But then of course that brings to the fore front the whole Honesty thing, Right? Kind of goes hand in hand with obedience and submission, right? What a dilemma…

So lets just say it is a struggle. Every single day. This honesty and obedience thing…Not easy. Its like a moral dilemma. I always pictured my Dom standing over me with a paddle making sure I obey. But real life is not that way. Real life depends on honestly, integrity-even when your bottom line is in fact your bottom. Not always the greatest-or easiest situation to deal with.

Its not always easy doing the right thing. Especially when you know what is coming. So how do you make yourself be honest and obedient? Are you tempted to tell “white lies” to save your skin?


Love ,Nikki

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